Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer July 1981
Prince Charles Marries Lady Diana

Do you remember the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana?  It was on July 29, 1981.  I sat in the living room of my childhood home and watched it on television.  It was fascinating. The event was live and I was viewing a part of our world's history.   Tomorrow, Their son William will marry Catherine. I will be watching with my children.

I am absolutely intrigued by the Royal Family.  I love the resolute dignity of Queen Elizabeth. Her elegance, poise and the protection of her privacy are admirable. In this day and age, so many people just talk about everything. They even gossip incessantly about themselves. But the Queen gives us an example of quiet dignity. She serves the public and does not care to trouble them with her own problems. This is something to think about.

There are many discussions we can have with our children about England. Right now, the world is focused on The Royal Wedding.  It is a great time to discuss the culture of England. We can also focus on the foods and their government.

Just yesterday I was in the car with my 18 year old son, Matthew. He has his permit and was driving. I explained to him about Protocol. I told him it was a certain way to behave in each culture, depending on what the customs were.  This was perfect since he was far too close to the vehicle in front of us. I told him each car needed its space. We needed to have good manners in driving so we don't offend others.

Today, the children and I will begin preparing for our day tomorrow. We will not be having our traditional homeschool day.  There will be no textbooks. There will be no workbooks. But we will have our encyclopedia handy. We will pull out the maps of England and we will be making special foods - like serving tea and scones. We will also dress in our best and enjoy a delightful royal day, sharing from our little Vermont town, in the celebration of a wonderful wedding in England.

What are your plans?  I hope you will take a few minutes to visit Tricia for her Royal Wedding Breakfast Tea . She shares elegant photographs and ideas for a homeschool unit study.

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Heidi said...

I was just telling Ashley about watching Charles and Diana's wedding. I couldn't remember the date - so I thought I was about 12 (I was 11). Anyway, it made a huge impression on me. :)

We don't have tv, so we won't be watching the wedding tomorrow. Actually, we'll be field tripping with Jodi and her kids.

Rebecca Knox said...

Can I come spend the day with you today? LOL! (I wish I could!) I've got people with doctor appointments today, so that's what I'll be doing, but, rest assured, when I get home, I will definitely be preparing for the grand event! I, too, have always been fascinated by the whole Royal thing...especially from Victoria on down. I watched Charles and Diana's wedding and Diana's funeral, so I certainly don't want to miss out on William and Kate's wedding! It sounds like you've got an awesome day planned today! Enjoy it! And enjoy the wedding! God bless you, Mrs. White!


Hodgepodgemom said...

I love it when we can tuck the books away and just celebrate. What a wonderful learning opportunity this is. Thank you for all your ideas!

Debi said...

My little girl is 17 now - but we're still having a tea party! We've invited our neighbors to join us for a royal breakfast (we'll DVR the ceremony) with china and all the fancies. I'm with you - the joy of this ceremony is what the world needs right now.

heather in europe said...

From the UK, I hope that you and the children enjoy the Royal Wedding. Here, the festivities are lively and there is a strong feeling of optimism in the air this weekend despite the rain.

Taryn said...

The handfasting ceremony was interesting as was the man who married them. I read his name was Rowen Williams(Druid?). The trees($80,000) and grove(KJ)-like atmosphere in the church was also interesting. The date was interesting. It was interesting that it was mentioned that the bride's yoga teacher was a guest. The license plate when William was driving said- JU5T WED. The number 5 was interesting. It was also interesting that the bride would not say "obey" in the vows-like Laura Ingalls Wilder in her Little House books(see articles/book reviews).

Taryn said...

I Peter 3:6-"Even as Sarah obeyed Abraham ..." (KJ)