Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review Tour - For the Love of Christian Homemaking

I wanted to host a little tour today.  There are a few bloggers who have reviewed my homemaking book.  I'd love for you to visit them, when you have time, and see what they thought about the book.


I will start with Angie.   She is a homeschooling Mother of two sons, and lives with her family on a beautiful Lake out West.  Her homeschooling posts are always inspiring!

 Here is part of her review:

"We had just moved to this tiny town from a larger city full of activity and Going. Always Going. All of a sudden, I felt stuck at home, and quite alone. Mrs. White’s writing was soothing salve to my hurting heart. She talked of loving to take care of her home. Of relishing the quiet hours of the morning for rest and reflection and planning for the day. She would write about common housework like she was preparing for the most precious holiday or for a State Dinner. It was so calming; it brought validation of the importance of my role inside these four walls."

. . . .Read the rest at Petra School.


This Homeschooling Mother of fifteen children has encouraged many people with her blog!  Her books about teaching using the McGuffey readers are well worth a look. 

Here is part of her review:

"Any mother would feel refreshed after just a few paragraphs; Sharon seems to know how to blend the simple with the profound."

. . . Read the rest at Large Family Mothering.

Mrs. June Fuentes

A Wife and Mother of 8 children, she has been blessing women online with her blog for many years. Her lovely blog is inspiring!

Here is part of her review:

"She draws us back to what is simple, peaceful, without all the rush and pressure of this world. Her focus is keenly on making a home for her beloved family and she does it with grace and strength that she draws from the Lord."

. . . Read the rest at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home.


A wife and homeschooling mother in Alaska.  She does a wonderful job with her blog, as she reviews many products that would benefit homeschooling families!

Here is part of her review:

"Having read several of Mrs. White’s writings in the past, I already had an expectation of the lovely conversational style she possesses.  I can just envision her in my mind’s eye with a cup of tea on the table as she spends a bit of time typing on the computer to share her thoughts on the vocation of motherhood."

. . . Read the rest at Day by Day in Our World.

Lady Violet

A Sweet mother of several little ones, Lady Violet is a dedicated homemaker. Her beautiful blog is artistic and encouraging.

Here is part of her review:

"Come and sit awhile in Mrs. White's parlor and be transported back in time. Mrs. White is a full time homemaker who takes her job seriously. Oh and yes, it is a job! If you have ever doubted that, this book will remind you of the importance of your job as a Christian homemaker."

. . . Read the rest at Blessed Homemaking.

If you decide to buy a copy of "For the Love of Christian Homemaking," for yourself or for a gift, I would love it if you would buy through one of their posts (which should contain an affiliate link, and will provide them with a small commission).

I hope you enjoyed this tour! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit!

Mrs. White

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