Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Exercise Room

The Exercise Room in Mrs. White's Vermont home

A few years ago, when Mister White had his disabling accident, the doctor required him to walk for part of his physical therapy.  His blood pressure was high and he was having a great many trials because of his lack of ability to move around much.  But it was impossible for him to walk outdoors with our long winters full of ice and snow.  It was necessary for him to have a treadmill.  He could walk, as he was able each day, on that machine. It has been a great help for his overall health.

In the past few months, I wanted to start walking as well. Our grown sons moved the treadmill into a side room for me.  This room has concrete floors and is difficult to heat in winter. But I hope the wood stove, in an adjoining room, will keep it warm enough through the cold season.

On the other end of this room is a stationary bike.  Someone gave this to one of our sons, years ago.  He cleaned it up and gave it to us.  I had the boys move the bike into our exercise room as well.

There is a fan near a back window for hot summer mornings. We also have a DVD player attached to a television on the side of the room. (We do not have cable.)

In the early morning, before anyone else is awake, I find a sermon on DVD by Charles Stanley. This is what I watch while I do my workout.  In Touch ministry has offered some for free, on occasion, over the last couple of years. I am slowing building up a collection and am very grateful for these wonderful messages.

On a recent morning, I got distracted and thought I would just get on the computer and check emails and such before I started my workout.  By the time I turned on the sermon and started my routine, my mind was so distracted, I had a difficult time getting any benefit out of the pastor's message.  I have made it a rule for myself that I will not do anything else until I have heard the wonderful sermon. I give it my full attention as I do my exercises.  This has brought me a great deal of peace as well as spiritual and physical health.

French curtains in Mrs. White's exercise room

I have such a lovely view in this room.  A set of white lace curtains were given to me, some years ago, by a kind and dear friend.  The package they came in said they were made in France.  I had these put on our glass doors to add a peaceful touch to our workout room.  I can look out onto our front porch, and the front grounds beyond.  Sometimes I hear the morning birds chirping sweetly as they start their day.

Mrs. White

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Mama Said No said...

I love to read about how your life is going, and I am happy to see that you are able to get more exercise now. I also created an exercise room in our home, and I get up at 5 am during the week to exercise before anyone else is up. I play music on my CD player--right now I'm using a compilation album of praise songs. The music and the words help to remind me that I am working on 'reconstructing' my temple.

Debbie Harris said...

You certainly do have a lovely view out that window, and oooh lace curtains, one of my loves. Our country home has lace and I never tire of their beauty.
Your exercises time sounds heavenly! I have enjoyed Charles Stanly for years, and such a wonderful way to get through your time on the treadmill and bike.
It is so true, distractions have a way of creeping in when we put other things before God and His Word.

So nice to visit with you today.
Have a beautiful rest of the day in all its beauty~

Deanna said...

What a lovely view to look at while exercising! Beautiful curtains. Pleasant room for walking and listening.
God has blessed you,

Deborah Montgomery said...

Oh, I need to get back on my treadmill again! Listening to sermons is a great way to spend the time. I find the treadmill so boring. ;)

Amelia said...

What a peaceful photo you shared of your exercise area. I have an exercise little bike (pedals) that I can sit on the couch or chair and do but I would like a treadmill one day soon. We can't always depend on good weather to take walks.

I too avoid the temptation to check emails and such first thing in the morning. I read my Streams in the Desert devotional and then look up scriptures in my Bible that correlate with that lesson often branching out in chain references. I think listening to sermons is so great, we enjoy sermonindex so much.

Thank you for sharing your mornings!


connie said...

wow! What a beautiful and peaceful view! Thank you for this. I like your blog alot and makes my day reading and seeing pretty pictures of your lovely home.Yes, the lace curtains are very lovely... I had some lace curtains and after awhile on the window, they retired to the table as a table cloth topper for special occasions. Isn't everyday day special, though? We Like Charles Stanleys' sermons, as well. May God continue to richly bless you.

Barbara said...

We, too, have a treadmill. I have found that I just can't get myself to use it unless I'm watching something on TV or have a good book to read. Admittedly, I don't walk fast or else I'd be bumping around so much I wouldn't be able to focus on the printed pages! (smile) But, it's putting one foot in front of the other, instead of sitting, right?

Your French curtains soften the room and make the outdoor scene even more beautiful.

You have a lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

I am reading your lovely post while on my treadmill!
I read through your books often during morning devotions after Bible reading, to get strength and encouragement for the day. THANK YOU.