Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Foundation of Cleaning

The Old Buenos Aires Neighborhood of San Telmo

Very early in the morning, I cleaned the main rooms in this large old house.  I swept the floor, scrubbed the sink, counters, and stove.  I washed dishes, cleaned canisters, and made the parlour look nice.  This is the heavy sort of cleaning one does as the foundation of other cleaning. It is the deep down work that makes the rest of the day's work easier.

I will often rearrange the interior of the refrigerator to keep some order.  Things should be in their place - the milk goes here; the ketchup goes there.  This makes everything easy to find and not strewn about.  An orderly fridge makes one pleasant.  

The sun is just rising on the front grounds. The windows are open.  I will soon sweep the porch and tidy up the outdoors! (gentle smiles)  Cleaning is pleasant work when it is done with skill, purpose, and a little quiet.  (No one is under foot at this hour.)

Soon the family will waken.  I will hear the baby's morning cry in just a few hours.  He will want his breakfast and lots of attention.  He will want to walk the gardens with grandmother.  The children will make most of the meals, and I will enjoy some leisure in the afternoon.

For right now, I will rest content, with a cup of tea, because I have already accomplished a delightful mission in the home - I have done the day's foundation of cleaning.

Mrs. White

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Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I guess I'd better get up and get busy!
Have a delightful weekend.
Harvest Lane Cottage

Cathy said...

I love the early morning quiet, stepping out to putter on the porch, having a regular place for things in the fridge, and yes, doing those basic things that make it easier to keep the house clean. I'm so glad you are feeling better and can enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

Remeber what Mary Poppins says about tidying up the nursery? "Well begun is half done." I think that goes for getting a good start on the kitchen work as well. It's also very satisfying! :o)


Jennifer said...

Thank you for inspiring me to clean today! I love having a clean house--I just don't always appreciate the process of getting there, lol. Your blog helps me actually look forward to cleaning.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Thank you for the inspiration!

Deanna said...

Summer Blessings to you!
Well put.

Tidying and cleaning beforehand sure goes along ways. I have always liked cleaning when there is no one else around to stop me.

God bless,

Ceil said...

Hi There! I am coming over from Raising Mighty Arrows.

Oh my, you get a lot done in the morning, don't you? But I love the quiet too, it helps me get settled and ready for another day. God is so good.

Nice to meet you today!

Jen @ A Heart For My Home blog said...

Beautiful! Stopping by from the link up at Raising Mighty Arrows. :)

Suanna said...

Thanks for sharing about your morning. I have found that I get more done in the morning. Therefore I try to accomplish what I can before the day really starts going.

Rhonda said...

Hope everything is fine, just checking as you have not posted all week.

becky said...

Hope all is well. haven't heard from you.