Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pretending To Garden

Mrs.White's Grandbaby picking a bunch of "flowers" at our Vermont Estate.

It is supposed to rain for the next several days. I keep trying to get outside and do some gardening.  I am only an amateur so I don't do very much.  Late this afternoon, I put on my gardening gloves and went up to the back property by the river. This is where our strawberry garden rests, right beside a nice bench for me to sit and take my breaks.

When I finished a few sections, I started to walk the property. I take my time, stopping to look at many of the trees.  Today, I saw some wild daisies growing by the side fence. I was delighted! 

I also saw tiny little blue flowers, yellow ones, and white ones.  I have no idea what kind they are, but they are probably weeds. (gentle smiles).  They grow, here and there, throughout our two acres.

When I am walking the grounds, in late afternoon, I often see three of my grandbabies standing in the front picture window. They are so excited to see me outside!   Soon their Mother brings them out and we all have a lovely time in the front yard.  The children love picking flowers and weeds, just for fun.  They will pick two tiny flowers and give one to Mother and one to Grandmother.  They laugh and run and enjoy the Estate so much!  It is a delight to sit and watch them in their happiness.

Sometimes, the children wonder what I am doing on my walks.  They see me staring at the different leaves on the many trees, looking for changes, and enjoying the beauty of nature.  As I walk along the property, I hear birds singing and hear the beautiful sound of the rushing river at the edge of our Estate.  This, I suppose, is what is called a "nature walk."

I have no idea what I am doing, or what I am seeing. I will often pull up some random weeds, here and there. Or, I will pull off dead leaves from a plant or tree.  I call this, "pretending to garden." (gentle smiles)

This is how I am learning, by just walking around, observing, and trying to garden. It is a peaceful work. It is a cheerful pastime.   This is also how we learn to keep house, be a good wife, and to mother our dear children.  We just play at it, we pretend, we have fun with it, and this gives us the knowledge and experience, over time, to do it well.

Mrs. White

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Christine said...

Gardening is so therapeutic, too me. Enjoy ;)

Sarah Coller said...

'This is also how we learn to keep house, be a good wife, and to mother our dear children. We just play at it, we pretend, we have fun with it, and this gives us the knowledge and experience, over time, to do it well.'

Oh yes, this is so true!

I'm glad you're enjoying your home and grandbabies. Happy life!

Sharon said...

As always,I enjoyed your visit.I love to garden,walk our property or just sit and watch the birds.This is how I relax.God has blessed us with so much beauty,we ought to honor Him,by appreciating it.Have a blessed day

Sharon said...

Proof, that you never leave home without a camera when you have grandbabies roaming nearby! A precious photo, indeed! Every flower and weed our Lord created has its purpose and being close to the garden is on the top of my list, too!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I agree with Mrs. Coller. Those are lovely and true sentiments. Sometimes we make things so hard, when if we would just relax and enjoy the process, it would be ever so much more joyful.

Be blessed,
Mrs. Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Unknown said...

Oh Mrs. White. How I appreciate your posts!!
God bless..

Sarah Geringer said...

Garden walks are so peaceful. I am a gardener, but I challenge myself to just walk through and enjoy my garden without doing any work. Visiting from #theartofhomemakingmondays linkup.

Suanna said...

How much fun it is to "pretend" to garden. I do a little of that too. I love the picture of your grandbaby picking flowers. My children bring me flowers and I love it. I put them in tiny vases in my kitchen or in a saucer of water and enjoy them through the day and sometimes they even keep blooming for another day.

Deborah Montgomery said...

This reminds me a little of the Jane Austen books and movies, where the heroines wander the estates in their long beautiful dresses, picking flowers. Just lovely!

Lexie @ said...

I would call pulling weeds gardening. :-) That seems to be my job as far as the gardening goes at our house. My husband takes care of the things that we want to grow and I take care of the things that we don't.

I need to get out and enjoy the nature around us more!
Thanks for sharing #homemakinglinky

Jenny said...

Refreshing! Being outside doing a little bit here and there, just looking about. It restores the body and the soul.