Thursday, June 13, 2024

Leaving the Sanctuary of Home

Outdoor swing at Mrs. White's House.

If one is to be the light of the world, there must be a sense of joy and peace coming from the heart and mind.  We have the ability to create a haven in our homes. This is where we feel safe and at rest. Home is where one finds compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. It is the place where we serve one another in love.  But what happens when we leave this sanctuary?

We need to put on the whole armour of God. I did not fully understand this until recently. It took on a whole new meaning for me this past week.  Sometimes we will sense a strange mood come over us while we are in stores. We may have to interact with employees or salesmen who want a commission with no regard for the needs of the customer.  We may notice their professionalism but not understand our lack of peace. While walking through a store we may even feel a sudden feeling of depression come over us for no apparent reason.  It makes one want to conduct business as quickly as possible and get out of there. 

 We must stay alert.  But more than this, we have to build up our spiritual strength before we leave home.  Putting on the armour of God (from Ephesians 6) is a way to keep our light bright and our joy strong.  We are strangers and pilgrims upon this earth.  We are to be set-apart.  I recently noticed a family of Mennonites in the supermarket.  There was a mother and father and their young children. They looked peaceful and happy as they went about their shopping.  The difference in their mannerism and modest way of dressing was in stark contrast to other shoppers. It was like seeing a way of life from the old days as it clashed with the modern world.  I also see elderly grandmothers who are cheerful and smiling as they fill up their carts.  They are patient and kind. They are from a time, generations ago, when people were genuinely caring and considerate of others. When we encounter such people, as we go through life, it is as if we are seeing lights of goodness, brightening other lights around them. 

To put on the armour of God means we have to meditate on Scripture, stay in the habit of regular prayer, sing hymns, and lean on the Lord with great trust and faith. This will brighten our lights and help us as we go about our mission work for the home. 

When we are away, on necessary trips, it is important to keep one's guard up.  We must not be easily deceived.  We are journeying on a path towards our eternal rest. The road is hard and the travel is exhausting. Years ago, I read about how Corrie ten Boom traveled as she shared her testimony and faith.  In one location, she felt overwhelmed with a darkness and depression she could not shake.  She later realized it was the culture around her and the lack of godliness in the people.  These days, I believe we can easily forget that we are dealing with such things that can bring on sudden feelings of depression into our minds.  The way to counteract this is to seek the Lord and to stay alert.  We have the promises of God and so much for which to be grateful.  We are the children of the precious Lord! We have a heritage! We have a source of peace, protection, and rest.

For the past several weeks, I have been going on many medical trips with one of my sons. After one of these trips, my husband asked me how I was doing. He knows how tired I am. Then he asked, "How are you doing spiritually?"  I was so grateful and comforted by his words. Then he recited a Psalm and prayed with me.

Each day, whenever I am away, I read from my little travel Bible. I have a passage marked which greatly comforts me when I am not at home. It is from John 14:27, and says, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

We must not get discouraged on this road of life.  Keep home a little sanctuary for the family. Make it a place they will always want to come home to.  This is where we can build up our spiritual strength as we go about our days serving the Lord with joy.


Mrs. White

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Friday, June 7, 2024

Simplifying Home Life

Lilacs from the garden at Mrs. White's house.

 I have had to simplify things around here lately.  There is not enough time or energy to do my usual routine.   Yet, there will always be some basic work that must be done.

This past week I needed to bake bread and a batch of homemade cookies.  It is better for me to have homemade food as much as possible than the expensive store-bought version. It is also healthier.  The effort of baking and cooking is very tiring, but I am always relieved and grateful when the work is done.

I have been too tired to walk the grounds of our property.  Sometimes, during a break from housekeeping, I will sit by the window and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.  Our windows are all open and we can hear the singing of the birds. There is often a bit of wind and all the fresh air blows in. It is wonderful.

I have stopped some of my usual housework. I am not organizing or de-cluttering. These will have to wait.  I have to stick to the very basics of homemaking to conserve energy and time.  Dishes have to be washed. Floors need to be swept. The laundry must be done. The meals must be made. The bills must be paid.  But I cannot do much more. 

I am focusing on living a simple, quiet life this summer.  I need all my energy for the needs of the family.  The heavier work of homemaking will have to wait until things get better around here.  Yet, no matter how weary I get or how much work I am faced with, I will remember to do it all at a slow and steady pace. I will lean on the Lord and do only what I am capable of each day.  

We are back from one of our medical trips. We are so incredibly grateful for your support and prayers!  Our patient is recovering from surgery and resting comfortably.  We missed being at home. Another trip is scheduled for a few days from now.  We expect things will start getting better in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, whenever I am home, I will do the little jobs of bringing sunshine and cheer to those of my household. I will make things look as neat and pretty as I can. Then I will rest as much as possible and enjoy the beauty of the season.  If I am at peace and my heart is rested, that feeling of calmness will spread to the family. We must not worry or fret. We know the Lord is watching over us. He will take care of His children. 


Mrs. White

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Friday, May 31, 2024

Taking Care of the Family

A farm near Mrs. White's home in Vermont.

I had my plans all ready for the week.  There was to be a spring concert at school featuring four of my grandchildren.  I have not missed a single one of their events since the oldest started kindergarten. It is such a joy to see them and be there for them. The night before the event, a special medical appointment came through for my son.  I quickly phoned my daughter to let her know that I would not be able to attend the concert. She understood.  The children would understand. Normally I would have been disappointed but because of the circumstances, it was a blessing to have the patient get his appointment. The doctor later told us she was fitting in "critical patients" on this day.  We were grateful to be one of them. 

As we were driving along the interstate to get to the hospital, a rock hit my windshield and cracked it.  I knew it needed to be replaced as soon as possible.  We were safe to continue driving for the time being. I did not want to worry about the cost of repairs (our insurance is minimal). I knew that the Lord would always provide for our needs. He enables us to do His work and provides the way.  Then I remembered something Dr. Charles Stanley said in one of his sermons. He was describing how to respond when we face an unexpected situation. He would pray, with great respect, "What are you up to, Lord?"  I started to wonder if the Lord had this happen because someone at the glass repair shop needed someone to come in to encourage them. I thought how important it is to walk so close to the Lord that His love, comfort, goodness, and peace would shine through to those around us.  If I thought about it in this way, getting the windshield fixed would be just another work the Lord needed me to do. 

We received news that surgery * needed to be scheduled for next week.  We will head back to the hospital for this and make sure our patient gets wonderful care and rest. I will need to make a list of special food for the recovering patient. I hope I can find a few things to cheer him along as he goes through these hard days with his ongoing medical condition.  One of the things we definitely decided was to get paper plates to make things easier in the kitchen for a little while! 

I will do as much housework as I can, each day. I am behind on bread baking and hope I can get that started in just a few minutes.  I will be here for the children and grandchildren. I will make sure my husband is comfortable and rested as we both tend to the duties of home and family life.  And, when those unexpected moments come, which take us away from our ordinary routines, I will remember to pray for peace and strength and joy as I do the precious work of taking care of the family.


Mrs. White

* Notice: For those who are interested in helping us with the expense of our ongoing medical trips, a page has been set up with all the details.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Secretary of the House

An Inspiring Notepad on the end table.

A message was brought to me that required immediate attention.  A sudden medical appointment had been made.  The notice came after business hours and I needed to call the office the next day.  But I had already been obligated to attend to a family matter that would take the entire day.  My driving directions were all securely in place and plans had been made.  I realized I needed to write down the medical notes, put them in my purse to take with me, and, along with a pocket calendar, I needed to call the doctor sometime during a spare minute while away from home.

I searched for just the right notebook. It needed to be big enough for my notes, but small enough to fit in my purse. I opened my desk drawer and saw the perfect notepad. (See photograph above.)  It was a recent gift from a reader.  The painting on the front, along with the words, would comfort me and give me a sense of calm and beauty as I used it on the following day for my notes.  I was so thankful.

In the midst of family needs, appointments, events, errands, phone calls, filing papers, managing the bills, and all the things that go into a mother's day, I felt like I was the secretary of the house. What a responsibility and what an honor!  

How very grateful I am for little comforts that appear just when I need them the most.  And while I often feel overwhelmed with all the many things that I face in a day, I feel the most peace when I look up, stop to pray, and just reflect on the wonderful path the Lord leads me on.  I am thankful for the work He gives me. Yet, most of all, I am thankful that I learned many years ago, to simply trust the Lord and lean on His strength. I could never do it alone. 


Mrs. White

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Remembering the Message of Homemaking

LOC: Family having dinner in 1930.

There are so many messages coming into our lives from the culture around us.  The strongest messages are coming through advertising.  These affect how we think and even how we live.  It is difficult to realize that these messages are paid for by advertisers who want us to buy something.  We see it on billboards, from supermarket displays, and through television and commercials.  Sometimes we may even forget that people on television and in movies are paid to speak their words and act a certain way. 

We spend so much time trying to filter these messages and keep our bearings, we have to protect our thoughts lest we slip away from our standards and values. 

Are you currently seeing messages encouraging an old fashioned home-life?  Are women advised to keep house and raise a family?  Are we cheered on in Bible reading, prayer, and church attendance?  These types of messages were more common generations ago. 

We tend to think and act based on what we are absorbing and meditating on.  Our thoughts and habits are influenced by what we see and hear around us. We need to be on guard. 

For those who seek the old paths and the old way of living, there is a great work to be done in limiting what may harm our minds.  In order to live out a beautiful life of homemaking, one must find a way to remain steady and confident in one's way of life. 

I will say that I have not listened to the radio in many years.  Instead, I listen to tapes of hymns and old fashioned gospel.  At this moment I am listening to an old record on a record player. It is by the Isom Lee family.  (Mr. Lee was a preacher and sang hymns with his family.)

I used to listen to a sermon every day.  I have fallen away from this habit and now listen only a couple of times a week. I am feeling a sense of loss and realized I need to listen every day. I am feeling bombarded by the world and troubles and by worries in my own life.  I need the steadying message from the old time preachers to help calm and encourage me in old fashioned, godly living.    

I spend much of the day in domestic labor, at a peaceful rate, with many breaks. This keeps me feeling rested and blessed as I go about my work at home.  As I sweep, bake, and make things look lovely, my heart is full of joy and thankfulness for such a beautiful way of life as a wife, mother, and homemaker.

I have post-its on my desk to remind me of certain bills to pay, or calls to make, so I don't forget important tasks of the day.  But what is more important to me is the messages I dearly need from highlighted Bible verses that I frequently read to keep me comforted and on a good path. We need a steady and constant stream of godliness, rich from Scripture, like little seeds of goodness to nourish our souls. 

When Mother is at home, making dinner, setting a pretty table, and keeping the home a restful place of comfort and love, she is shining forth an incredible message, which is inviting to the lost and the weary.  It is a joy and a duty to be a dedicated homemaker. 


Mrs. White

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