Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spring days at The Estate

Window on Stucco Wall Surrounded by Red Roses with Petunia Flower Box

Some of the grandbabies have visited me every day this week. I tell them the birds are singing outdoors. We pause to listen.  Little grandgirl (2) sees a bicycle by the back barn. She always runs to it.  There is a bell on the handlebar and I show her how to use it.  She is delighted.

My humble strawberry garden, by the back river, needs to be cleaned up.  The plants are already very pretty and we expect strawberries in a few weeks. But it is full of leaves from last fall, which must be removed.  I will take one of the children over there to help me with the work.  Then, when it all looks nice, I can take little walks with any number of the grandchildren for "visits" to the garden.

 I need to sweep the front porches. I love to sit out there on sunny days and enjoy the beautiful landscape around me.  It is especially nice when children are running and laughing in the front yard.

Despite the warm days, we always have many chilly ones where we need to use our wood pellet stove. Northern Vermont weather is sometimes hot, but often cool in our rural mountain.

I don't know what our summer will be like this year as there are so many uncertainties with Mister's disability and our financial situation. But we will live as simply and happily as we can. We will continue with our Bible times and our prayers. This is the most joyful thing we do in our lives. Our trust and faith in our Heavenly Father is what will guide us peacefully though the years.

In the meantime we have been blessed with five (now grown) children and seven grandchildren who are the delight of our lives. They keep us busy and smiling. They don't mind our humble ways. We find great fun in wandering our old 1800's home and the 2 acre grounds of our Estate. There is plenty of "free" things to do here just being together. We are so grateful!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. White. This is very similiar to how we live;) We to find our joy at home. Free and memorable. In another season of our lives, before being saved, we ran and ran. Overextended ourselves financially. I am here to say....there is no joy in that life. It leaves adult children chasing after empty, wordly promises. There is peace being at home. Peace in contentment NOT striving to spend money( we don't really have). God bless you.

Laura said...

Good Morning, Mrs. White...and greetings from the coast of Maine!
Thank you so much for your caring words left on my kind of you. My sister lives in Northern Vermont...St. is such beautiful country. Very similar to our little fishing village. We are enjoying a gorgeous sunny spring I am in the garden...and cleaning out the little chick's coop...and praising God for His goodness, mercy and abundant grace.

Have a blessed day!

Elizabethd said...

I agree with you, Mrs White, simple living is so good. Sometimes it needs work but it is always worthwhile. Now that my husband is an invalid our days are spent mainly in our home, or on a good day when he can get into out garden. We spend hours watching the innumerable birds on the feeders outside his window, laughing about their antics and just enjoying God's provision.

Julie C. said...

I was thinking about you recently, when we were celebrating Passover. I am the one who sent you the Passover cookbook last year. I hope you were able to try some of the recipes! I'm sorry I've been out of touch for so long---we moved last summer and I still feel like I haven't gotten my act together. But rest assured, I read every new post and often go back to the archives, too. Best wishes to you all, sending hugs from the Pacific Northwest!

Linda Shields said...

We also have our four grandchildren and our DIL with us for about three months. It is wonderful. They are up to 17 yrs old and all love the Lord. The older ones can drive now and they go to the nearby free parks to play tennis, etc. They are no extra work, as they all pitch in on the house duties and cooking, etc. and they are quite content to spend mosr days at home, studying and playing the piano and such things. I try to only spend one day per week on shopping and errands.

Lisa notes... said...

What a beautiful life you describe. And a beautiful life ahead with this attitude: “Our trust and faith in our Heavenly Father is what will guide us peacefully though the years.” Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I hope this is acceptable to ask here, but the above commenter mentioned celebrating passover. This is something we have been heavily discussing at ourhome. What are your thoughts, Mrs. White on this? I understand if this isnt a good forum for the answer!
God bless

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Dear, What a happy post! You really know how to live my friend!
I agree with all my heart and I know God is glorified when we are happy and content with our homes and lives! Your blog is a little slice of heaven. I appreciate you!
Blessings, Roxy

Laura Lane said...

I just quoted you from this post on a post of my own. I hope you do not mind. If you do, please let me know, and I will remove it.

Lori T said...

Every time I visit, I want to be rude and invite myself over for a visit. It sounds so peaceful. Living a simple life is enjoyable without all the extras to have to clutter up the day. I pray the Lord bless you both and provides everything you need. Thank you for sharing with Thankful Thursdays.

Simply Linda said...

Hopping over here from Laura Lane's true your post rang to me. We live on a very fixed income due to my husbands forced retirement due to a series of strokes. Although, we don't have any grandchildren, I sure can relate to your post. Nice to meet you...smiles

LogansMom122911 said...

Sweet blog post from one of my favorite bloggers. Love and hugs