Sunday, December 18, 2022

A Christmas Giveaway and a Snowstorm

Yesterday's winter Scene: A bench by the river at the edge of our property in Vermont.

I would like to offer a giveaway for Christmas.  I will share that in a moment.  But first I wanted to tell you about the snowstorm we had yesterday.  It was so beautiful. Heavy snow fell at a steady rate for much of the day.  My husband offered to take me for a little walk on the grounds so we could get some pictures.  I have been very ill for much of the last two months and didn't have a lot of energy. Yet, the offer was too good to be refused.  

As we were in the back entryway, about to step outdoors, I said to him, "I will need my umbrella."  He always gives me a strange look when I say such things.  "It's snowing," he reminded me, "it's not raining."  I smiled.   I explained that the umbrella would help to protect me, and the camera, from the falling snow.    The umbrella is kept on a beautiful coat rack by the door. He kindly handed it to me. 

I cannot even explain how incredible it was to walk out into a stillness of white, with the distant sound of the rushing river on the back of the property. 

We walked carefully for a little while, pausing to take pictures whenever we could.  Then, as we neared the river, I captured a brief video of the scenery before me.  Unfortunately, I had the wrong camera with me, which I didn't realize until later.  This is only a problem because the video file is not compatible with my old computer. I had wanted to take a few video clips and put them together in order to make a longer video to share. But since this didn't work out, I was only able to use one of the short clips. It is less than a minute in length, and is below:

Our walk was restful, peaceful, and pleasant.  Soon we were happy to go back indoors, hang up our winter things, and sit by the warmth of the fire. I hope you enjoy the brief video.


The Giveaway


I would like to offer my new book, "Gracious House Keeping," in a giveaway.  


One winner will be randomly selected to receive a paperback copy of this book.


 This contest is now closed. The winner has already been contacted. Thank you so much to everyone who shared their Christmas memories and entered! The winner is: "Jenni."


To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling us about a Christmas memory of your mother, grandmother, or some happy Christmas day from years ago.  We would love to hear about Christmases past, when home and family were the joyful center of life.  The days when the older generation were an incredible example of love, in serving and providing, for the family. Perhaps you will tell us about having a wonderful Christmas even when there wasn't much money available.  Or please share with us some plans you have for this Christmas. Whatever you are able to share would be a blessing for us all to read!

One random winner we be selected on Monday, December 26, 2022. (U.S.  Entries only.)   If I am unable to reach the winner within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be selected. Your entry is only valid if you include a way for me to contact you.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Mrs. White

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Crystal Plummer said...

Mrs. White, I so much enjoy your blog! I would love to be entered into this drawing for your new book!

I have so many lovely memories of Christmas pasts. We were not wealthy when I grew up, but I never knew it. My parents worked hard to make sure I had all I needed, often going without themselves. I loved Barbie Dolls when I was a child and one year my mother gave me a shoebox filled with Barbie clothes. It was such an awesome one of a kind gift. I only learned later in life just how special this gift was. My mother stayed up late for many, many, nights lovingly hand-sewing clothing for my beloved Barbies. That year I also got a brand new Barbie...the Crystal Barbie because she was my namesake.

There are many other special memories but knowing the sacrifice of time that my mom made for me will forever be cherished.

Elizabethd said...

What a beautiful video. I havent seen snow like that since I visited my daughter in Northern BC, where the snowfall was so heavy.
I dont know if your offer is open to non USA visitors, but I will share my christmas memory anyway.
The house always seemed to have a special Christmas smell, oranges, sage, the scent of burning logs in the fire, and of course cooking My grandma made everything from scratch and would be busy preparing turkey, stuffing, boiling Christmas puddings etc. We children were busy in the study, making all out own decorations, cutting out paper chains, making hanging ornaments for the tree, painting Christmas cards. It was a wonderful season of creating and family togetherness.

Anonymous said...

One of my best memories was my mom & grandmother making candy together. It was such a treat for us.

Kathy said...

Oh, the ghosts of Christmas past are very pleasant. It’s all the little things. My dad putting out little bowls of candy. Taking a Christmas light drive on Eve and finding Santa came while we were gone. Just the joy of getting the Christmas decorations out since it was the only season we decorated for. Being Catholic we practiced the tradition of St. Nicholas every December 6. He filled stockings with oranges and candy. Looking back my parents got very little from Santa. They did their best so we got toys. It was THE only time of the year we did so. Merry Christmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Christmas was always a most special time in our family. So many memories woven together in my mind and heart. When I was just a toddler, my mother would record us into a tape recorder and send it to my grandparents in Canada so they could hear me learning to talk and grow. One year she and my uncle figured out a way to record a two-way telephone conversation on Christmas Day with them. The conversation is filled with the stories of what we did for Christmas that year, who we visited, the food we ate, and what gifts we received. I even have pictures in my baby album of the little kitchen set my mother describes that year. She tells my grandmother she had to get it for me because I liked “helping” her in the kitchen so much. I cherish this recording and listen to it every year. Hearing the voices of my grandparents, my father, my mother- all now gone is a precious gift.

Many thanks to you for your godly encouragement on your blog.

Deidre said...

Mrs. White,
I realize you desire memories of Christmas' past, however, I am rejoicing for this Christmas as my "nest" will be full! First time in 3 years as my son serves in the military and is able to be home on leave. Our daughter & husband who lived on the West Coast have relocated to the East Coast too. We also received a double portion from the Lord as He gave our other daughter & her husband twin girls in March! I cannot wait to make memories this year. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Anonymous said...

32 years ago when we lived in Southern California-we were able to take a trip back home to Kansas for Christmas-It was so wonderful to have snow on the ground and being around my family and enjoy all the traditions I had as a child. You’re video is so peaceful.Thank you!

Catina said...

Dear Mrs. White,
This was so fun to watch! I am from Southern California but about 40 years ago we moved to Connecticut (I was elementary school age then) and the snow was such a drastic change for my family. We loved digging tunnels and making "igloos", ice skating and having snow ball fights. It was a very different life and we loved it. This video brought fond memories so thank you for sharing.

I think my most grateful memory would have to be the way my mother always seems to make Christmas special for my 7 siblings and I. One year, she did not have wrapping paper so she used the brown paper bags from the grocery store. It was quite genius really! She is in her late 60's now and doesn't earn much money but still seems to find special gifts for all.

Thank you for your blog and books, I have enjoyed them immensely and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! God bless you always!

Anonymous said...

I am subscribed to your blog! Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I remember my grandma making so much food and the holiday seeming so effortless and fun. At least that is the image I remember from my childhood! Jennifer

Kay Schrock said...

Most of my childhood Christmases were spent in sunny south Florida. We spent Christmas with my aunt. She was a phenomenal cook, and always had a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables, pies, and more. All homemade and served on beautiful china. After stuffing ourselves, we would go to her lovely sitting room and she would give us kids small gifts. One year she gave me and my sister a big box of Crayons and some coloring books. I still remember that Christmas as one of the best of my life!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

Merry Christmas and many blessings to you and yours,
I can't tell you how much reading your blog has given me such a sense of peace. As for Christmas, my very best memory was all of them, but especially, buying my Mother the most beautiful string of pearls (the size of marbles) from a children's only shop (no parents allowed). She wore it all Christmas, even to my Father's office party, and came home to tell me how much she was complimented by everybody on how her daughter's git was so beautiful.


Janine said...

When I was first married we went without a tree for several years, and one year I told God that I would really like a tree, even though there would be no gifts to put under it. But I knew it was a want, not a need, and frankly, I did not expect my "prayer wish" to be answered. Yet one day I came home to a tree on our front porch, with a ribbon saying "Merry Christmas, Janine!" Tears sprang to my eyes as I wondered How? Who? Then I thought about my old roommate. I called her and yes, it was her! She said, "I got so excited about Christmas that I went out and bought a tree, and then realized that I wasn't even going to be here for Christmas and would come home to a dead tree, so thought I would bless you, instead!" It made me realize that God can answer our wants that aren't needs, too. I really enjoyed decorating that first tree and it made Christmas much more homey.

Anne Lomeli said...

What I remember most is all the people who were seated at my grandmother's Christmas table. If she heard on the grapevine that someone was going to be alone or having problems they were picked up and brought to Christmas dinner. It was amazing how many people could fit at that table not to mention how much food she made. Some of the best memories and lessons I have is come from sitting at that table.

Anonymous said...

My special memory is when my two sisters and I were driven around the different neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights. My dad would drive and my mom was in the front seat and the three girls were in the back. I’m 68 and still get very nostalgic for that special time. Linda T

Anonymous said...

Christmas growing up was always the best! My grandma, aunts,uncles, cousins, and my own family would gather together. There was always tons of delicious foods and gifts like in other homes. My grandma always read the Christmas story from the Bible. Since we lived far away we didn't get to see each other programs. So each of us kids would get up and perform a song or dance in order to get to open our gifts. But my favorite part of the day was when my grandma would gather the kids aroumd and read us a story. We would get little fun gifts for answering questions about the story afterwards. Grandma made everything fun. She passed away 10 years ago, i will always miss her. She was a godly woman who taught us about the Bible, I can't wait to see her again in heaven.

Dori said...

Sorry I forgot to add my name to my comment. I love your blogs and books. My grandma was a godly woman and you remind me of her alot. She was devoted to her family. As you can tell in my previous comment. She made everything fun but especially holidays.

Anonymous said...

One year when we didn’t have a lot of money, but we had lots of kids, my husband and I built a doll house for our little daughter, who is now 17. We gathered pebbles to make the stone chimney, and used scraps of flooring from his job for each room. We would wait until all the kids were asleep at night and then work on it in the cold garage. She loved it!

Anonymous said...

(Oops, I didn’t include my name on the dollhouse post. I subscribe to you through my email, which is

Mellie said...

Mrs. White, I love your blog! It has blessed me abundantly. The Christmas memory I would like to share is of my grandmother. Before she passed I was one of 16 grandchildren and my grandparents never had much money at all. My grandfather used to ice fish in the winter to help feed them and wait in line at the cheese truck. Anyway, the thing I looked forward to every year was the special gift I would get from my grandmother. She would make gingerbread boys and girls for Christmas. They seemed so large to me when I was a child. Each of my cousins and I received a specially decorated cookie wrapped with red or green cellophane and tied with a beautiful Christmas ribbon. She put our names on our cookies and we all loved them. She never could afford to buy us gifts but I can't think of anything she could have bought that would have been better.
Merry Christmas and I pray your holiday is filled with blessings.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I wish you and your family a happy, peaceful, safe Christmas. Your book looks wonderful, but please do not put me in the drawing. I want someone else to be so blessed.
Sending a holiday hug!
Mrs. Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Conni said...

As a small child growing up in San Francisco, I loved when my grandmother visited from Utah. She was a homemaker who loved to bake, sew, and knit. My mother (of five daughters) was the breadwinner for our family and had not the time/inclination for most ‘homemaking’ tasks. My grandmother taught me to knit when I was seven (a skill I still love and employ!). The Christmas I was five or six my gift was a child-sized stove. It was before the Easy Bake days of safety and my stove actually had HOT burners and a heated oven! It was wonderful and I could indulge my early love of baking! Fast forward to my years of homemaking….God blessed me with a provident husband so that I might be home, schooling our six children, hanging the wash, knitting, grinding wheat and BAKING. I continue to marvel that my early ‘bends’ were able to be nurtured to fruitfulness!

Anonymous said...

I don’t have many Christmas memories of my childhood but I do have one of my daughter’s first Christmas. Or maybe it was more of a sense of complete welcome and love. My boyfriend, now husband, and I just had my daughter on December 22nd and as a tradition we were visiting his father’s side of the family. We walked in and were immediately surrounded by loved ones who I’d never met. All were anxious to meet our daughter and welcome her to the family. It was a love I will never forget.

Cassie D. said...

I don't really have memories so to try to come up with a memory I really can not. But I do have slight recollection of a time when I was younger when my brother and I were debating whether Santa was real or not. And one of my mother's friends had left us each a stuffed reindeer "from Santa" to try to convince us he was real.

Linda said...

Dear Mrs White, I'm so sorry to read that you've been ill for so long. Please know you will be added to my prayer list. I pray the Lord will restore you to full health. The older we get it is hard to 'bounce' back after illness. Please take care this Christmas season and just do as much as you can. x
Regards the giveaway and Christmas memories - I have a terrible memory and I don't even know why. I can only remember little snippets here and there. As a young wife, I think I just took it for granted that year after year my mum would cook the Christmas dinner. Then I remember distinctly one year that mum said she wasn't doing it anymore as it had just got too much for her and she was getting overwhelmed. That really shook me. I missed mum's cooking so much. So I took up the banner and have mostly been doing it ever since (mostly joyfully). I can't really remember much else/no wonderful stories to share. Blessings to you and Merry Christmas ~ Linda

Jenni said...

I always enjoy your posts, as they offer practical and inspirational advice for pursuing what truly matters. I am sorry you have been struggling with your health - it is no small thing to have to face fatigue and illness.

Strangely enough, one of my favorite Christmas memories took place when I was living overseas in a country (Uzbekistan) where Christmas was not widely celebrated. I took a train with a friend across the country to celebrate with a team of European workers on the western side of the country, and we got to tour the city. But the best part was the Christmas celebration, which was filled with European versions of hymns, a candlelight meal of things like German spaetzle and mulled wine, and a small gift exchange. My friend and I who went there still talk about how it was the best Christmas we had ever had. I had even prayed leading up to it that God would direct my plans for Christmas as I was single and not sure what I would do. I was surprised with how graciously He answered that prayer, even though I shouldn't have been.

Jenni said...

Also, I subscribed to your email list! I always come here to check if there's a new post, so this will make it easier. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Glory be to God!! Families reunited is such a blessing ๐Ÿค

Ashley said...

I follow your blog by email.

Ashley said...

Mrs. White, thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. :)
I have loved every single Christmas our family has had together. One Christmas I remember fondly happened a few years ago when us children were much younger. My mom planned a trip for us to Gatlinburg Tennessee. We stayed in a house on the mountain and they had a Christmas tree and fireplace. On Christmas Day my mom prepared a turkey, I believe it was, and while it was cooking, we went for a family drive around the area. We love the mountains and it was just fun being together and driving up hilly roads and seeing lovely houses. We also love giving gifts so we opened some later. It was such fun.

Merry Christmas!

Amelia said...

Awwwww....Mrs. White, Oh such beautiful snow! You sound just like me with my husband! *big smile*

One of my memories is from a couple of my blog posts ago of me and my mom picking out the most beautiful baby doll set ever and bringing it up to the altar at church for the poor...My mom dressed me up in a jumper skirt with straps out of kelly green double knit that she made for me, a white turtleneck and a little Christmas tree pin on my strap. More memories are on my blog (I don't want to blog on your blog) ; )

Another memory I have as a youngish mom in my 30s was the American Girl 18 inch doll craze. We certainly did not have the money to buy an 80 dollar doll for four of my daughters, not even one. My husband is 'George Bailey', a real estate broker back then in an old 40s building of our own in a sleepy little town, he was always helping people and a chaplain at the prison too. One day I was at Dollar General and saw the prettiest, sweetest faced little old fashioned 30s-40s looking - 18 inch dolls ever! If I remember right they were ten dollars a piece. I then made the dolls the sweetest little 3 outfit wardrobe ever out of cottons, a nightgown, robe etc. with a pattern I bought at Walmart for that size doll. That year I had such a gleeful heart in getting those beautiful, sweet, sweet dolls, sweeter than anything you could ever find at a fancy department store and those precious clothes I made in secret for our girls... *tears*

I appreciate you so much Mrs. White, I love your books and can't wait to read this one! I'm still on your last one, I'm a slow poke but I love it and re-read pages over and over again! I've been subbed in every way for a while now, it's always a treat to read your blog. Never underestimate the encouragement your blogs and sweet spirit give to women like me who are seeking fellowship of other sweet women. It's a tough world out there no matter where we live.

Merry Christmas Mrs. White! Love, Amelia

Patricia Anzalone said...

I always enjoy your posts and am a subscriber.
I do not have any fond childhood memories as we did not have a happy childhood home. Therefore, my grown sisters and I always make sure to are together on Christmas sharing meal preparation, exchange gifts, laughing and even crying t times. Looking at family photos. Really lots of laughter! And lots of good food!
As a single mom years ago I made sure my daughters understood the real meaning of Christmas is not gifts, but the birth of our Savior and Lord. All comes from Him.
I am not a blogger so I don't know how to leave any information in case you draw my name. But I do receive your emails.

Be Huck said...

Every Christmas growing up was filled with grandparents . They would arrive with a old fashioned basket full if pie and cranberry sherbet, a large cookie and treat platter , listen intently to what we got for Christmas and we would sing Christmas carols as my mother would play the piano. With my own children, my husband and I have tried to do the traditions and warmth of my childhood to keep the' legacy of home' strong for them and my future grandchildren . I am inspired by your blog every time I read it . Thank you for keeping home as center focus.

Anonymous said...

Christmas as a child—it was the coziest of times. I didn’t know it, but we didn’t have much money and yet somehow, my mom made it work. She saved and bargained all during the year with the money my dad worked so hard for, so that we could unwrap presents every Christmas morning. We also got a new ornament in our stocking, which all now hang on my own tree in my own home. My children love helping me hang them. My mom decorated so beautifully from the things she often bought for 90% off the season before. There was no place I would rather be at Christmas than at home. Christ was the focus—the glory of the season—and the love of my parents were like a warm blanket to warm and protect us children. I’m so thankful for the memories that I’ve carried into marriage and motherhood. I hope my children feel the same about our home one day.

Anonymous said...

I am already a subscriber via email, so here is another comment from me in case this can count as another entry

Jo said...

When I was a child, Mom took such joy in baking a vast array of Christmas cookies and I always got to help! The season was a wonderful time of visiting and being visited by family and friends. Everyone was fed a variety of delicious goodies and there was great warmth and fellowship. These are among my most treasured childhood memories. Things were not rushed and invaded by electronics as they are today.
Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family, Mrs. White!

Tammy Koretoff said...

I loved your video so much! reminded me of Christmas's I spent on my Grandparents dairy farm in Wisconsin. We would all gather to make lefse and rosettes, Norwegen specialties!

Anonymous said...

I loved the snowy video.
I have wonderful memories of visiting family in TN on the farm my mother grew up on. The beautiful barns, rolling hills and tons of family inside their warm farmhouse are such fond memories that I treasure. Everything was a step back in time there, yet so familiar and peaceful to me as a little girl. Ribbon candy and jewel toned candy in little dishes, a porch full of folks dropping by and the scent of biscuits, bacon and coffee in the kitchen…all of these are so nostalgic about that time in my life.I am so grateful to have these memories to draw upon.
Love your blog so much.
Jenny in NC

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered for a chance to win your new book.

As a child we had Christmas gatherings usually with both my dad and mom’s siblings and when they were alive, my grandparents. Both my parents had 8-9 siblings and there were a lot of cousins as a result !
This meant usually travelling on Christmas Day, unless the gathering was held at our house. There was a potluck of sorts and of course the proverbial ‘childrens table๐Ÿ˜€
Christmas Eve was our own little family’s big day. After church service we would open our presents. The most exciting day of the year, because we also got to eat at a restaurant, which was only a yearly event!

Unknown said...

Totally enjoy your blog!!! Sorry to hear of your illness!

Unknown said...

My fondest Christmas memory is the year I received a white bible with a zipper. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve! Thank you for your blog and for entering me in your contest ๐Ÿ˜Š

Kimberly H said...

Dear Mrs. White, I do so look forward to your blog and books! I’d love to be added to the drawing. I’m sorry you have been unwell. Its frustrating when you are off your normal routine, Inst it?:( My husband just returned from Austria for work and brought us both the Covid virus, so merry Christmas to us! Boo hiss! When I was a child, my father was insistent that the Christmas tree not be put up until I had gone to bed on Christmas Eve. As a postman, he was very busy in all kinds of weather until getting off for Christmas Day. I would be put to bed, they would wrestle in the tree which was hidden out back and put it up, then my mother would decorate it. I would wake up with a stocking at the foot of my bed, but couldn’t come out until both mother and father were up. Then, the big reveal! It was a lot of work for them, but it never failed to astound me seeing a fully decorated tree in our living room, all lit up! I kept the stocking at the end of the bed for my daughter, but admit, I get my tree going on December 1. Lol. Merry Christmas to you Mrs White and all who read this blog!

Debbie said...

I think my most memorable Christmas would be the first Christmas my husband and I were married. We were both in college, renting his grandparent's old farmhouse for $100 a month and didn't have much money to spare on gifts or decorations. We managed to put up a Christmas tree, but instead of buying a star or an angel for a topper, my husband made a star out of cardboard, covered it in tinfoil and I glued a small bow in the center. 33 years later, we still put that little cardboard and foil star on our tree as a reminder of where we once were and how good God has been to us, all these years later. I recently wrote about it on my blog.

Thank you for a beautiful video of your snow :)
Have a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

One of my fondest memories at CHRISTmas is when the postman would deliver a rectangular package wrapped in a brown grocery sack, tied with string. My Mother would carefully peek under the brown paper to check if colorful gift wrapping was underneath, it always was thanks to Aunt Ola. It was the first gift under the tree & the only one Dad would allow to be opened on evening of the 24th. His oldest brother, William, did not have any children of his own so he began this tradition of sending our family of 4 girls a large Whitman’s Sampler every year. That one piece of chocolate carefully selected after perusing the map printed inside the lid was the most satisfying start to our family’s holidays. I carry on the tradition to this day.

Sharon R said...

Oh the memories! We had the most beautiful handmade doll house that was made for my older sister by my parents' landlord at the time, in the late '40s. The Christmas tree would sit staunchly in the chimney of the house and what a wonder present I would find when we would receive tiny furniture and accessories to put into the house every year. Those gifts would never be found today - so unique and one of a kind!

Deanna said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I did enjoy the video you have shared. The out of doors looks super cold, but hearing the water rushing by in the back ground sends sounds of nature across the internet to me. There's just something about fresh snow that sets a mood for winter. I am sorry you have been ill. Very sorry. God bless you and comfort you.

Memories of Christmas past have been held near and dear to me through the years, but now as I get older, they mean even more. The wonders of each Christmas. Mom always decorated our small living room with a live Christmas tree placed in front of the picture window and a Nativity Scene placed on top of the television console. Bright Christmas bulbs were laid across the cedar bushes outside that were in front of the house. One year it snow to where the colored lights glowed red, green, orange and blue making the snow the same color in places. I loved this and still remember how pretty the snow looked.

On top of the Christmas tree was a lighted angel. Silver tinsel hung on the tree branches. After Christmas, we'd very carefully take each strand of tinsel and place it back in the box for next year.

Inside, we placed red stockings on the back of the sofa for Santa to fill with an orange and some candy. On Christmas Eve, we'd open our gifts from family and friends. Before going to bed that night, we'd leave out a glass of milk and cookies for Santa as a thank you for visiting us. Going to sleep that night was always an exciting time because we knew morning was coming with Santa leaving us Christmas gifts. My oldest brother was always the first one up before the sun came up. He'd wake us up and the excitement continued.

One year, Mom hung two strands of silver garland criss crossing across the ceiling where a large, shiny, silver snowflake dangled from the center of the room. I thought it was one of the prettiest things ever.

Kate said...

I live in California, so there is never snow at Christmastime where I live, but one year I went to Illinois for Christmas with my boyfriend. We stayed at his grandparents’ house and on Christmas Eve we walked to church for the midnight service. Snow was falling, and as we approached the church, the bells were ringing! The old-fashioned church was lit with candles, and decorated for Christmas. It is one of my most beautiful Christmas memories!

terricheney said...

What a lovely giveaway! Thank you so much for the offering of a chance to win but also for asking others to share their memories.

This week I've thought a lot about my granny's Christmas traditions. She baked cakes: Japanese Fruit Cake (which isn't really a fruit cake but has lemon, coconut and pineapple frosting and raisins and nuts in a spice cake base), Red Velvet Cake, a fresh coconut cake which she bought fresh coconuts and cracked and peeled and grated coconut for, and her famous pound cake. She had a stand mixer, but every cake was mixed by hand! She used a milk glass bowl and a wooden spoon to mix her cakes.

Every year when we were children, she put out a variety of candies in pretty candy dishes. She had Millefleur and jelly filled hard candies, cinnamon, butterscotch and peppermint candies, Toffees and caramels and coconut bonbons and chocolate covered bridge mix and chocolate stars and soft peppermint sticks. It was all set out on the coffee table where we children could help ourselves. Oh and I can't forget the ribbon candies.

She also cut her own tree every year from the farm that she lived on until she was in her late 80's. Then she'd drag it home and decorate it with bubble lights and tinsel and those hot bulb type lights.

She always had a Creche and nativity on her mantle but at the other end she had three wise men who were making their way to the baby at the other end.

She was never wealthy. In fact, she always had a very small income, but she made Christmas such a joy with her lavish candy, citrus fruits, cakes and holiday meal. She might well live very modestly and frugally all the rest of the year, but she truly believed in creating a memorable Christmas for her seven grandchildren!

Mrs. White said...

I want to thank everyone so much who entered this giveaway. I loved all the encouraging comments.

Your memories of Christmas are so precious and inspiring to read! I know we all enjoyed them very much!

The contest is now closed. The winner has been contacted. The post has been updated to include her name.

God bless and thank you again for all these wonderful comments!