Saturday, October 29, 2011

When Mother Bakes

Mother and Son Baking Cookies

I do a lot of my baking in the late afternoon, or in the evening.  I have the most energy then. It also seems like I get an audience whenever I am in the kitchen. Someone always stops by to talk to me, or visit, or just make me laugh.

Having Baked Goods Ready for Guests

One night last week, I pulled the first batch of chocolate chip cookies out of the oven when Amy's boyfriend came by to pick her up. He brought her roses. (They looked so pretty decorating our parlour table.) Just before they left, I handed him a small lunch bag with some of the warm cookies wrapped in wax paper. He loved them!

Entertaining my Teenager Daughter

The other night, I was kneading bread dough while Amy sat near me, to keep me company. She was telling me all her news.  Then she noticed something I didn't realize I was doing. I was standing on my toes while I worked! She laughed and was so entertained.  I guess it is easier for me to do my kitchen work on my toes! But really, I  was in my socks and wasn't wearing my heels.  I am 5' 1" tall and need to be a bit taller when I bake or do my dishes.

A Lesson from my Sweet Young Son

One afternoon, when Matthew (now 18) was only 3 years old, I was busy making pizza dough. I kneaded and rolled it out. He came into the kitchen with a grin on his face. He wanted some of the dough to play with. I said, "Maybe some other time. I need all this dough for supper." So he did the cutest thing. He had this sad look on his face and said, over and over again, in a quiet voice - "meanie... meanie...meanie.." I tried not to let him see me laugh.  I realized it was no big deal to give him a little dough to play with, and handed him a small piece. . .  He was so grateful. . .  He gave me a loving smile, like I was his hero, and said (in his sweet baby voice) "You're nicey. I'll never call you meanie again." Then he walked happily out of the room.

Tonight, I am baking cookies again. The house is very quiet. Soothing classical music is playing in the background. I will probably bake mint chocolate chip brownies tomorrow. 

Baking always seems to make me feel nostaligic.

Mrs. White

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Mrs Mary Joy Pershing said...

Mrs White,

I love baking too! LOL Although I am still trying to master yeast bread dough.

In fact, I baked snickerdoodle cookies with our boys this afternoon and evening...and tonight before I go to bed I need to bake a batch of whole wheat biscuits to take with us to the Church potluck lunch tomorrow.

Our three year old son loves to "bake" his own cookies or a biscuit so I give him a little bit of dough so that he can "bake" too. I always put his cookie or biscuit on the try to go in the oven. He LOVES eating his creation.

Anyway...baking does bring people together! Thanks for the post!


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

Jenny said...

What a lovely post! I am learning to bake and it is so much fun. Baking is relaxing to me and sharing the cookies and cakes is even batter!

Sarah said...

I love this! When I was a kid, Mom would always chase us out of the kitchen. I didn't learn even the basics of meal prep. and it was humiliating for newly-married-me to have my husband teaching me the basics of homemaking! I try and remember that whenever I'm chasing my kids out of the kitchen. I try to put on my patience and let them be a part of what I'm doing. It sometimes starts out as a "parenting obligation", but when my attitude changes, it becomes a joy!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Rebecca Knox said...

I love to bake, too, and have been doing a lot of it. I especially enjoy it in the fall and winter months as it helps to heat the house and make everything cozy and homey! Thanks for sharing! <3

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