Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An Amusing Morning in The Garden

Lilacs are in bloom

I can see beautiful lilacs from the second story window. This is the view from my parlour, in our old 1800's house.  As I sat here and did a little reading, Mr. White told me there were butterflies in the bushes. I was so excited, I grabbed my camera.  He helped me take out the window screen. But my vision was too far away.

I gave him the camera. It is a digital camera and he didn't know how to use it.  I gave him an easy lesson and watched as he went to the front property.

Photo Credit - Mr. White

Mr. White is over 6 feet tall. I knew he would get some good shots. I happily followed him outside. I tried taking pictures too, but mine didn't come out as well as his. (I am a foot shorter than Mr. White.) The photograph below is one of mine.   I bet you can't even see the butterfly!

Photo Credit - Mrs. White

When we came back into the house. I told Matthew (18) and John (13) about the pictures. Matthew smiled. He was amused. "Is that what Dad was doing out there? Taking pictures of flowers?"

Photo Credit - Mr. White

For someone who has never used a digital camera, I'd say he did a marvelous job. And that, my dears, is what I call a lovely morning here in Vermont.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Your Vermont Lilacs are gorgeous!
Lilacs are on my list of loved flowering bushes.
Ours came out earlier in April/May.
Wonderful fragrance!!!
God bless,

Julianne said...

My lilac bushes are finally in bloom too, about a month later than normal. My very first lilac was just a stick that I got from a cutting off my mom-in-laws garden. Now I two huge bushes that are taller than me, and about 6 others that I have growing in pots- all from little cuttings! I love them!

Stacie said...

Beautiful! Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. The butterflies are wonderful too!

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