Tuesday, July 6, 2021

A Temporary Sense of Wealth

Silverware and Pink, Royal Albert, box at Mrs. White's parlour table.

It is rare to have luxuries in a frugal home.  In rural, Yankee, New England, we are in the habit of living simply and carefully.  We do not want to waste money on frivolity. We strive to be cautious and prudent.   Yet there are those rare, lovely times, when we are blessed with a gift that brings us happiness. 

This summer, as my wedding anniversary was approaching, one of my grown sons offered to give me a bit of money as a gift.  "What will you buy with this money?" He asked me.  He is also very careful with his own finances and wanted to make sure I used this gift in the manner in which he intended.  I quickly answered, "I will buy extra groceries with it." I was very thankful and loved the idea of adding inventory to our kitchen pantry. I am always wanting to stock up, to have what we need, in our rural, mountain village of Vermont.    My son did not agree with my idea for the use of this gift.  He told me, "No. This money is for you to buy something that you really want. We already have food money.  I want you to buy something for yourself."

It took me several days to think about this. What did I really want? What would be a luxury, bringing extra joy to my days?  I decided on two things:  A beautiful set of silverware, and a Royal Albert (old country roses) tea cup.   These are absolutely lovely and I enjoy them very much.  Yet, I was perfectly content with my old things. Now, with these special things, I feel a temporary sense of wealth. I said to my husband, "I feel like we are rich because of these things."  He shook his head. "No," he told me. "We are not rich. It's not that.  We are blessed."   What a difference in perspective! 

 It is not wealth or riches that we seek or feel. It is a sense of gratefulness to God, for each little gift and blessing that we receive. 


Mrs. White

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Monday, June 21, 2021

Stay in Touch and a Giveaway


There have been some changes to the blog that are difficult for me.   There has been a notification that one of the features, here at blogger, will no longer work.  This is the email subscription service that has been working since I started the blog in 2009.   I find the behind - the - scenes work of blogging to be a little frustrating and time - consuming. But I realize it is necessary.

  I have been able to set up a new email service, but I would need you to sign up for this.   If you have already subscribed (in the past), I am asking you to re-subscribe through this new service. (The old service will stop working in July.)  I will share the link with you in just a moment. 

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The Giveaway:

 As a thank you for going through this extra trouble, I would like to offer a giveaway.  I have a set of books available for one winner.  One person will be randomly selected to win 2 of my books: 

1. "An Old Fashioned Budget: Humble Financial Management for the Christian Housewife

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2.  "Homemaking for Happiness: Wonderful Days at Home"

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To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment, telling me your plans for this coming Independence Day.  Perhaps you will tell me how you are decorating your home or yard?  Maybe you will share with us a special menu for the day?  Do you have a childhood memory of your family spending the holiday together?  Perhaps you have a favorite quote, from history, which will inspire us. Whatever you would like to share, would be a blessing for us all to read!


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This contest is now closed.  

Update: July 6, 2021:  The original winner, that had been announced on June 28, 2021, did not respond. An alternate winner has been selected. The new winner, of both the books, is Deanna.


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Mrs. White

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Homemaking for Happiness

Cover of Mrs. White's book, with a picture of her parlour table.

~ Our newest book, brought to you by "The Legacy of Home Press." ~


Here is a description from the back cover:


"Take a little break and visit a New England Housewife.

In this book, you will find essays, articles, and diary entries about life in a Christian home.

Entries are arranged by season, and include:  "Keeping a Frugal Kitchen;" "Missing the Lilacs;" "An Evening Walk in the Garden;" "At Grandmother's House;" and "Chores for Grandchildren."

You will also find a few photographs showing a little of the local landscape.

Mrs. White is the Mother of 5 grown children and the grandmother of 12.  She shares about her days living, on a humble income, in an 1800's house in rural Vermont.


 The book contains 106 short chapters.

 It is paperback, and 307 pages long.

This book is a compilation of nearly 3 years of writing about homemaking.  There are 38 entries, gleaned from the blog, and 68 entries taken from Mrs. White's private newsletter, "Letters from the Estate.

You will be encouraged, as you read such things as:

1.  Getting through cold winter days in Vermont, on a small income.

2.  Old time Frugal living.  

3.  Homeschooling grandchildren.

4.  Spring cleaning ideas.

5.  Strengthening the family.

6.  Organizing the home.

7.  Creating a peaceful life at home.

8.  Finding Happiness in Christian living.

9.  Getting through difficult days.

10. Enjoying a simple life in a rural mountain village. 

11. Daily life for a New England Housewife

and much more. . .


Thoughts from Readers 

"Filled With Goodness. . .

I have visited Mrs Whites blog for many years but this is the first book of hers I have purchased. She writes in a simple, clear and gentle style which is soothing to the nerves. It is uplifting and beautiful. God must have placed a special blessing on her words because they are powerful in a way I cannot explain.
Reading Mrs White is like coming home.
I would recommend her work to anyone. "

- Susan, from Amazon (UK)


 "Such a Treasure. . .
I absolutely love Mrs. Sharon White's books and this one doesn't disappoint. I read her books over and over again and I still find inspiration each time I re-read. I very much recommend this book. She's a homemaker and shares her family and thoughts with the reader. Such a sweet view of life and how to be the best I can be. I look forward to reading this again and again. She doesn't steer away from tough things. She has very terrible health and shares with me how to do little bits of work and to take frequent rests. Health issues do not hold her back nor should they hold me back. She is such an encourager."

- Bina, Amazon

 "Another Inspiring Book . . .
I’ve been waiting and hoping Mrs. White would write another book and couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. I have all of her books and enjoy reading them again and again. She inspires and encourages me to realize how blessed I am to have a wonderful husband and home to care for. She reminds the reader of what’s truly important in life: faith, family and home. "

CoalCity Girl, Amazon

"Wonderful Read. . .

I absolutely loved this book! Mrs. White brings so many stories of homemaking, family, cozy, and calm. She shares stories that inspire and uplift readers and encourages those who treasure the time spent at home. I enjoyed pouring a cup of coffee and settling down to read a chapter here and there. Highly recommend!"

Billie Jo, Amazon


The book is called:  "Homemaking for Happiness: Wonderful Days at Home." It is available for sale at Amazon.

I hope you enjoy reading it, and that you find it helpful in your own homemaking.

I am not very good at marketing or trying to get the word out. Any help in spreading the word would be very much appreciated.  Also, if you are able to write a review on Amazon, it would be so helpful! Thank you so much!

Mrs. White

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Peace Be Upon This House

Snowy Landscape at Mrs. White's Vermont Home.

I was reading about how the apostles sang a hymn after the Lord's supper. (1)  The thought was so precious to me that it gave me a comforting sense of peace. In another passage of Scripture, I read the beautiful words, "Peace be unto you." (2) We are all in desperate need of peace. We need a rested spirit; a contented feeling that all is well. . .  We need peace.

In the home, and in the world around us, there is stress and anxiety. We are often kept on high alert because of conflict, trials, and fear.   We are frequently troubled by the actions of others.  This can strain our nerves and make us irritable.

Despite all this difficulty, how can we maintain peace in the home?

We ought to think about the peacemakers.  These are people who create a happy environment.  They provide a place of rest.  This allows one to have a time for quiet of the mind.  Many homemakers are doing this type of work each day.  They continually work on creating an atmosphere of a real and genuine home, where one feels welcomed and safe.

Here are some ideas for helping to calm the nerves and settle into a happy rest at home:

1.  To quiet the stressful noise of outside traffic, or the clatter of the noise indoors, it is soothing to turn on a little fan.   It blocks the disrupting and sudden sounds around us.  The noise of the motor is usually steady and pleasant.  I often have a fan going, at certain times of the day. This helps bring peace to our weary nerves.

2. Stop and listen to the rustle of the leaves from the wind.  Hear the singing of the birds.  Just rest and enjoy the lovely sounds of nature.  This is similar to stopping to smell the roses.  We look at the beauty around us and it gives us rest. Don't think about your worries - just stop to enjoy the beautiful vision outdoors.

3. To stop the whirlwind of the stress around us, consider how many people try to get away from it all by taking a vacation. They get away from the telephone, the stress of the office, and the city traffic.  We can do this (to a degree) in our minds.  We can think about walking along a bubbling brook, seeing and hearing the rushing water as it goes along the rocks and land.  Or we can find literal ways of resting our minds. This can be as easy at taking the stairs rather than the elevator when in an office building. We can enjoy the walk across the parking lot to get to the grocery store.  These extra steps bring quiet and rest to our minds.

4. Minimize the amount of news you are exposed to.  We ought to guard the quiet of our minds, much like we guard the peace of little children.  We do not need to know everything.  Our children need not worry about the troubles in life.  Quiet news and peaceful happenings bring cheer. Let us bring cheer to our homes and not spread distressing troubles.

5. Don't be in a rush.  It is not healthy to multitask and always be in a flurry of activity.  This keeps us too busy to live!   When little troubles come, our nerves will not be able to handle anything else if we are too busy.  Live a quiet, steady, peaceful life, and you will be ready to calmly face what comes, with the help of the dear Lord (who is with us through it all). 

6. Learn to sing the old time hymns, such as "Amazing Grace." Oh, how much we need the old paths of joyful worship from the heart.  When we sing hymns, from the heart, we are comforted and blessed with a quiet sense of joy.

7. Find ways to get along with those in your household. Be a peacemaker.  Remember the human frailty of us all. Practice patience and understanding.  Give them a gracious love that bears childish days and difficult moods.  My favorite hymn, in these moments, is "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus."  It goes on to say, "And the things of earth will go strangely dim. In the light of his glory and grace."  This is precious peace!

8. Each time you walk in the door, quietly say these sweet words, "Peace be upon this house." 

May our homes be little lighthouses of godliness and joy.  One of the greatest missions of a homemaker is to have peace in her home.


Mrs. White


*   1 - Mark 14:26           2 - John 20:19   


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Monday, March 29, 2021

Waiting For the Door to be Opened


 Library of Congress: 1913 - Mrs. Frank Vanderlip and her children.


It is wonderful to be a peaceful and graceful lady.  It is good to have trusted family members to take care of you.  Many mothers teach their sons to open doors for girls.  They grow up knowing that it is good to protect and take care of the women of the family.  

My two grown sons have always opened doors for me.  When they were little, I taught them by waiting by the door and looking kindly at them, saying, "Will you open the door for Mother?"  It was not long before they were both grown. They were both much taller and stronger than I am.  It was not difficult for them to take care of their Mother by opening doors and carrying heavy items for me.  It was a precious way of showing honor and love for me. 

Over this last year, I have had to make several trips to stores alone. It wore me out, but was essential work. I am not a strong person and simply do not have the energy or strength to do a great deal of labor or lift heavy grocery bags.  Whenever possible, one of my grown sons will do the shopping with me so I have the necessary help. 

 This past week I remembered a lesson about opening the door for a lady.  The day was chilly with drizzly rain.  I wanted to stop at a large furniture store just to look around and to dream.  One of my grown sons (in his 20's) was with me.  Instead of waiting a few minutes in the car, I was the first to get out and walked quickly to the building. I was in a great hurry to get out of the cold and wind.  The door was heavy as I reached it.  I did not remember to have patience enough to wait and be taken care of.  My son came to the rescue and opened the heavy door for me.  I had forgotten that I was not alone and that there was help.  

This reminded me of the protection of the Lord.  How often do I boldly rush into some idea or decision without waiting for His guidance and help?   How often do I ignore the help that is available and wear out my strength and my nerves?  How often do I hurry out of some discomfort to get a result, on my own, without consulting the Lord for direction?

The simple act of a lady waiting for a gentleman to open her door produces great patience and a sense of peacefulness.  It produces the beautiful virtue of meekness.  There is a precious lesson in waiting for a door to be open, with a heart of trust and faith in those who were given to protect her. 

 May this also remind us that waiting on God to open doors for us, in this life, is how we learn to serve Him and not go our own way.   This is how we learn to follow His leading.  We are not to be brash or bold.  A lady should cultivate the art of a meek and quiet spirit.  This is a contented heart who is not in a hurry or a rush to do everything on my own.  With a graceful sense of dignity, she yields to wait for the door to be opened.  For it is not my will (or my plans) that I want to do, but the will of my Heavenly Father.


Mrs. White

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Mrs. White's special book for homemakers:"Introduction to Home Economics:  Gentle Instruction to Find Joy in Christian Homemaking."

Find stories of home life, with photographs of my home, in this encouraging book. 

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