Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Preparing to Be Confined to Home

Library of Congress: A snowy afternoon in Vermont, 1940

We have had a great deal of snow over the last week. We are now being told that freezing temperatures are coming at the end of the week.  The wind chill is expected to be 30 to 45 degrees below zero.  This means we absolutely cannot leave our home. It is far too dangerous to be outdoors in such conditions.  

In preparation for this, we did our grocery shopping. We have food, water, and necessities. We are grateful for a wood stove to keep us warm.  As we quietly wait out this storm, I will think about "The Long Winter," by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  They were low on supplies and had to find ways to keep warm. Blizzards kept them indoors.  They had to pass the time, with only the noise of winter storms. They needed to find ways to be cheerful in order to keep up their spirits.  They were certainly grateful when the skies were clear and provisions were able to reach them.

Freezing temperatures are common during the month of February here in our rural Vermont village.  We change our plans based on the weather. If my grandchildren were planning a visit and the temperature drops too low, we all just stay at home.  Visits only happen on warmer days.  To stay cheerful, we keep busy with projects, read, organize, cook, and enjoy the beauty of the scenery from the windows. We get a good rest on days when we have no choice but to stay inside.

We must be content, knowing that the Lord is taking care of us. We are safe and peaceful during this confinement. Every day is a blessing. 

There is a slight change in this post from what is normal here. I changed the font size to a larger one. My vision is not what it used to be and I am having trouble seeing the smaller print. I am wondering if this larger size is acceptable to all of you?  If not, I can always change it back to normal after I finish the typing. 

I hope you are all well and enjoying a cozy winter at home.

Mrs. White

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Friday, January 27, 2023

My Wish Book for Saving Money

Mrs. White's wish book.

In an effort to spend less money this year, I decided I needed a wish book. All through the year there are things that distract me with a sense of want.  There are little things I want to buy that do not cost much money. However, if I were to purchase every one of them, I would have no money at all.  The solution for me is to keep a wish book.

Money is for food, clothing, shelter, and to help those in need. We must not be frivolous or wasteful. It is not okay for me to have things any time I want them. Yet, there is a time and a place for special gifts and treats. The best time for a present is a birthday, holiday, or on Mother's day.

My wish book is one of those blank, lined journals.  The cover is very pretty and reminds me of quiet, simple days. It makes me think of old country living and the beauty of homemaking. There is a beautiful farm house off in the distance, a lovely sunset, a large, carefully tended garden, and a homemade quilt on the clothesline. I think the cover is an ideal image for a book to write about simple things that I would like to have someday.

Here is how it works:

I write the date, the name of the item I would like, and then leave a space on the right for whenever I am able to have this wish fulfilled. I will include the date it happens as well.

The things I would like are very simple and inexpensive.  I will give you some examples:


1.  "Little One, God Loves You" (Board book)

 I want to add books to our home library. I like to keep an ongoing assortment of sweet books that my grandchildren can read whenever they visit here. This book is so sweet and precious:

2.  "Peony Garden Journal" (notebook by Peter Pauper Press)

 I would like a lovely floral book to keep track of my garden.  I want to write out the dates for planting, the dates of the first harvest, and little notes on how the garden is doing.  The design on this notebook is calming and elegant.








3.  "Help for our Healing" (sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley, from In Touch Ministries, on DVD)

 I have a collection of sermons on both DVD and CD.  I have heard this sermon before and have taken notes. It is a good one that I would like to see again and again.








4.  "The Greatness of God" (sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley, from In Touch Ministries, on CD)

 This is an excellent sermon that I watched the other day. I am told it is not available on DVD. It is only offered on CD. I would love to listen to this one again and again. I am working on building up a large collection of sermons on both CD and DVD, here at our home library.








5.  "Midnight Floral Journal" (notebook by Peter Pauper Press)

 I would like to add some extra beauty to my finances. I would use this stunning notebook for my budget. Normally I use a composition notebook, but in my effort to surround myself with gentle beauty, here at home, to bring cheer and happiness to my days, I would like this pretty book for my budgeting work.








6.  "Peony Garden Desk Notes" (note pad with gift box by Peter Pauper Press)

Every time I go to make a grocery list, I use a small piece of paper. This floral box of notepaper is ideal for bringing pretty things to my desk with a good purpose. Once the box is empty I can refill it with scrap paper and continue to use it.







This list of a variety of things will give you an idea of what I have in my wish book.  It is okay to want things. It is okay to receive a gift. But there must be waiting and patience and frugality in order to reach the essential goal of saving money. 

This year is a good year to avoid spending money as much as possible. Keeping a little wish book is a great tool to help us dream about little treasures that we might someday have. 


On the first page of my wish book, I will write the precious verse: 

 "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." - Psalm 37:4


I will always strive to remember that if the Lord wanted me to have these things, he will find a way to provide. And if not, I will still be grateful and at peace. I will leave that with him and rest content.



Mrs. White

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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Home Tour of our 1850s House

Living room at Mrs. White's House.

Welcome. . . Would you like to see a brief tour of our home? I've put together some photographs of some of the rooms. These are the main rooms one might see during a visit.

To see the tour, please watch the video below. (Includes peaceful instrumentals of Canon in D.)

~  ~  ~  ~ ~

Description of the video tour:

We will start with a couple of views of the outside grounds. Then won't you step inside to the upstairs parlour?

After seeing the parlour, we glance over at the kitchen. 

Would you like to see one of the bedrooms?  We will just step into the doorway and take a look. It is cozy in here with a recliner and some rocking chairs.

Now we are downstairs on the main floor. Here is a view into the Living room. 

We will walk through this room to see the day room.  There is a lovely white piano near the front window.

The last view is one of the front rooms. Here is the hand-sewn quilt I made for one of my daughters.  (This was mentioned in my book, "Gracious House Keeping."  The book also includes a simple pattern for those who are interested.)  We can also see the front porch through the lace curtains.

Now we are back outside, with a view of the bench and strawberry garden near the river. 

There is a precious Bible verse shared, as a lovely devotional to think about. Then the tour is complete.

  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

In these difficult days, we need the comfort of home life

 The work we do in cleaning and homemaking provides a sanctuary of rest for weary souls.  

Thank you for watching.  I hope you enjoyed your visit! 



Mrs. White

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"An Old Fashioned Budget: Humble Financial Management for the Christian Housewife"

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Monday, December 26, 2022

Staying Home for the Winter

 Flowers at Mrs. White's Table in Vermont.

The cold has settled in amidst the beauty of a snowy winter landscape. This is the time of year when it is better to just stay home as much as possible.  I often think how lovely it would be to take a walk on our property and just slowly take in the beauty of the season. 

Often, in the early evening, after the sun has set, my husband will offer to take me outside to walk down the long driveway and see the Christmas lights on the house. We usually leave them up through the cold winter months. They bring a sense of cheer and a happiness that brightens the mood.  He only asks me this when there is a gentle snow falling because it adds to the beauty of the experience.  I only accept this offer on rare occasions because, to be frank, it is far too cold for me.

When we return from this kind of walk, it is hard for me to get warm. I bundle up with blankets and pretty house coats and stay close to the fire.  A chill sets in that is hard for me to shake.  I will have a hot cup of tea and read a nice book while I recover from the cold.  Then I comfort myself by saying, "I am not going out there again until spring."  I want to stay home for the winter.

On errand days, I realize I must wear my warmest winter things and do the grocery shopping. I am grateful I don't have to go alone. Usually one of my grown sons goes with me.  It is a tremendous help to have someone along who can help in the work.  It is an exhausting ordeal to be out in the elements, with wind and snow and cold.  But the beauty and the serenity of the vision makes it a worthwhile blessing. 

I am always so grateful to have a warm and cozy home to come back to.  I am also thankful I don't have to go out very often.  

This is the time of year to sit by the window and enjoy the view. It is the time to sew and read and putter about the house, doing little projects.  It is also the most wonderful blessing when company stops by for a visit! These are our grown children and grandchildren.  This is the most lovely time of hospitality.  We usher the guests into the home and help them get warm and comfortable.  We sit by the fire and visit and laugh, enjoying the fellowship.  Being together, at home, is the greatest form of recreation.

Home is the center of our lives.  It is the place I always want to be. I find I am most grateful for this place in the coldest winter months when I really must stay at home. Being snowed-in can provide a beautiful lesson in simple living and old fashioned ways.


Mrs. White

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Sunday, December 18, 2022

A Christmas Giveaway and a Snowstorm

Yesterday's winter Scene: A bench by the river at the edge of our property in Vermont.

I would like to offer a giveaway for Christmas.  I will share that in a moment.  But first I wanted to tell you about the snowstorm we had yesterday.  It was so beautiful. Heavy snow fell at a steady rate for much of the day.  My husband offered to take me for a little walk on the grounds so we could get some pictures.  I have been very ill for much of the last two months and didn't have a lot of energy. Yet, the offer was too good to be refused.  

As we were in the back entryway, about to step outdoors, I said to him, "I will need my umbrella."  He always gives me a strange look when I say such things.  "It's snowing," he reminded me, "it's not raining."  I smiled.   I explained that the umbrella would help to protect me, and the camera, from the falling snow.    The umbrella is kept on a beautiful coat rack by the door. He kindly handed it to me. 

I cannot even explain how incredible it was to walk out into a stillness of white, with the distant sound of the rushing river on the back of the property. 

We walked carefully for a little while, pausing to take pictures whenever we could.  Then, as we neared the river, I captured a brief video of the scenery before me.  Unfortunately, I had the wrong camera with me, which I didn't realize until later.  This is only a problem because the video file is not compatible with my old computer. I had wanted to take a few video clips and put them together in order to make a longer video to share. But since this didn't work out, I was only able to use one of the short clips. It is less than a minute in length, and is below:

Our walk was restful, peaceful, and pleasant.  Soon we were happy to go back indoors, hang up our winter things, and sit by the warmth of the fire. I hope you enjoy the brief video.


The Giveaway


I would like to offer my new book, "Gracious House Keeping," in a giveaway.  


One winner will be randomly selected to receive a paperback copy of this book.


 This contest is now closed. The winner has already been contacted. Thank you so much to everyone who shared their Christmas memories and entered! The winner is: "Jenni."


To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling us about a Christmas memory of your mother, grandmother, or some happy Christmas day from years ago.  We would love to hear about Christmases past, when home and family were the joyful center of life.  The days when the older generation were an incredible example of love, in serving and providing, for the family. Perhaps you will tell us about having a wonderful Christmas even when there wasn't much money available.  Or please share with us some plans you have for this Christmas. Whatever you are able to share would be a blessing for us all to read!

For additional entries:


1.  Subscribe to The Legacy of Home by email.

2. Share this giveaway on your own blog, or social media (such as facebook).

*Please leave a separate comment for each entry.*

One random winner we be selected on Monday, December 26, 2022. (U.S.  Entries only.)   If I am unable to reach the winner within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be selected. Your entry is only valid if you include a way for me to contact you.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


Mrs. White

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