Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shopping for Mother's Day

"Shopping for Mother's Day," May 10, 1947

A few days before Mother's day, we children would walk about a mile to the local "Brooks Pharmacy," in Massachusetts.   They had the greatest selection, and so many wonderful items for sale.  We would look at the jewelry, the household goods, and the candy.  We usually bought Mother's favorite perfume, Musk by Alyssa Ashley.  It had such an elegant, pleasant scent!

When we were in our early teens, we often got Mom a store-bought card.  From the time we were around 12 years old, each of us had some source of income - mostly from babysitting or housecleaning for our neighbors.  There was a sense of pride buying something for Mother, with money we had earned ourselves.

In those days, we children helped make mother's day special.  Of course, our Father always surprised Mom with something that made her very happy.  He wanted her to feel rewarded for all her efforts at home, and for taking care of us.

All these years later, I am remembering my own Mother's days.  I have a box full of cards the children made me over the years. I love to read them again each year! 

I love to attend church on this special day.  There is always a message encouraging Mom in godly living.   After service, we go home to an easy dinner.  We often spend time in the yard, just resting.

Mother's day is often the time to visit the graveyard. It is a time to leave flowers and say prayers for our Mothers and Grandmothers who have gone ahead to our Heavenly Home.  This is a sad and somber day, when one understands the fragility of time.

This year, I will spend time praying for more patience and more wisdom as a Mother.  My children will probably buy me flowers for the front porch.  They will probably buy me my favorite snacks, and some candles.  Their handmade cards will be cherished like always.  But Mother's day is really a day to be grateful for each child, and to feel honored to be their Mother!

Mrs. White

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Laura Lane said...

Such beautiful thoughts. This year my birthday will fall on Mother's Day as did my first Mother's Day as a mom myself.

Blessings to you from our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.


Anonymous said...

some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around going shopping with my mother for Mother's Day gifts for her mother & mother-in-law (my grandmothers). Usually was matching beautiful flower vases, enhanced by flowers from our home garden.
May 12 is my personal 'Mother's Day' as that is the date each of my children came to be adopted into my home! Amazing that 3 years apart two little baby boys were given to me by God through the adoption agency on the exact same date May 12.
I appreciate your sharings - and encouraging words for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your posts Mrs. White. They calm me and just urge me on in my parenting. I loved what Anonymous said. After praying for over 25 years we were able to adopt a baby. I went to the doctor appointments with the birth mother but missed the delivery by 20 minutes...but you could say that my mothers day is October 6. Or even December 30 which was the date the Judge signed the papers making him legally ours!!! Thank you again for your wonderful posts!

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