Monday, May 2, 2011

The Christian Home Magazine - Issue 13

Welcome to the thirteenth issue of The Christian Home. 

Each article was submitted by various Christian Blog Authors. I am grateful for their participation. I hope you enjoy visiting them, reading their work and spending some time getting to know them at their own blogs.

Mrs. White


Annie Kate presents The Creek and the Sand Pile on the First Warm Day posted at Tea Time with Annie Kate.  A Little visit from her family, making memories on a pleasant day outdoors.

Angie Wright presents Down Shifting Gears posted at Petra School. Her description of this post: "For motherhood - of bringing in our passions - in line with our responsibilities. Doing things for ourselves - can lead to obsessions - and for the glory of others. I am reminded this week to re-focus on family - even in good pursuits - to focus on Him."

The Godly Home 

Lisa presents Knitting, Education & the Fabric of My Kids Souls posted at Golden Grasses. This is an inspiring post that will really encourage you!