Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When Couples Dream


I was reading wedding cards at the supermarket this morning. The many cards talked about the new bride and groom and how exciting their new, life-long adventure was going to be. The couples were all dressed up and smiling. They had dreamed- a- dream of an engagement, a marriage and a happy home.

But sometimes, as the years go on, the couples get trapped in their weariness. They are bogged down with bills and stress. They start getting into a rut, where they are just surviving. The brightness and joy has faded and all we see is sadness in their eyes, as they go about their life.

I think couples forgot to keep dreaming.

I have heard of newly married young people who dream of owning a new house, or having a baby. They dream of owning businesses and having a fulfilling job. They dream of a sweet, happy home.

As they get older, the dreams must change. Perhaps they already have the children. Maybe they already have the lovely home. Yet, they must still dream. These dreams, these visions and goals, bring joy and hope. They can cheer the heart and help us go on.

So today, I must ask you.... Have you stopped dreaming?

Mrs. White

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Cathytress said...

As a matter of fact, I think I have :(

Unknown said...

NEVER! God keeps me dreaming about all I can have with my amazing family! Thank you so much for this article!

Mary said...

Yes, to a certain extent, I have. I have dreams for my grown children; occasionally for myself.

Mrs. B said...

The longer my husband and I are married the more dreams we have! We know each others heart and our dreams for the future seem to be the same. We recently realized an important one of buying a farm! I think you receive blessings for dreaming together. Thank you Mrs. White for asking us to take the time to realize it. Blessings to you.

Heidi Mitzelfeldt said...

What a wonderful reminder! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

What a good reminder for married couples. I hate to admit, but I think my dreams get weary sometimes. :( However, your post has given me something positive to think about. :)

Joyce Ackley said...

I think a lot of young couples become disillusioned when stresses threaten to steal their joy. Bills, unexpected expenses, family problems, illnesses, lay-offs and job losses, emergencies involving home or auto repair - it's all a part of life. I think it's important for couples and families to maintain a positive attitude, as much as possible, anyway, and to plan for brighter days.

If a dream is shattered, we need to move on and rebuild that dream, or create a new one. Perhaps we need to lower expectations a bit, but it's important to hold on to one's dreams.

As a single, senior adult, I have dreams. Why shouldn't I? I live and breath every day, and I'm grateful for the life God has given me. But still - I dream of better health for myself and my loved ones, of happiness and succcess for my adult children and my grandchildren. I dream of completing decorating projects for my home. I dream of that big break in my writing career.

Personally, I think everyone needs a dream to hold on to. We need to hope, to look forward to success and joy in life. We all won't have the same aspirations, but we all need something dear to us to warm our hearts.

I think we can be content with what we have, yet still have our dreams.

Taryn said...

I dreamed of grandchildren. My friends had grandchildren before we did. Now we have 5 granddaughters. The oldest is 4 and the youngest is 3 months tomorrow(I heard her laughing out loud for the very first time- today).

Lisa said...

this is a wonderful reminder. Thanks for sharing.