Friday, June 22, 2018

Review - Bible Treasures - Genesis to Ruth

The following is a homeschool review of "Bible Treasures: Genesis to Ruth," published by Christian Liberty Press:

This softcover book is 251 pages. It is large in size, around 8 and 1/2 x 11.  It is a workbook for students in Kindergarten.

It is clear that a great deal of effort went into this project.  The copyright date is 2013. I never used this with my five homeschooled children, but was interested to learn more about it.

The introduction explains exactly how the book is to be used.   There are 36 units, including a review at the end.  It starts with Creation and goes all the way to the story of Naomi and Ruth. Each unit has four lessons and a review. A unit is intended to be completed in a week.

Each lesson has a text the teacher reads to the student.  There are questions with space for the children to write a simple answer, while practicing their printing at the same time.  The thought question is very brief and designed for a discussion with the teacher.  There is a Catechism question which correlates with the "First Catechism."   There is also a memory verse.

At the end of each week, the student does the review and an activity.  This may be something to color, a craft, or a project.

There is an answer key at the back of the book.

Overall, it is very well done, but not something I would use with my family.  Personally, I prefer to use Scripture directly to teach my children from the Bible.   As for Bible stories, I like them to be directly from the Bible, with perhaps simple wording such as can be found in the Book, "The World God Made."

 This post is the thirteenth in a series of reviews I am doing using Christian Liberty Press curriculum.  I hope to do 2 reviews each month as I work with my grandson for Kindergarten. To start with the first post, please see the introduction:

"24 Years of Homeschooling with Christian Liberty Press"

* Disclosure - I received this for review purposes.*