Sunday, March 4, 2018

Review - Nathan's Story

The following is a homeschool review of "Nathan's Story," published by Christian Liberty Press:

This is a hardcover story with 47 pages. It was published by Great Light Publications.  The publisher's suggested audience is preschool through 1st grade.    First I have to say that even though this book is beautifully illustrated and well written, I did not like the story. It is about something cruel that happens and I would not read it to my children or grandchildren. It would upset them terribly. It may even scar them emotionally. 

The book includes a preface and a foreword, written specifically for parents.  There are also teaching suggestions in the back of the book, which include Scripture reading and Bible lessons to go with the story.

Overall, this book did not work for me.

  This post is the twelfth in a series of reviews I am doing using Christian Liberty Press curriculum.  I hope to do 2 reviews each month as I work with my grandson for Kindergarten. To start with the first post, please see the introduction:

"24 Years of Homeschooling with Christian Liberty Press"

* Disclosure - I received this for review purposes.*