Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When the Children Come Home

Basketball in the Back Yard

My oldest, Rachel (23) came home for a few days. She brought her Fiance with her. They were such a delight to have around!  The second day was beautiful outside. They gathered the children and spent most of their time outside.

I kept busy making meals, preparing snacks and keeping fresh batches of iced tea ready! I did dishes and smiled as I watched them out the back window. It reminded me of my mother-in-law. When all the grandchildren would visit her, she would come outside for a bit, then go back in for chores. She was there when the children needed a drink or a break.  You could look up at the house and see her watching and smiling from the window. She would cheer everyone on and make them happy, knowing she was there.

I took plenty of pictures of the children playing basketball. I stood in our laundry room, on the second floor, and watched them.  It was a wonderful day!

Later that night, I talked to my second daughter, Nicole (21). She is away at college and missed out on all the fun. I can't wait to have her home again for visits. I can't wait to have all the children coming back home to play and have iced tea and enjoy each other's company.

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Mrs. Stam said...

What a beautiful post, and You my dear are one lovely Mama, your children are so bless to have you :-)

Deanna said...

Basketball fun!

Penned Pebbles said...

Your children are blessed to be loved by you. :-)

Debra said...

Thanks for posting this delightful post. It fit in well with my own post today so I linked to yours. Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks again!...Debra

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