Friday, May 6, 2011

Andi's Fair Surprise - Book Review

Book - Andi's Fair Surprise by Susan K. Marlow

Publisher - Kregel

Age - This is a beginner chapter book for new readers.  It is for ages 6 - 8.

Price - $4.99

This is a nice 74 page book. There are beautiful illustrations throughout the story.  There are just a few, here and there, which makes it nice for new readers. I know children can be overwhelmed by chapter books, but those pictures make it easier for them to keep reading.

The book starts with a one-page dictionary of new words. These mostly relate to the fair. I love this feature because it helps the reader become familiar with the words before they start reading.

The story itself is challenging enough for a new reader to feel like they are accomplishing something.  I sat with my dyslexic child and let him read to me.  He struggled with some of the words, but did really well.

The story is set in the late 1800's. Andi is the main character. She is heading to the state fair, with her family,  in California.   Originally, she doesn't want to go,but it turns out to be an exciting adventure.  This is a nice, wholesome story.

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*I received this product, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew*

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Andi Carter said...

Thank you for the nice review of Fair Surprise. It sure is fun to read all of the different reviews from the Crew!

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