Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mother's Courage

Cottage Hambledon, Surrey

In Wartime, as sons went off to join the army, Mother's heart would break.  She would watch her boys walk down the lane in their uniforms, and she would pray for them. 

During some wars, in some countries, terrible things have happened.  Family members were taken by enemies, or by soldiers.  I have read about wives and mothers weeping as cruel people took away the family.

How do Mothers have enough courage to go on each day?

There are happier leavings. . . . Children grow up and move into their own homes.  Another family is established, another home.  Mother feels content to see her grown children at peace and being blessed.  Yet, she misses that empty spot at the table. She misses those late night talks of all the news as young adults came home from their outings. 

Still, there is an emptiness in the heart and soul when family leaves.  How do these mothers go on?

Somehow she must keep her routine. She must keep praying at the appointed hour of family worship.  She must make the meals, and sweep the floors.  Despite her worries and her sadness, she must continue to keep making a home.

Someday, those precious ones will walk back down the lane to see their old Mother.  There will be a happy reunion.  Someday, that lane may be heaven, or it may be the old homestead, but there will be a time of reunion and all will be well again.

Mothers must have faith and courage that God is in control, no matter how bleak things look, or how many burdens we wallow in.   Mother must continue to have a happy peace in her soul, knowing that faith is stronger than anything we see before us. 

Mother's Courage will soar, as she focuses on her daily routine in the sweet little home, and in her humble efforts at homemaking. 

Her faithful prayers will soothe the lives and hearts of the missing ones. . . For Mother to stay behind at home, keeping it nice, waiting for the return of the family - . . .  this is brave and noble courage. 

Mrs. White

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LuAnn @ BackPorchervations said...

My boys are rapidly approaching the age where they will venture out on their own, so I'm right there with you. My husband's paternal grandparents lived in the home where my family now resides, and I remember when she was still on the Earth, not a day went by that she did not have at lease one or two visits from "her boys".

Ceil said...

Hi There! What a touching meditation on saying 'goodbye'. Those times are never easy, and yet we raise our children to be independent.

So confusing. I know when my kids left for college, I cried, but I was so happy for them too. I pray I'll have the courage I need for the good-byes in my life. And yours too.


Anna Ramos said...

There is need for courage and patience also when those we love are physically in our presence but their heart is absent. It is tempting to pretend all is fine and dandy to shut out the painful reality of their "absence." It is good for me to hope that it is not forever, that God is in control and though thing seem bleak at the time, His story has a happy ending!

Anonymous said...

You will never know how much this post ministered to me. Thankyou so much for those encouraging words :)