Thursday, May 29, 2014

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Vermont is beautiful this time of year.  Early this evening, after I made supper for the family, I went out on the back grounds of our Estate.  We have a rushing river which is beautiful and peaceful to see.  There is a waterfall off to the far right.  It feels like a retreat to be able to walk the grounds here and enjoy the fresh air.  Mister has done the mowing and our flowers are growing nicely.  A small garden is in place.  Our grandbabies kept me busy today and I have enjoyed doing my housework.

Soon another grandbaby will arrive.  The great-grandparents, who live with us, are slowly recovering from this year's traumatic health difficulties.  We have been greatly blessed, despite many trials and hardships, here at our humble 1800's Colonial house.  Thank you for allowing me to share my life with all of you.

I have been writing here on this blog for 5 years now.  I started the blog, against my personal will, because a friend unmercifully nagged me to do it.  (gentle smiles)  It has been a tremendous amount of work that turned into a ministry of sorts.  I have enjoyed writing the personal letters and essays, which have been like visits!  I am also very grateful for all of your encouragement and support over the years.

As of the end of this week, I will no longer be blogging. Most likely, this will be a temporary absence.  In the meantime, since I won't be online for quite some time, I will be writing letters of sorts to send out by regular mail.  These will be just something plain and short, from 1 to 4 pages, depending on how much time I have.  They will be similar to the posts I have been writing here on the blog. These will be visits, essays, and encouragement for the old fashioned Christian housewife who seeks a godly home.

The first newsletter will go out sometime in June (2014).  Directions for subscribing are as follows:

Since I don't want to publicly post my private address, I need you to send me an email. Just let me know you are interested in receiving the letters.  I will then give you my address and simply ask for a business sized, self-addressed, stamped envelope.  There is no cost to subscribe. 

Email to:
puritanlight (at) gmail (dot) com

(NoteIf you are reading this after May 31, 2014:  I will be checking emails now and then at the library. Please bear with me if it takes several weeks for me to respond. I greatly appreciate your patience.

** New update - July 2015 - I am back online and blogging again.  I have continued to send out the newsletter each month and always welcome new subscribers. )

I also hope you will continue to read the blog. The archives are here and will remain.  My books will continue to be offered for sale on Amazon, including my newest title, "Living on His Income."

May God bless your homes.   I will see you at the mailbox. . .

love, Mrs. White

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In case I am able to come back:
An Invitation - Subscribe to The Legacy of Home and have it delivered directly to your email. 



Unknown said...

What a wonderful idea! I am already planning to out your letters in a scrapbook to save :) I've printed so many off your site, and of course love your books! God bless you as you go in a new direction!

Debi said...

I will miss your writing so very much, but understand the need to take a break. I stumbled across your blog completely by accident a few years ago and it was exactly what I needed (maybe not so much by accident after all). I have gained strength in my homemaking from your writings, a desire to take care of my home instead of viewing it as just a job I needed to do. For this I, as well as my husband I'm sure, are very thankful to you. I pray you and your family will be well and do hope one day you will be back to blogging again.

Melanie said...

I will greatly miss your posts but I understand your reasons for stepping back. I pray it won't be a permanent break from your lovely and encouraging blog. Now go enjoy those precious grandchildren. What a time full of blessings you will have! God Bless!