Sunday, February 26, 2012

Who Will Weep For You Now?

Illustration of Mother Praying with Three Children

I read this story once, where a travelling preacher stopped by the side of the road to see a Father and his older children, weeping and distraught. They explained that the wife had died leaving the children motherless.  The husband described his wife as a precious saint, who had prayed for them all. . . and loved them all dearly. The husband cried out to the preacher, feeling so alone and abandoned, saying, "Who will pray for us now?"   The preacher led them to the Lord and encouraged them on their way. This greatly comforted them.

Over the years, as I have visited with people on my way to church, I have heard them call out to me, "Please say a prayer for me, while you are there."  This gives them a good, safe feeling, knowing that someone is on their side, before the Lord. . . Knowing that someone is there pleading for their well-being. And this is good.

Mothers are known for weeping in prayer for their children and for their families. Mother's love and concern is so great . . . and so strong. . . that those kinds of tearful, heart-breaking prayers, bring about great things from God.

Grown children know that each day, at the appointed time of family worship, their Mother is back at home, praying for them.  They know Mother is weeping when they do wrong. They know that Mother would be heartbroken if sin got a hold of them, or if danger was in their path. These children feel as if a guardian angel is watching over them, when they have their saintly mother's prayers to hold them up.

But what happens when Mother is gone? What happens when that Mother has passed-on to her eternal rest? Who will pray for them now?

Will you, like the family on the side of the road, be led to the Lord and carry on the beauty of the Mother's prayers?  May it be so.

And you, who are the precious Mothers. . will you keep your eyes on Heaven and your hearts on things not of this world, that your prayers be not hindered?  May God help us all!

Mrs. White

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KM Logan said...

I hope I am known as a praying wife and mother.

Jessica@MakingHomeSweeter said...

I'm a praying wife and mother. This post reminds us of how important those prayers are.

Cindi said...

"May God help us all". AMEN!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful testimony about prayer! As I read your story, it reminded me that as Homemakers, we truly do need to look heavenward for our help so that when things in our earthly lives become difficult, we have the Lord's help to sustain us.

Deanna said...

Tis true....we pray and I know it is so needed.

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