Monday, July 1, 2013

Homeschooling with Grandbaby

Golden Hours

We sat in the parlour in our old antique chairs.  Baby was in his carriage.  My teenage student was beside me.  Baby had a little toy to keep him occupied.  The children listened while I read, "The Declaration of Independence."  John (15) and I discussed a little about our nation's history and the characters of the signers.

Soon it was time for a Math test.  John sat at the kitchen table and started his test.  Baby and I went into an adjoining room so John could have quiet.  I could still see him through the doorway.

I set up baby's carriage near my chair and pulled out a fun game, "Phonics Firefly."  This light-up game teaches letters, sounds, spelling and the alphabet song.  I went through all the games with him. He heard the letters and sounds over and over again. He was intrigued! 

Later, I read colorful books to baby. I enjoy the stories and love to have a young one to read to again.  . . Baby listened to our family worship time (Bible reading, hymns, etc.).

We walked the gardens at our Vermont Estate and were delighted to see strawberries ready to be picked.  We noticed 2 of the rosebushes are showing white and yellow roses!  Every so often baby hugs me, and pauses to look at me with a smile.

Then I walked baby over to the high flagpole on the front property.  He looked up to see the American Flag waving in the wind. . .  Baby sighs.  . . It is so precious when Baby sighs.

Regular life is mixed in with our homeschooling hours.  There are meals to cook and dishes to wash. I clean bottles and dress the baby.  I rock him to sleep, and soothe his fussiness at naptime.  My favorite part of the day, with baby, is kissing away his tears.

Our house is full of all kinds of books and toys for children of all ages.  While I am finishing up the last years of John's Home Education, I am grateful to have baby here to begin again.  Whether baby grows up and goes to a regular school or not is up to his Mother.  But anytime he is here, just like regular daily life at our Estate, he will always be homeschooled at Grandmother's house.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

you always make it sound so grand and peaceful at your home! I so wish I had your gift of soothing words that evoke such wonderful thoughts!!

Laura Lane said...

Your thoughts toward your grandbaby inspire me.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage