Thursday, May 18, 2023

Settling in to Homemaking

Park Bench at Mrs. White's House in Vermont.

There is a way of quiet, peaceful living when one slows down and stays at home.  There is plenty to do in regards to the care of the grounds, gardens, flowers, and porches. The outdoor work is a lovely time of enjoying nature and seeing the beauty all around as the care and keeping of home is happening.

Back inside the house, I tend to pace myself as I clean, organize, and work in the kitchen. There is so much to do each day that it keeps things interesting and pleasant to have a variety of necessary work involving my favorite place on earth - our home.

I have not had the energy to make homemade meals and baked goods. We have been away at the hospital a couple of times for medical care. Things are better now. I need to get back into a quiet routine of homemaking.

There are always things that take up our time and energy. These include phone calls, handling appointments, processing bills and paperwork, and managing the finances. These tire the mind and cause us to need more rest.  There are also the needs of extended family with requests of assistance, visits, and providing welcoming hospitality.  These are all acts of kindness which are a blessing in life. Yet they wear us out if we do not have moments of rest and a focus on calmness. 

When someone is a patient under medical care, visitors are often advised not to tire the patient.  There are visiting hours so proper rest can happen.  Guests are told not to talk about stressful things and to avoid startling noise. This same advice is good  for everyone. We all need peace and rest each day.  Can we provide this same atmosphere at home?

Old fashioned homemaking requires a caretaker for home life. Someone oversees the needs of the entire household.  This person can be a skilled, loving worker, or it may be an overbearing, impatient boss. If we want a pleasant home, we must learn to have the heart of a servant who has the wisdom to properly manage a routine of rest and work.

As I am settling into being home again, I want to plan out my days to accomplish work and also enjoy times of rest. I will make homemade soup this morning. Tomorrow I hope to bake bread. This will provide us with nourishing food for the weekend.  

There are little tasks that must be done each day. I find joy in washing the dishes as I think about beautiful old hymns and the promises of Scripture. I have a sense of contentment as I hear the chirping of birds from the window.  We can find rest in the midst of our work if we focus on that which is lovely. The work gets done with a cheerful heart. 

 The beauty of home is created in the way we keep house. It is done through gentle moments of chores.  We do not let things pile up and overwhelm us.  We do little jobs throughout the day to maintain a pleasant home. We take many rests and tea breaks. We enjoy our efforts; we do not dread them.

It is possible to cultivate a pleasant environment by the good deeds we do each day with a sense of grace and compassion.  Our manners and attitude must shine through with pleasantries, revealing a sweet and gentle spirit. This happens naturally when we walk with the Lord, drawing from Him the strength and peace we all need.

Slow paced living, with a servant's heart, is a blessed way to live. We do it for the Lord.  Here, in this type of home, we will find rest for our souls.


Mrs. White

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Wife - Our New Book

"The Wife" paperback book.

  ~The Legacy of Home Press presents our newest book: "The Wife"~


 "The Wife"was written in the 1800's by Washington Irving. It is a short story which presents a charming message of old fashioned domestic tranquility. 

It describes how one couple had a happy marriage regardless of the loss of the husband's wealth and business. The sudden change in circumstances is difficult for the husband to endure. Yet the description of how his wife continues to make a happy home even in her new-found poverty is inspiring.

 The message of this brief story shines through to inspire readers to contentment in one's financial circumstances. This will bring a blessing of peace on the home.

"The Wife" - Interior look: Beautiful paintings are on the left side of each page.

 Special features of the current edition, published by The Legacy of Home press, include:

1.) Beautiful paintings (in black and white) of rural scenery from the 1800's have been added to the book. 

2.) The text is a standard 12 point font.

3.) A few words in the original story have completely changed in their definition compared to today. These words have been replaced to reflect the author's original meaning.

4.) Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.

5.) Mrs. Sharon White, from "The Legacy of Home Press," wrote a foreword to the book.

6.) The cover photograph is one I took while visiting the historic Lincoln mansion, here in Vermont, a few years ago.


~ I have read this story several times in digital format, but wanted a paperback copy to keep on my library shelf. This edition, with the beautiful rural paintings as illustrations, will make a great gift. ~


 This book has just been published and is available in paperback.

"The Wife: The Legacy of Home Press Classic Edition."


ISBN: 978-1956616163

Paperback, 42 pages. 

If you are able to get a copy of this book and like it, it would be a great help to me if you will write a review on Amazon. Thank you!

 I hope you enjoy the story!


Mrs. White

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Friday, May 5, 2023

Peaceful Living by Rules

Library of Congress: Drawing Room Charles Edmonston House, South Carolina.

It is wonderful to have a happy home. It is a blessing to be peaceful and content. We may be facing trials and problems each day, but our focus on goodness and faith can keep us calm. 

I would like to share some suggestions that may help keep your days peaceful and give you some rest. It is a gracious way of living with gentle manners and a rule book for life. 

The most important part of our life is to follow the precious commandments in Scripture. That, of course, is the first step. But there are also other rules that will help us. These are practical and important.  Here are some ideas:

1. Quiet Evenings are important to get a good night sleep. A rule might be that you do not accept phone calls after a certain time (unless it is from close family members.)  Very often, these calls are messages of world news, worries, troubles, accusations and arguments, and even idle gossip that will trouble your mind. It is hard to fall asleep after such conversations. 

2. When approached by others for a favor or a request for assistance, never answer right away.  This is an essential rule. Our natural instinct is to be nice and make everyone happy. This often results in a quick "yes" when we didn't even have time to think about what we were agreeing to.  Often this ends up causing turmoil and difficulty within our own family because we overextend ourselves or don't realize what we are getting into.  Instead of saying, "yes," try these responses: "I will give that some thought."  "I will need to get back to you on that." Or, "I am not sure."  In this way you have more time to pray, consider, consult your family, etc.  Many times your final response might have to be "no."  

Take time to make careful decisions. This rule is a helpful guideline.

3. It is very possible that mothers can be "smooth" talked by teenagers.  Try to avoid this.  For example, a teenager might say, "Mom, can I go to Betsy's party?" She tells you how wonderful it is going to be.   You love your daughter and she looks so sweet and kind so your reflex is to say "yes" right away. You want her to be happy. You want to be nice. But it is more important to hold off on a decision. Take time to investigate further.  It is very possible that "Betsy's" party was really at a campground without proper supervision.   

In my childhood home, I would ask my father for permission to go out or do some fun thing. He always took days to give me an answer.  I learned to have a great deal of patience from this. I also realized, years later, that he needed time to pray and think and consider before he gave me an answer.  A good rule is to wait.  Be slow to speak. Take time to pray.

4. Budgets are very important. If we have a financial plan, we will not be distracted by every little sales gimmick.  Our rules for money are on paper and we follow them carefully. This brings peace.  I also want to mention that one should avoid loaning money to others in certain circumstances. For example, if you take cash you intended for basic necessities and the person is not able to pay you back, you will suffer in want and possibly become bitter.  A better way is to try to set aside a little money on a regular basis so you can give to others when a need arises. In this way you will be able to help and feel blessed without looking for something in return.

5. A regular schedule for the day helps tremendously.  When we have meals at a certain time each day, or do the same chores each day, we form important habits that become a routine.  This routine is like following little rules of cleanliness and good health.

6. There are certain social customs we should know.  It is always best when we use certain phrases such as "please" and "thank you."  Good manners include making others feel welcomed. Our acts of kindness and being polite in all of our conversations will bring happiness to those around us. Good manners are most important in everyday language, especially at home. 

7. Maintain a calm demeanor, regardless of the circumstances. A gracious lady does her best to avoid a range of outward emotions such as giving in to anger or extreme sorrow.  I will tell you where she gets her strength. It is from a close walk with the dear Lord. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee." (Isaiah 26:3)  

8. Learn the beautiful promises in Scripture and form a habit of reading them each day. As you slowly take in the messages, it will bring rest to your heart and strength to your spirit. 

If we do our very best to live a life based on rules rather than circumstances we will do well. Much of what goes on around us is out of our control.  If we can avoid reacting based on emotions or moods, we can help set a gentle atmosphere in the home. 

Family life can be full of peace and genuine rest. Setting up rules for our days will help bring us comfort and guidance. These are like boundaries intended to keep us safe with a feeling of security and assurance. It is a gracious way to live.


Mrs. White


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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Back Home from our Trip

A Country Road near Mrs. White's home in Vermont.

I went on a little journey. We do not often take trips. When we do they are mostly for emergencies or medical reasons. This trip came upon us suddenly as medical care was needed for one of the family. We had to go to a hospital in the next state.  There is a wonderful doctor there who provides excellent care. Since we have not needed to go anywhere for a year now, it was a bit of a shock and I was not entirely prepared. But the Lord brought many blessings and comforts and we had a peaceful journey.

During this trip I was able to visit a few of the local stores to see if I could find little gifts for my grandchildren. Since we live in a rural area in Vermont we do have have many stores in our community.  It is amazing to be able to go to some of the big department stores and some of the little chain retail shops that are so common everywhere else.  

Since my trips are so rare, I try to do my yearly shopping at these times.  I search the clearance racks for toys and books and such.  Then I bring them home and wrap them up, saving them for birthdays and Christmas. I use plain white address labels to write who the gift is for and whether it is for Christmas or a birthday. Then these are carefully placed in a box or bag in the closet where they await the appointed time. This saves me a great deal of money, time, and stress when all the presents are bought well in advance. If I wait until the last minute I would end up buying something I didn't really like or that cost too much money. This yearly shopping method is much better for me and costs very little. I am able to find lovely, inexpensive treasures that will bring a smile. It also brings me great relief and rest throughout the remainder of the year.

Before we left home to go on this journey we packed most of our food. This makes it easy for us on the drive and at the hotel, where we needed to stay overnight since the hospital is so far away from us.  But we did enjoy a little bit of take-out food. I was even delighted to enjoy a piece of lemon meringue pie from the cafeteria of the hospital. The cafeteria is a beautiful place. There are large windows everywhere with a peaceful view of nature.

Once we finished with the medical care we were informed that another trip would be necessary. We will have to go back again in two weeks!  Tests were required before further treatment could be planned.  On this trip we will have to be more frugal and skip any shopping adventures. It will be a quiet trip with just the hospital care and a stay at the hotel. But we will enjoy the scenery and think of it as an adventure. We do not worry too much about the medical aspect of it. Instead, we try to enjoy each day as a gift from the dear Lord. 

Thank you for your kindness and encouragement.  I am also grateful for your prayers.


Mrs. White

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Remembering Dr Charles Stanley

A Dr. Charles Stanley Sermon on Mrs. White's DVD player (set up on a hotel bed).

It has just come to my attention that Dr. Charles Stanley, of In Touch Ministry, has gone home to be with the Lord.  He was 90 years old.  It happened early this morning. I am deeply saddened.  There is a feeling of loss of a much appreciated elder who spent his life dedicated to teaching us the precious Word of God.

Yet I knew this would happen someday.  I am incredibly grateful for his example, his ministry, his preaching and teaching, and his dedication to encourage us all in a closer walk with the Lord.

I will share a few quick highlights of what a blessing he has been in my life:

1. When I was a teenager, my father had me watch Dr. Stanley's sermons on television on Sunday nights.  We watched this together and were very encouraged by his messages.

2. I have read some of his books, bought several of his sermons on CD and DVD, over many years, and have been greatly helped and uplifted by his work.

3. After my husband had a disabling accident in 2015 and was no longer able to work, we started doing a daily Bible time together.  Later, we added a weekly church time here at home. Each Sunday afternoon we watch a sermon on Television by Dr. Stanley. We have been doing this for years and have not missed a single week.

 This has helped provide much spiritual growth and godly wisdom in both of our lives. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this weekly spiritual nourishment which has helped our lives so much!


Photograph: Scene of a farm in Vermont near Mrs. White's Home.


4. For the past couple of years, as I have had to travel to a hospital, in the next state, for one of the family who needs medical care, I have brought along a portable DVD player.  We have had to stay overnight at hotels in order to be close to the hospital.  Since I don't watch regular television (or the commercials) we use a portable DVD player instead.  I always bring along a Sermon on DVD of Dr. Stanley. In the photograph, at the top of this post, you will see the sermon titled, "Distracted from Godly Meditation," which was one of the messages I watched on one of our trips.  

We are getting ready to take another one of these medical trips and will stay at a hotel. As is my usual custom, I will bring a Dr. Stanley sermon along with me to watch. 

Part of Mrs. White's collection of sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley.

There is much more I could say, but most of all I am so thankful for the teaching of old fashioned Biblical living that helps us along the difficult path of life. 

 May we continue to seek the Lord for every aspect of our lives. May we be willing servants in the work.  And then, when we go home for good, may we hear the blessed words, which I have no doubt were heard by Dr. Charles Stanley, ". . .Well done, thou good and faithful servant . . . enter thou into the joy of thy Lord." (Matthew25:21)


Photograph: A view of the sky in Vermont near Mrs. White's Home.



Mrs. White


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