Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Great Thanksgiving Resource from Hal and Melanie Young

Book - We Gather Together: Sanity and Celebration at Thanksgiving. (66 page E - book)

Authors - Hal and Melanie Young

This helpful book contains the Young's Thanksgiving menu, recipes, fabulous cooking tips, forms and ideas to make your Thanksgiving go smoothly. You'll also find history lessons and encouragement to help your family make the most of the Spiritual opportunities available on this special Holiday.

I printed out their menu, some of their recipes and their suggested "Order of Events."  I also printed out the history lessons. I plan to read some of these to the children during the morning of Thanksgiving, while we we are preparing food, enjoying snacks and waiting for the main meal.  I also love the idea of Thanksgiving songs and never even realized this was possible. The Youngs have included some wonderful songs, including "We Gather Together," which has a clickable link so you can hear the song for yourself.

I was inspired by Melanie's menu because it added a simple, loving touch to the festivities. The entire book reminded me of a detailed program for an important event. I loved it!

Here is what I am going to do today, as a homeschooling project with my teenager (currently my only student):

1. We will decorate and design a Thanksgiving Menu.
2. We will create place settings for all of our guests.
3. We will start baking and preparing some of the foods.
4. We will begin reading some of the stories from the Young's book.

The book has inspired a few ideas of my own:

5.  I might create a small program booklet for each guest to take home with them.
6.  I am seriously considering having everyone sign a guestbook.

As for tomorrow, I plan to use the book as a guide to help make the day extra special.  I will read Abraham Lincoln's Proclamation of Thanksgiving (from page 24) and several other selections from the book.

Overall I have never come across such a wonderful resource, and am thankful for the Young's dedication in putting this book together.

Mrs. White

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Hal & Melanie Young said...

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I am delighted our book was a blessing to you. It's something our adult children have been begging us to do, so that they could explain to their friends why holidays are so special at home. It adds to the blessing to see the Lord use it beyond our family!

Oh! I probably ought to mention for your readers who don't know, that they can find us at Facebook at and on our blog at

Thank you again for reviewing our new book!

Much love,
Melanie Young