Friday, December 30, 2011

Final Fitness Report

The Legacy of Home

This is the last of four posts from our Fitness Kick-off project. I have joined with 9 other bloggers to share progress and activities on staying fit (or getting fit) before the New Year.

[I will post winners of the giveaways later today.]

Here is my Fitness Report:

Monday morning - 30 minute workout. (Included target toning with light weights)  A short time after this, I had severe physical problems (trouble walking, shaking, etc.) and had to rest.

I was not able to exercise for the rest of the week.  I realize I was worn out by the holidays. We had a lot of company. It is exhausting having guests!  But completely worth it!

I have enjoyed a long rest these past several days and will get back to exercising next week.  It is important to accept limitations when seeking to get (or stay) fit.  Sometimes we need time off.

I was still active, however. I did plenty of housework and a few errands. But I also slept a lot and just rested all week.

Push - Ups -

I did want to update you on my goal concerning push - ups. I was reading the archives here and found something from January of this year (almost a year ago.) My goal was to do 10 real push- ups. I am happy to report, I am still doing 10 and am very happy about it.

* My ongoing fitness goal is to workout daily and to replace snacks with more nourishing foods. I don't have any weight to lose, but at my age, I need to keep an eye on it so it doesn't creep up!

* Remember, we all have different health struggles and approaches to fitness and nutrition. I would love to hear what you are doing to stay fit! Please share in the comments section and then visit the other bloggers to cheer them on!

Great News!

Would you like ongoing encouragement in 2012 for your own fitness goals? You are cordially invited over to Tea Time with Annie Kate who runs our Fit Mommy Friday program!  She is inspiring, encouraging and will host check-ins, each week, throughout the year.

Thank you so much for following along on our month long fitness challenge!  Please check-out our team's final reports:

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[I will update each link with today's Fitness post, as they go live. Keep checking back!]

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*Updated Link.

Best wishes for the New Year!

Mrs. White

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Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

Thank you for kicking this off Sharron, it's really helped me focus during the holidays!

Susan said...

Thank you, Mrs. White, for organizing the Team. You are always an inspiration to me to keep on keeping on. ;0)

Briana said...

Congrats on the real push ups! I'm still doing girly ones so you rock!

Thanks for hosting the Fitness Team. I enjoyed the motivation and being part of a great group of ladies.

I hope you recover from the holidays soon!