Monday, January 23, 2012

Family Comfort in the Evening Hours

The Oettenberger Family Sitting and Talking

At the end of the day, the family gathers together for a meal and to share adventures. Sometimes the children will laugh and entertain the others. Or, there will be older teens who talk about their work day.

In old time humble homes, everyone would gather around a vintage radio and listen to the news or a program. Mother would knit or do some mending. Father might be smoking a pipe or doing a little whittling. The children might have jacks to play on the floor, or a few handmade toys. 

In other homes, someone would play the piano and all would gather round to sing. Or perhaps one could hear the sound of a banjo as the family sits on the porch playing some old country music and singing along.

In later years, with the invention of record players, the family could hear crooners like Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby.

Next, there were television sets where programs like Burns and Allen were broadcast.  Families would eat their dinner at the table and then settle down to enjoy a show together.

Families play board games, cards and checkers. This is a wonderful form of togetherness which calms and soothes the hearts of weary souls.

In these days, we have modern radios with Christian stations for sermons, music, talk and advertisements. These are also heard on car radios as we travel on errands or trips. We also have CD players to hear modern music that we enjoy.

Some kind of entertainment goes on each night in most homes. This comforts and cheers the family at the end of a long, hard day.

It is something we can strive to create - an atmosphere of happiness, and entertainment with our families.

We should look forward to the setting of the sun, as we toil on with our work, as the best part of the day - the night time for rest and reward for our daytime labors.

Isn't this just like our earthly life as the daytime, and eternal life (at death) - as our night-time?

Mrs. White

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Jessica Dimas said...

So so true. And I love the comparison you made at the end with earthly life being our day and eternal life being our night. Such an inspiring thought to keep on our minds.

Anonymous said...

Ok one more about evenings with family then I'll just read the rest of the time. Usually after "Request Time" I'd read a chapter book to the children. They loved that time too! Even if we went away one of them always managed to sneak the book along just so we wouldn't "miss" anything! I miss those days!