Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gathered Safe at Home

Lighthouse with Garden, Pemaquid Point, Maine

I came home from an errand yesterday afternoon to find one of my son's watching devastation at the Boston Marathon on CNN news.   We just sat there, in shock. 

I watched the news off and on, for the rest of the day. I checked the doors to make sure they were still locked.  I wanted to drive for hours to see my grown daughters and hug them, and just comfort them and thank God that they were okay, even though we are not in Massachusetts right now.  But I talked to them on the phone and they were okay.  I wanted everyone safe.  I wanted everyone home.    I prayed. We all prayed.

Then I had to do my housework.  I had to do the dishes and make supper.  I had to feed the family. Then I went back to the television.  As more news unfolded and more details were given, I realized that some of the victims of the bombing were being cared for in the very hospital where I gave birth to one of my children.  That was my city where this happened.   One of my grown girls, just a few weeks before, had spent several days in Boston on a visit. I told her, through my fear, not to go there anymore.

We are shaken by this.  We are stunned by the cruelty of this horrific act. 

This morning, I will watch more of the news, but I will still take care of my home and my family.  I must make every effort to make our home like a light house for my family;  a place of refuge from the world.  All I can do right now, is take my worries to the Lord, while I continue to cook and clean and read my Bible and pray.   I can do what is before me and care for those that are here.  And trust that God will take care of the rest.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

Very scary. I am glad to hear your family is safe.

Laura Lane said...

I recognize your feelings of wanting everyone safe at home. I felt the same way just after an F5 tornado ripped Joplin apart. We were in the path of the tornado, but thank God it turned before it got to us.

May God comfort you as well as those involved. I don't have television reception, so I've gotten my information from the internet. It is enough to remind me to pray.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Anonymous said...

We are too. I am also originally from Massachusetts-about 30 minutes from Boston.

Praying that God would send people to be a source of His love and comfort to all those who are hurting right now.

I agree with this: "I must make every effort to make our home like a light house for my family; a place of refuge from the world."


Deanna said...

amen....and praying.

Jackie said...

I know what you mean, Mrs. White. Life goes on and I still have to go about my work, but I'm cherishing the well-being of my family more than usual today.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Mrs. White,

I love your sentence, " I must make every effort to make our home like a light house for my family; a place of refuge from the world."

Yes, that is what we mothers are to do because that is what our Jesus does for us.


Anonymous said...

Thank God that we have a home in Him and under His wings we safely abideXXOO Shirley in Virginia

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