Monday, March 5, 2012

When Mother is Out of Shape

Door-To-Door Bakery Salesman Talking to Suburdan California Housewife

I have been overly weary for a long time. It would take me hours to do my morning housework and then I'd need an afternoon nap. This has been happening for two reasons - lack of exercise and choosing to eat unhealthy foods. The last time I was on track was during my December fitness challenge. I am also the co-creator of Fit Mommy which started a couple of years ago, and is still going on with another hostess (Annie Kate).

Even though I know how important proper eating and working-out is to all of us, I have only managed to exercise three times in the last couple of months. It has become a serious problem. This makes Mother out of shape. She cannot tend to her regular duties. She becomes chronically ill.  She is on the fast track to a grave.

My tea bag the other morning said these wise words, "Middle age is when it takes longer to rest than it does to get tired." But this all has to do with lack of activity!

The Lord chastens us in many ways to keep us on the straight path.  Sometimes we have daily struggles, constant thorns, or occasional trials. This is all for our own good. Exercise and eating right, to me, is like a thorn when I don't do it, but a joy when I do. It is just like obeying the commandments. When you do them, you are happy. When you don't, you suffer but you don't want to change.  

I think our problem, in this society, has to do with the idea of self-gratification, ease, looking for pleasure, personal happiness and having everything now. We are taught to strive to live for ourselves. This can seriously affect us in many ways, especially when it comes to a lack of fitness and proper nutrition; because most of us don't want any part of that kind of discipline.

Our ancestor Mothers worked extremely hard in their daily tasks in the home and on the farm. They earned their bread.  Generally speaking, they were far more fit than mothers of today.   They were also spiritually fit.   They had family prayers and Bible reading because it was a duty. They would never neglect it because they didn't feel like it.

This is my problem. . . Because of my lack of seeking good health, I have slacked in many other things, including reading  my Bible.  These daily duties are good for me, like the chastening and disciplining of the saints.   But, my nature of seeking ease and turning to all kinds of recreations make it so that there is no time for what is right. 

Whether I feel like it or not, I must do what is holy and good so that I stay on the right path in all areas of life.

Practically speaking, I am more motivated to do these things when I have good music. This morning I listened to Roy Acuff sing "Life's Railway To Heaven." I dearly wish I knew how to use an MP3 player so I could download sermons and old time gospel music to listen to while I do my workouts and go about the cleaning of my house.

If only, at this very moment, I was not out of shape in so many different ways. . . but today, I will make every effort to get back on the right path, in bible reading, in prayer as well as with fitness.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Oh My, you are talking straight to Me today!! I also have slacked in exercising and just picking up whatever and put it in my mouth (so to speak). I also haven't been in serious study and prayer with my Lord for a few days and i feel icky:). Thank you and i wish i knew how to download MP3 music also. Wouldn't know where to begin or what is it actually?

Anonymous said...

You sure are hitting strong today! I have been feeling out of sorts lately and finally pegged it down to skipping Bible time and eating poorly and not exercising. I have been "gratifying" myself. Which is kind of ironic! When I am "gratifying" myself. I am really hurting myself. Will I ever learn!!! You would think that after 48 years I would have figured this out before and remembered it.

Nicole in MD

Lisa said...

This hit me eight between the eyes. Last fall I was doing P90X and feeling great. Then morning sickness hit, and with it's advent, exercise and proper diet departed. After it left, I started eating healthy again. Been juicing veggies and such. My body can't seem to handle snacks now, and supper isn't an option; seems that anything but liquid gives me a tummy ache or heartburn. And I feel like I need to really give this baby the best I can give. So I drink carrot/apple/kale juice, or some juice from concentrate mixed with wheat grass, plus fiber. And I've noticed that the healthier I eat, the less I crave junk food. Really.

But getting back into exercising has been tough. I really like following a video, but I can't do P90X and it's only video I have. Walking is difficult in Oregon, with all the rain we get this time of year. But yesterday was sunny and I walked the kids to the park, taking the long route. I just need to so that more, or just walk or find some video online that doesnt require being on tummy or back. Yes, I need to exercise more.

The Crazy Mom said...

Hello dear friend!

I, too, am lacking in exercise and good eating. Now my blood pressure, which has always been very low, is up near dangerous levels. I need to get on track!

However, I am reading my Bible. I signed up so that I get it in my inbox every day. Since I am in the habit of getting on the computer to check mail while I eat breakfast and my drink tea, I decided that I will make a rule for myself: No checking facebook until I have read my Bible. It has worked and I haven't missed a day.

I am also giving up candy, ice cream, and prepackaged snacks for lent. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I don't eat any sweets at all. Still no exercise, though. I know I need to change that.

What I really need to do it cut back on my portion sizes. So much to think about, but I know it's very important, or I'll end up in an early grave too!

Anonymous said...

You are so everything is all about self gratification or 'ease' in all areas of our life. About a year ago, I read the book "Made to Crave", it was so very convicting for me. I, also, have been trying to fit exercise into my daily schedule. I feel so much better when I am making healthy choices! :) Have a blessed day!


Jodi said...

I have been on the whole foods diet for many years and I can tell you what a difference it makes. It is an affordable way to eat to feed your family. It is FUN so much to cook up Gods natural foods. I shop in bulk and save all kinds of money. It is difficult at first but once you have a stocked pantry it is easy peasy to keep up with it. Lots of energy and cuz you know you are not taking junk food you are prone to activity. I can not explain it but it just naturally happens. Gardens too so good and lovely to be surrounding ourselves with GOD made foods....Many prayers, Jodi

Lori said...

Thank you for the post...timely as usual, dear one! My problem in 'shaping up' has been getting up earlier. It is so difficult for me, and it used to be (not easy) but less of an effort! I am asking the Lord for help in this area, as my day would go much better if I would just get out of bed earlier! (Menopause is causing some insomnia, so I am battling this also.)


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