Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spoiling Breakfast

The Brioche

I have to admit this. . . I would rather eat cookies and chips than a real breakfast. I will even make a nourishing breakfast for my children, but take none for myself.

The problem is that I have little self - control when it comes to snacking. If I even eat one brownie, I am too full for a real meal. It's called "spoiling your dinner," even if it was only breakfast.

I have no problem creating a lovely ambiance for the evening meal. I have no trouble with the time involved in setting the table, lighting candles, and making a delicious, yet humble, dinner.

But in the morning, I have trouble taking all that time to enjoy a nice breakfast.   On the days I actually sit down at the table with tea, toast and a little fruit, I feel like I have accomplished a lot! 

Most mornings, I do a tremendous amount of housework before the family even wakes up.  I like to get most of my work out of the way. Breakfast, for me, would be like taking a break.  Do you remember the stories of farmers who would do morning chores before they even got to eat?  It is also convenient to get moving, and work hard before enjoying a nice meal. 

There were times we had grits, cantaloupe, eggs and biscuits for a pleasant, southern style breakfast. Other days we would have fresh baked muffins and fruit. Plain cereal is healthy and quick, but not very exciting.  Pancakes are too filling and make me tired. (smiles)  I have never liked eating eggs, but love making omelets for my children.  A nice formal breakfast, after an early morning of chores, is a lovely way to start the day.

Perhaps dressing up for breakfast, using fine china, linen napkins, and a delicate tea pot would help make breakfast time a more formal, inviting affair.  Even if I drink hot chocolate and have grits and toast, after doing some heavy housework, I would be more inclined to ignore the brownies so I can actually enjoy the breakfast hour.

Mrs. White

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fGs said...

Breakfast is the only meal that I serve processed foods-chicken biscuits, Jimmy Dean items, etc as I do not homeschool my older 2 children.

Katrinka said...

Getting so much work done before breakfast sounds wonderful. I'm very much a morning person, and after about 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. begin to go downhill drastically in the energy/motivation department... and there's still so much to be done. Supper, dishes, bedtime routine, and the energy to be there for family.

I am wondering what time you get up to get so much done? And do you nap each afternoon to be energetic for the evening? I could nap each afternoon, but it seems to take a large piece of of my afternoon chore time (things that can only be done in daylight :) )...

And then, sometimes my family will get up with me and wonder what I'm up to and hustling around with them around is more difficult.

Very interesting post!

momma-lana said...

I put cookies and chips in hubby's lunch most mornings and they don't appeal to me at all but my Mom allowed us to eat cake for breakfast and so I always think I want cake if we have one. Then I just feel awful from all that sugar and wonder what I was thi nking! I want to try one of the recipes for baked oatmeal. Now that would seem like dessert for breakfast as far as I see it.

Cassidy said...

I never take time for breakfast or lunch. I hate to admit that. The girls have a quick breakfast and a quick lunch. I sometimes grab a sandwich in the early afternoon. I just can't seem to eat when I first get up. My stomach isn't "ready" for the food yet. However if I got up earlier and got things moving I imagine I would also sit down and have breakfast with my children. You have given me something to think about. Thank you!

Katrinka said...

I almost always fix oatmeal for breakfast, with bananas, raisins, nuts and brown sugar if we have it. I have the recipe down so that I heat the water, it boils, I add the oats and set the timer for 10 minutes, cock the lid on the pot, and set it on the lowest flame. Then I can go do other things and come back when the timer goes off, set the lid on full, and turn off the flame. It can stay that way for up to 1/2 hour and then we eat when we're ready. Then I don't have to think about what to fix each morning and there are no complaints, even though I could be more creative! :) But it gets a good meal into our stomachs...

I used to be able to skip breakfast and lunch, but now I actually start to feel ill if I don't eat something to start the day.

Anonymous said...

I don't rise in the morning very easily, or willingly, but once I'm up, I'm fine. Still, I could never make a proper breakfast for my family if I didn't organize things the night before. I try to think about what I want to make (and it does vary) & then, because I've done some prepping, it feels as though I don't have to think as hard about it when I'm standing there at the stove all bleary-eyed! Anyway, I know my family appreciates good food in the morning....it doesn't have to be much. A piece of toast & maybe some scrambled eggs are enough to see them through the morning. :o)


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