Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When Mother is Halt

Five O'Clock

There is a sense of peace and incomprehensible joy which comes from a Mother who is fully dependent on the Lord. Many of these kinds of mothers have been through tremendous suffering. Sometimes all we can see is a mask of their pain, but they smile knowingly.

 Other mothers are obviously suffering with physical ailments. Perhaps they have a disease or need a wheelchair to get around. Some have failing eyesight, or use a cane to walk.

When they take these trials patiently, and trust God with all their might, they are blessed beyond measure.

Personally, I have struggled with chronic illness for most of my life. I have often needed crutches or a cane to get around. Some have prayed for my healing at the most difficult moments. I have found relief and have been grateful. Others have suggested that I can have complete healing through prayer.   But I say this .  .  . Why would I want to be healed of something that draws me to the Lord? Why would I want to have a "thorn" removed that keeps me on the right path? This physical trial in my life comes and goes. When it is gone, I live a normal, productive life and I enjoy it. But when the trial comes back, I love it just as much as perfect health. I love it because it quiets and calms me. It makes me think of eternal things, and gives me a yearning to live for others instead of myself.

There are also happy moments of suffering. This time of year is the most difficult for me. The sun is brighter in New England and this brings on symptoms of difficulty walking, among other things. I also bump into things and fall, but my children and I have the most fun from these trials. We laugh about them. We smile and make jokes and we love it! The other night, when one of my teens saw me using my cane (a rare occurrence) while I made dinner, He smiled, but I could see worry in his eyes. The next day, My daughter was helping me make lunch. She had me sit on a kitchen stool while she took my cane.  She did all kinds of tricks to make me laugh.

I understand it is hard for people to see a "young looking" mother with a cane, but this is my lot in life and I am grateful. Why would I writhe under this affliction? This is the cup the Lord has given me to drink and I will gladly yield.

Mrs. White

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Unknown said...

What a beautiful attitude! Thanks for being such a blessing, dear friend!

Lorna said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. Today I was really touched by your beautiful response to suffering. You are a lovely inspiration :)

Cathy said...

It is through suffering we know Him best. Not that I would ever choose it ahead of time. But afterward, I'm thankful for how His grace is abundant and sufficient. Bless you.