Friday, April 23, 2010

Encouraging you to be an Old Fashioned Housewife.

In this modern society, it is easy to forget our roots. We forget what a joy and blessing it is to be an old fashioned housewife. Women in the 1940's were dedicated to motherhood, homemaking, family and godliness. I would like to share a few historic photos with you. I found them through the Library of Congress.

Here are dedicated homemakers, in 1940, at a country fair. You can see them standing at a table, serving home-baked goods.

In the 40's, families believed in taking the time to pray and thank God for their food and blessings. In this photo, you will see men, women and children gathered to pray - in public, with great respect for God.

May I ask what has happened to our culture today?  May I venture to say that if more women had a deep love for home and homemaking, the family-unit and godliness would be more prevalent?

Here you will see a housewife putting up food, she canned, into her homemade pantry. This is in 1942.

A humble home, with humbly furnished rooms seems to be outdated. However, there was less debt, less consumption and more creating. The family worked extremely hard, but they had simpler lives. They had less distractions. More families attended church than they do now. More families stayed together as a strong unit and divorce was rare. If we could only strive to live a more simple, godly life, we would be greatly blessed.

I want you to love home. I want you to love the old paths and the old ways. I want you to keep it alive and pass this legacy on to your children and grandchildren.  There is a wonderful way to learn and be encouraged and that is through a precious magazine - The Good Old Days. (They offer a free sample issue for new readers.) They also publish a series of books full of remembrances of home life in the old days.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Dea Mrs. White,
May you have a great week-end!

Enjoyed your post today. There's something so precious about this time era. I admit I admire this time.

The pics you've posted are great reminders with insight of how things have been done. The dedication of many speaks volumes.

I still admire women that behave as they did in the 40s. There's much to admire!

God bless,

Dawn said...

Wonderful post! Couldn't agree more.

It's sad in our day and age when homemakers are made to feel ashamed to say what they are. As if keeping the home, making healthy meals, clean, laundry, ironing, sweeping, mopping, taking care of the children (if they have any) is any less of a job.

Be proud and hold your heads up high my fellow keepers at home! :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love my home! I love my family. I never wanted to be anything else when I grew up, other than a wife and mother. It is my passion to be a godly wife and mother. Being there for my kids, homeschooling them, nurturing them and teaching them the way they should go is a blessing to me!

I liked this post very much!

Lorie said...

Dear Mrs. White,

This post is lovely. I often find great encouragement on your blog.
Thank you for honestly sharing your life with us.

Rosemi said...

I signed up Mrs. White. Thanks and God bless you!

Helen said...

Thanks for this Wwonderful post, you encouraged me to love my family and enjoy my home even more.
Have a blessed day,

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