Thursday, October 24, 2013

War Slogans for a Clean House

WWII: 'save Waste Paper'

I sat some of my teens down this week and asked for help. I needed artwork done. I handed out paper, pencils and crayons.  (That's all we had on hand).  I wrote up a little motivational paper and said I needed it turned into big pages of artwork.

My idea was to motivate the grown children to willingly help more around the house.  What I wrote sounded like a "war slogan" for the homefront.   Here is what my paper said:

"Take Pride in Our Home!

"Do Your Share!"

I thought my teenagers would do something basic and pretty. But they surprised me!

Within 30 minutes, they had created large comic strips, complete with cartoon characters.  One depicted "Dean" who had a full time job, and still came home to clean his house. He urged readers to clean too!

Next, there was "Stanley" who wore glasses and a nice shirt and tie.  He thought very poorly about people who didn't do dishes or sweep the floors. He pointed out at his audience and demanded they get up and work around the house.

I taped the comics around the kitchen and hallways. They were so entertaining.  One of the grown children woke up late and saw them! "What's with all the comics?" He asked with a smile. 

When children are little, it is easy to get a routine of chores established. But as time changes and seasons come and go, we have to constantly adjust our homemaking tasks to meet the needs of a growing family.  When we have teenagers and young adults living at home, it is hard to avoid feel like a nag, wanting them to help more.  Motivation and fun cleaning games are a wonderful way to make a transition into a new routine of chores.

I have a new plan in place, and new chore assignments for each of my children.  We will continue to make war slogans for cleaning, to keep things light and fun here at home.  I love cleaning and housekeeping. I want to pass on that same delight to my children through creative motivation.

Mrs. White

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Mrs. Crane said...

I love it! I had to talk to my daughter about this.. she is great at the big jobs.. will tear right into any big cleaning.. but little things kind of get over looked..I told her I don't want to take away from what she does.. but if she would watch for the small things.. she has been better :)

Noelle the dreamer said...

An excellent post Mrs. White, most inspiring!
P.S. I hadn't noticed the 'check the estate grounds before' and enjoy it very much, particularly the strawberry patch near the river!

Rhonda said...

I like this so much! I am smiling thinking about they came up with.

When my children were home and when I needed specific tasks done, they preferred a written list. They would forget the verbal instructions or look at them as nagging if they had to be repeated. But with a list, they saw what needed done and always took joy when they could cross off a finished task.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Fun reminders!
Blessings to you.
Harvest Lane Cottage

Housewife59 said...

What a good idea, Mrs White.It has inspired me with my own family. Thank you

Lesley x

Suanna said...

That is a fun idea. It sounds like your children enjoyed it, too.

Karen Andreola said...

Now you can let the comics do the reminding - great idea. When my children were small I had them draw some "let's tidy up" pictures but it sounds like your idea to use the picture-reminder with teens has enabled them to come up with a host of humorous and thoughtful details you didn't anticipate.
Karen A.