Saturday, December 22, 2012

Spotting the Holy

"After Church," April 16, 1949

In the old days, a child would see a police officer and know he represented help and safety. The police officer was trusted. We all knew who the officer was because of the way he dressed and the way he carried himself.  He was an ambassador for the law.

This should be the same way when people spot a person on the street. They may notice a kind demeanor, kind eyes, and a humbleness about them. Onlookers might notice a peace and they may think, "here is one of God's own."

Recently, on the news, I saw a modern day nun.  I was deeply saddened by her appearance. I am not sure which denomination she was from, because I realize not all nuns have changed, but this one was a modern one.  Her hair was dyed blond. It was hanging down and messy.  She was wearing common clothes.  Looking at her, you would have no idea she was a nun. You would have thought she was a regular, everyday person.  Why did this make me sad? Because a nun has consecrated herself entirely to God and His work.  She dresses in a specific "uniform."  When people see her, they immediately consider her to be a missionary worker for the Lord and a source of help and hope. 

This "spotting of the holy" should not be taken away.  Each of God's children must dress and carry themselves in a way that is selfless in this difficult, self-centered world.  Each representative of holiness must be somehow a little different from the masses.  And this will create thousands of lights across the land to lead many home.

Mrs. White

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Jean said...

Oh, I so agree with you about the nuns. They used to look so special, so holy - now they just look frumpy - honestly, their appearacen takes away from their specialness. Not sure why they did this? Do you know?

kozimom said...

Sometimes you have to look a bit deeper to spot the holy. Remember, when Samuel was to choose the next king of Israel. David did not look like the one. God said to Samuel, "Man looks at outward appearances, but the Lord looks on the heart."

Jennifer said...

I completely agree. Our children don't know the feeling we had as children when we saw someone such as a police officer out and about. We respected and revered people of honor and authority. I try to teach my children that even though our culture doesn't. Thanks for the post. I really enjoy your blog, and all your thoughtful stories. God bless your family and Merry Christmas to you all, Mrs. White.

Anonymous said...

Even as a former Catholic who does not agree with the theology, I DO agree with what you are saying.

Something seems amiss when a woman who consecrates herself before the Lord looks every bit as worldly as the unbeliever.

Which brings me to another question:
"Shouldn't all of us ladies who profess to be consecrated to the Lord have a different look to us than those who have not?"

And if so, should nuns really look different than an average Christian lady who is modest and has also consecrated herself to the Lord?"

Now you've done it, Sharon! My mind is going to be pondering all sorts of angles as I go and make supper!

On a different note, though, have I mentioned how much I have been treasuring your book? I was just sharing that Ray Charles story with my husband the other day and how we moms need to be coaches.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas if I don't visit from now til then!

Deanna said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

God bless,

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