Monday, March 23, 2020

Ideas for Doing School at Home During the Crisis

School Supplies on Mrs. White's Parlour Table.

During this difficult time, with the virus pandemic, many children are doing their school work at home.  We all need some encouragement to get through this.

To help, in some way, I did a video on this topic.   I share some ideas of fun, educational activities to keep children busy and happy.  These are things I have done with my own five children during our 26 years of homeschooling.

 I posted the video on my YouTube channel. You can find the link below:

Video - "Homemaking and School at Home Ideas (Simple and Easy) - (Homeschooling)"

{*Edited to update:  The videos I do are homemade. They are not professional quality. Thank you for understanding my limitations.}

I hope everyone is okay and staying well!

Mrs. White

From the Archives -

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Friday, March 20, 2020

Help For Staying Home During the Crisis

Library of Congress:  Wartime Conservation through Home Sewing in 1943.

I am amazed at how much has changed over the last several weeks. We are seeing, what experts are calling, a worldwide pandemic.  A few days ago, our local schools closed. Our restaurants no longer allow indoor dining. Some have closed completely, here in Vermont. I have been following the news reports, trying to understand as much as possible from the experts, and watching what is going on throughout the world.

I have been on the phone for several hours each day with immediate and extended family members.  Some of my relatives in Massachusetts gave me local updates of what they were seeing in their towns.  There were empty store shelves and panic.  This had not yet hit our area, but now I am beginning to see it here as well.  It looks like what is happening in surrounding states, is slowly making its way to mine.

We are told to stay home for at least 15 days, in hopes of stopping the spread of a virus. Government authority, in our states and country, have made announcements of what they need us to do.  We are doing our best to follow all guidelines.

I have been confined to my home before on many occasions due to health difficulties and also from bitter winter months here in northern Vermont.  I am used to trying to make sure we have extra things, on hand, like Coffee for Mister and Tea for me.  We enjoy having those daily luxuries in life and hope we are able to continue to do so. I have gone to the market a few times over the last week, or so, to get extra water, food, and other supplies.  Now I need to settle in and stay home.

Our local churches have just announced that services are cancelled for the coming weeks. I have never seen anything like this happen before. But I appreciate our Pastors staying in touch with us through email and helping to guide us through these difficult times. Their faith and trust in the Lord is inspiring and comforting.

There is a temptation to panic.  But I want to suggest an alternative.  Most people, right now, are not able to go to work. Their children are not able to go to school. The entire family is home together. This is a good time to focus on the tasks of homemaking, meal preparation, cleaning, and enjoying time together.  We should be conserving our resources - learning to avoid the waste of food.  This will help us avoid having to keep going out to the store. We want to stay home for the duration to do our part.

We are blessed to have so many resources online - such as articles and videos, to inspire us in lessons in home economy.

But I also want to mention one very important thing - please expect there to be annoyances among the household.  We are all flawed!  We do not always say or do the right thing. We need grace and mercy in our family relationships.  Also, please remember that children - both young and old - will misbehave, cause mischief, and get on one's nerves.  This is normal.  This is life.  Mothers are the referees and the coaches to help guide the family out of trouble and into more productive behavior.  If you notice junior is acting up, please redirect his attention elsewhere. Do not hold grudges when kids do wrong.  Do not dwell on their moods.  Keep things moving along.  Is it snack time? Is it time to do a chore?  Is there free play?  Try to organize a variety of activities to keep your day on some sort of schedule.  This will help lessen the bad behavior in our children.

Mothers, we need to keep up the morale in our homes! We need to be the cheerleaders of courage and hope!  Don't let this get us down.  We can wake up each morning and do the task assigned - take care of the home, the kitchen, and the family.  Let's work on keeping everyone productive indoors, maintaining our health, getting fresh air into our homes, exercising, cleaning, keeping everyone safe and happy, and doing it all unto the Lord.

Do not take on unnecessary burdens. God is in control. Why should we fear? Let's lean on Him to get us through. 

Mrs. White

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To cheer you along in your homemaking:

Find Home-keeping Inspiration, in Mrs.White's book - For The Love of Christian Homemaking.  Paperback, 274 pages.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Reading Through the Bible With Mister - and a Free Gift

Bible on the Parlour Table, in the Evening, at Mrs. White's Vermont Home.

Last month, my husband and I finished reading through the entire Bible together. This was the first time my husband had read, or heard, the entire Bible.   It took us four and a half years.  It was such an incredible blessing to have this precious time of Bible reading, each night, for such a long period of time.

We started doing this shortly after his injury. He had been in a frightening accident that caused permanent damage and his permanent disability. We spent a great deal of time going to physical therapists, seeing specialists, and attending many doctor appointments. One night I offered to read the Bible to him.  I read a short chapter in Psalms. We did this again the following night. Soon I was saying a short prayer after the reading.  Then I asked if we could sing a hymn from one of our hymn books. He agreed.

Eventually, my husband was the one saying the prayers. Soon he was picking out his own Bible passages to read to me.  Then he selected 1 to 4 hymns, each night, and we sang together.  Over a period of several months, we established a precious routine of Bible time, which went like this:

1.  I read, out loud to him, one to two chapters in the Bible (with the intention of reading through the entire Book to him.)
2. He read a chapter out loud, that he had selected from the Psalms.
3. We sang hymns from our hymn books.
4. Later, at the end of the day, he said a prayer out loud - every single night.

If any of our grown children happened to be visiting with us, at the time of our evening devotions, they would sit with us and listen, or join in the singing.

There were some difficult days when I had to be away from home.  (This would be for an overnight trip to stay with one of our grown children.)  I would call my husband on the telephone, at the appointed time, and he would read a Psalm to me over the phone.  Then he would pray.  It was so comforting.

A few months after we established our Bible routine,  I would have a prayer request before the evening prayer. I would say, "One of the grandbabies has a cold." or "I am not feeling well."  or "I am scared or worried."  He would include this concern in his prayers. The Lord heard our prayers and our faith grew stronger. 

In all of the four and a half years of doing our evening Bible time, we only missed one night.  This was because I was having a rough day. I was not in a good mood. I let this ruin my day. I said to my husband, "I do not want to do Bible time tonight. I am going to bed." Then I cried myself to sleep because I was so miserable, feeling like I was missing out on our beloved time of Bible reading.  I felt terrible.  From this, I learned to keep my moods in check, and get over a bad mood quickly, so I would never miss our evening devotions again.  It was a difficult lesson, but one I learned very quickly.

On other nights, I would be very sick in bed. I could not sing or talk without coughing. On those nights, my husband would sit in the rocking chair beside my bed. He would read a chapter to me from his Bible.  Then he would sing a verse or two of one of our favorite hymns. We were determined never to miss a night of Bible reading, even if one of us was sick.

There were times when the days had been stressful and the hour would get late. On these days we would simply read something like Psalm 23 and then sing one hymn.  On better nights, I would read several chapters in Psalms, or nearly all of the book of Esther or Ruth - in one sitting.  But our usual routine was for me to read 2 chapters, in order, to accomplish our goal of reading through the Bible. Then my husband would always select a Psalm to read to me.  After this, he would pick out four hymns.

When we started doing this, my husband did not know that many hymns.  He was familiar with "Amazing Grace" but not much more than that.  Every now and then, I would suggest a new one and sing it for him. He learned many hymns in this way, and found many favorites.  He marked the ones we know in his own hymn book. He now has 23 hymns marked in his book.  He has memorized every single one of these.

Sometimes, as we go about our day, in different rooms of this old house, I can hear my husband singing one of the hymns as he goes about his chores. I am so grateful and blessed to hear this.

His faith and wisdom have grown tremendously over the last four yeas.  There were times I felt troubled about some trial or difficulty.  My husband was able to direct me to the Lord, with a reminder of something we had read in the Bible. Or he would mention a verse from one of the hymns. This would give me courage and peace! 

Last month, after we finished reading the entire Bible, we started again in Genesis.  Our goal is to read the entire Bible in about 2 years.  But there is no rush.  The purpose is not to have pressure or meet an unrealistic goal.  We may not make it within the 2 years. But we will continue on, night after night, year after year, to the best of our ability; Even if we have many nights of only reading a chapter in Psalms.

 I created a Bible chart that I use and thought some of you might like a copy of it.  It is in a PDF format and can be downloaded for FREE:

Here is the page - "Bible Reading Chart from The Legacy of Home Blog."

I hope you are able to do your own version of daily Bible time in your own home.  It has made an incredible difference in our lives.

Mrs. White

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Noon Meal

Library of Congress:  The Peacock Family, enjoying the noon meal, 1939 Alabama

I have been reading about how old time families would gather together, each day, for the noon meal.  This was their dinner time.  If children were in a local school, they would come home for their lunch break.  Dad would be working in town, or in the fields of his farm, and would pause to go home to eat a meal at the kitchen table with his family.

Isn't it nice to imagine a hot lunch of home cooked goodness that Mom makes herself?   There may have been bread, milk, meat, and some fresh or canned vegetables from the garden.  This was the time to nourish the family with comforting food from home.  Dad would say a precious prayer to ask the Lord's blessing on the food.

Dad would have a little coffee while the family visited together and talked about their day.  It was a nice, happy rest, from the labor of the morning.

The children would laugh and enjoy the time of fellowship with their brothers and sisters. They would enjoy sitting near Mother and Dad, finding security and happiness in the routine and tradition of the dinner hour.

This was the leisure hour before heading back to work, or school, for the rest of the afternoon.  It helped to bond the family.

These days, I think the practice, here in the United States of America, has slipped away.  It is no longer convenient to join together for the noon meal.  It is not practical in many cases.  It is more common for us to have the supper hour together.

We can revive the tradition of the noon meal each evening.  Mother can make a hot meal and set a pretty table.  This is the place where we learn our manners as we display kindness and courtesy.  This is the time to bond together, enjoying a rest as we eat Mother's home cooking.

After the meal, it may be common for the children to wash up all the dishes and help mother clean the kitchen.  Then the family might sit together to read, play the piano, sing hymns, or just enjoy some home projects in the living room.

Home is the greatest institution on earth. It ought to be a peaceful place of compassion, patience, and love.  Meal times provide a great opportunity to spend time together at the old kitchen table.  These will give us many happy memories of home, Mother and Dad, and pleasant childhood days.

Mrs. White

P.S.  I made a brief video about old cookbooks and meals that the family might like.  You can find it here at this link:   "Homemaking and Cooking:  Meals Men Like."

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Monday, December 2, 2019

A Quiet Rest and A Blogging Break

Mrs. White's Thanksgiving Table with homemade cloth napkins.

I need to take a break. I have gotten a little run down over the last few months. I need to step away for a short rest and just focus on quiet and gentle living.  I want to come back here to the blogging world with a plan that will not wear me out.

I hope to return sometime in the new year.  I am grateful for you all!  I will miss your sweet encouragement and kindness.

Please feel welcome to visit here and to read the archives. I will check comments and emails each week. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  (I added the name of the giveaway winner on my post for "An Old Fashioned Budget" book.)

May your Christmas be blessed and joyful!

Mrs. White

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Find detailed instruction and inspiration in Budgeting on a small income, in Mrs.White's book:

 -An Old Fashioned Budget: Humble Financial Management for the Christian Housewife.  Paperback, 77 pages.

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