Friday, July 1, 2011

House Account ( Year 2 Month 2 )

House Account Monthly is a Meme for Prudent Homemakers, which I host on the first of each month. Find out more about it and then come back to read my check-in.

The Questions:

1. Did you record all your spending this month?

I have a large pile of receipts and have to catch up. I will do that today.

2. What are your goals for keeping a ledger? (Example - Get out of debt; Get a grip on spending; Teach my children sound financial skills; Be more accountable to my family for my spending, Analyze spending habits, Have a record of our estate, etc.)

I want a financial record of our lives.

3. Do you have a success story to share? (Example - reduced electric bill; paid off a debt; lowered grocery bill; saved for a vacation, etc.) We'd also love to hear your tips and ideas!

My goal last month was to spend $25 less, each week on groceries. I managed to accomplish this, but it took quite a bit of sacrifice. I worked much harder in the kitchen, making large meals from scratch.  I also had to do a lot of extra baking - muffins, biscuits, etc. so there were filling snacks available for my teenagers. It was time consuming but worth the savings.

4. (Optional) How are your children doing with this? Any cute sayings from them, or progress in their financial education?

My 13 year old son is my biggest helper. He is often organizing my receipts and recording them in the book for me.

5. Any helpful resources you've found? (such as a website, link to an article, or book)

When I was at the bank this month, I noticed a stack of children's books. They were bright, colorful and adorable. The teller gave me one to keep! I was thrilled. I thought I'd let my children read it for fun. But I ended up reading it myself. It motivated and inspired me to work harder with managing my money. It was written for children, but their perspective made it clear that responsible adults managed their money well.  The book is called, "Save, Spend, or Donate? A Book About Managing Money."  The plain and simple explanations really got to me. 

I have always been in charge of the money in my family. However, we have always struggled with saving money.  I can manage the money, pay the bills, keep great records, but storing up a savings fund is my greatest challenge.  So to me, being responsible, means having money saved!

6. Were you able to put aside some savings this month?

Yes! However, most of it went to major car repairs. (Such is life!)

7. Comments or Thoughts?

Gas prices, here in Vermont, are dropping. I also found bulk food items at a local supermarket. So good things are happening!

- How About You?

What ideas do you have to save money? Are you keeping track of all your expenses in an old fashioned ledger book? I'd love to hear about it!

Please share your thoughts, or a link to your blog post,  in the comments section.

Mrs. White

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