Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Way to Get My Books for Free

Last month, I released my two books,

 "Mother's Faith," and

 "For the Love of Christian Homemaking."  These are both paperback books and are available for sale on amazon.

There is a fun way to get them for free, but it will take a little time.  Here's how:

1.  Use your swagbucks account, or set up your first account with them.

Swagbucks is powered by google and is simply a search engine.  The bonus is that you are randomly awarded points, as you search.  These can be redeemed for prizes, such as gift cards from Amazon.  I always redeem mine for $5 gift cards. When there is something I want to buy from Amazon, I can save up those gift cards and, very often, get the item for FREE!

There is no charge or cost whatsoever to use Swagbucks.

2.  Get points.  Once you earn 450, you can redeem them for a $5 gift card.

You can get points by logging into swagbucks, seeing the toolbar at the top of the site and click on earn. Here are two ways that are most common and easy:

 Choose "daily poll," to earn a quick point.  Choose NOSO, and earn 2 points.  (simply read the offers and choose "skip" to get through them to earn your points. It takes only minutes.)

You will get most of your points, however, by simply making sure you are logged into your swagbucks account and searching for whatever you normally need to search for.

3. Once you've earned enough gift cards, you can get one or both of my books for free!

4. From there have fun earning more free stuff, like movies, toys, food, household items, clothes and gifts.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Hello from Kansas!
It is so neat that you have published some books!
Excited for you and hope to read them in the near future.
God bless and may you write lots of books,

Mamame said...

A few more tips to get more Swagbucks!

* Play games. I've let my kids play them but usually, I just go to Drop3 and let the game run in another tab on my computer until it gets to the end. When it's done and I see a score, I click on "Back to Game Details" I think it is (the top choice on the upper right corner). For every 2 games you play through, you get 10 Swagbucks.

* Play the videos. There are always 1 and 2 Swagbuck videos on the site and they add up fast - especially since many will let you play the video more than once!!

* Swagbucks has created TV apps for Android and iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and you can get 50 Swagbucks a day easily by letting it run. It almost doesn't need to be babysat either (it IS a bit glitchy so watch to see if it needs a boot to get it going again).

* Swagbucks TV - Play 10 videos and get 3 Swagbucks. Actually, most videos credit before the end of the video and as long as you have had the meter move up, you're good to click on the next video. You can earn 150 Swagbucks a day doing this but that would take about 7 hours. I just do it as I can during the day, letting it run in another tab on my browser while I'm working. :)

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