Friday, April 27, 2012

The Comfort of a Dressing Room

Actress Margaret O'Brien in Her Studio Dressing Room
Actress Margaret O'Brien in her Studio Dressing Room

Years ago, before we bought our 1800's house, I toured all the rooms. There are 14 on 3 floors. I was delighted with every new room we came across.

Off beyond the largest bedroom, was a dressing room. It looked like a sewing room, with an old singer on a table, and a rod (up above) for hanging clothes. There was also a pretty window overlooking the landscape.

It is now my dressing room. Beside the window is my grandmother's rocking chair. There are bookcases on an entire side wall for my personal library. I have a sturdy antique desk, which holds my collection of the writings of John Wesley. I also have notes, papers and research in a file box for later use. A large filing cabinet holds decades of my writings, household memorabilia, and other necessary files. This cabinet even holds a copy of Great - Grandfather's ordination certificate when he became a minister.

This room holds my sewing supplies in a drawer. There is yarn, knitting supplies and patterns in a large old bureau.

On a wall is a Bulletin Board presenting photographs, newspaper clippings of our home and our children (during their famous moments), and special notes, or cards that make me smile when I see them.

This is the room where I hide cases of ginger-ale so the children don't drink it all in one day. It is where I can sit quietly, listening to a sermon on the radio, while I rock in grandmother's chair by the window.

I spent many hours in this room, in 2007, as I recorded my voice onto tapes from a small vintage collection of puritan books for "Sermon Audio." *  Grandfather set up a large radio and cassette player, along with a microphone for me. (I read from old books onto tapes and mailed them to the company so they could use them on their site.)  I still remember looking out the window when I took breaks.

This is the room where I can decide what I will wear for church, a trip to the store, or to just keep home for the day.

This special room is like my own studio dressing room, where I can take a break, and prepare for each day, or retreat to in the evening hours.

Studios provide actresses with their own dressing rooms. This is where they can relax and take a break before working hard at their craft. Even young actors received dressings rooms. Shirley Temple had one and was kept protected from fans and the hectic atmosphere of working on a set.  This is where she rested, and where she studied.

To have something like a Dressing Room in our own home is a luxury.  Some of us can have one in the Parlour, a bedroom, or a small den. Others may have an extra room they can convert into a special sanctuary where Mother can have her lovely things, or supplies.

In the old days, many Fathers had dens. This was a mixture of a home office and a library. Children were respectful of this room and in awe of their Fathers.  

Mothers have always had a corner of the house for their special things. A comfortable dressing room is a lovely blessing for which I am grateful.

Mrs. White

* I did this work for them, in exchange for free books. To hear an example, go to - The Art of Divine Contentment by Thomas Watson (part 6) *

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Cathy said...

Sounds lovely. I never had a room of my own like that, until after four of our daughters got married. Now I have one of their bedrooms they moved out of for my own. I enjoy it very much. It's very small, but it's bright and sunny, and all my own. I know it's a luxury, but I am thankful to have it. I listened to some of the recording you mentioned. You have a very pleasant voice for reading aloud.

Mrs. Paul said...

Mrs White I so enjoy reading your blog everyday. It brings a very contented smile to my face as I picture what you are writing about. I love the description of your dressing room - it simply sounds amazing. Thank you for the link to the sermons (now I even will be able to envision your voice). I am blessed to have a spare bedroom for my own and call it "my sanctuary". Thanks for another beautiful post.
Blessings from Arizona,

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, you have the most lovely voice.

But the actual sermon-it is just what I needed to hear. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I long for a room like this!! Someday...!!!

Deanna said...

Dearest Mrs. White, This special room sounds lovely and I know it would be wonderful to have.

Sweet Blessings to you,

Sara said...

Mrs. White, new reader here - I do so enjoy your posts. Please keep writing so that I can keep reading! My husband and I are camping at a cabin in Shenandoah, VA this weekend and I have turned the spare bedroom into my personal "dressing room."


Dianna said...

It is a lovely thought to have a dressing room all to yourself, and it never would have occurred to me. Thank you for sharing.

Laura Lane said...

It sounds so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

wow, you are very rich. We have five in our family, and living in an 800 square foot mobile home, with barely enough room for beds, much less a few extra rooms. I hope you realize how blessed you are.probably will never have a room of my own.But am happy for you, I just can't imagine living like you do must be wonderful ....