Monday, November 27, 2023

Cookbook Winner and a Video

Photo of Mrs. White's video demonstrating one of the recipes from the cookbook.

I am so grateful for all the comments on my Thanksgiving post.  I enjoyed reading about what you are thankful for and the blessings of family on such a special day.

Thank you for all your entries for the cookbook giveaway! I have the names of the two winners which I will share in just a minute.

At the beginning of this month, I added a video to our YouTube channel. It is in my "homemaking" playlist, and is called, "How to Make an Applesauce Cake." This is one of the recipes from my cookbook, "Serving in the Kitchen."  If you have not had a chance to see it, here is a direct link:

Thank you so much to those who take the time to visit the blog and YouTube channel. I am grateful for your visits and comments!

Now for the winners:

 Two readers were randomly selected from the entries that were received.  The winners are:

"Elle"  and "Michelle"

Each winner will receive a paperback copy of my cookbook, "Serving in the Kitchen: Cookbook with Recipes, Advice, and Encouragement for the Christian Home."

 I have already notified them by email. 

Thank you again, so much, for all your entries. They were a blessing and encouragement to read.

May you find joy in setting the table, serving the family, and making your home a restful and cheerful place to be! 


Mrs. White

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Saturday, November 25, 2023

Settling in For Winter with Great Faith

Thanksgiving Table at Mrs. White's House, 2023.

One recent evening, my husband had to go out on an errand. He invited me along for the drive, knowing I wanted to see all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  We have snow on the ground and it looks very peaceful.  There is not much traffic here in our rural village so it was a quiet drive in the country. I loved seeing all the lights and the pretty homes as I thought of family and this wonderful season.

Every time it snows, my husband comes to find me to make sure I am able to look out the window. He doesn't want me to miss it!  This happens frequently, all season long. I never get tired of seeing the snow falling and swirling over the landscape, here in Vermont. It always makes me smile.

I have been cleaning and organizing and working in the kitchen.  There are two different kinds of homemade bread in the freezer.  If we do not have a full house, the homemade bread lasts longer than necessary, so I freeze it in slices.  In this way, I make bread less often, but can easily take out a slice and warm it in the toaster oven, each day, as needed. 

I have been trying not to worry or fret or be anxious. We all have obstacles and trials in our lives.  It may be about having enough food to eat, money for little gifts for Christmas, car repairs, or heat for the house.  I have to remember to pray each day for today's need and not worry about what may happen tomorrow.  I need to seek a close walk with the Lord every minute of the day in order to find rest and a feeling of security.

Last night I was studying the passage in Matthew chapter 6, which encourages me in learning not to worry about our daily needs.  Then I read from an 1800's pulpit commentary, which used to belong to my father.  There are various detailed explanations about the passage that are helpful to read. I will share a quote here:

"The best preparation for to-morrow is to do the duty of to-day. This is a great practical rule which, if followed, eases life of most of its burden."

In the midst of homemaking and taking care of the family, we are often faced with some obstacle. This should not stop us in our tracks.  I must not be distracted from the beautiful work of shining a light of cheer and goodness to those of my household. 

We should give ourselves to the service of God. We are called to this higher duty. Dwelling on our worries and wondering if we will be provided for is a waste of our time. The Lord feeds the sparrows and makes the flowers of the field beautiful.  We are very precious to Him and much loved. He will take care of us.  

I am often being reminded that while it is natural to worry when faced with a sudden fear or financial trial, I must not remain in that troubled state of mind.  We must send up a prayer to our dear Heavenly Father and know He will take care of everything.  In that moment, we must stop worrying. We can trust Him with great faith that all will be well.  

Our daily troubles may very well be designed to nudge us, to remind us, that we must pray and ask for our day's portion.  It helps us to go directly to the Lord as it strengthens a bond of closeness in our walk with Him. Our needs and worries are a blessing when we are drawn closer to God, as we look to Him for help in every aspect of our lives.

Winter tends to be a harsh time of year because of frequent illnesses, financial needs, and the struggle to stay warm and fed. Yet there is also a beauty in this season. We tend to stay indoors more than at any other time.  This is an opportunity to provide a happy home with great patience, long-suffering, mercy, love, and an understanding heart.   It is a quiet sort of peaceful life, with a strong foundation in love and service. 

I am looking forward to many snow days, sewing projects, baking, and frequent visits from the family. I am grateful to stay at home and pace myself as I clean and decorate and cook and bake.  This will be a lovely winter season with a focus on good deeds and many acts of kindness, as we shine a light of hope and encouragement. We will do all things for the glory of God.


Mrs. White

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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Thanksgiving and My Cookbook Giveaway

Library of Congress: The First American Thanksgiving, print from 1914.

In the quiet of the morning, I am getting ready to do a little work in the kitchen. The sun has not yet risen. We have snow outside here in New England, providing us with a sense of home and happiness at this time of year. 

We will be serving a traditional dinner tomorrow of turkey, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, and bread.  Our desserts will include pumpkin pie and a lemon meringue pie. I have cheese and crackers, and some fresh vegetables for appetizers. I will set the table with my best dishes and make it look inviting and special.

There should be four of us for dinner, unless we have unexpected company. Some of my children live a distance away and are not able to travel. So we will visit on the phone and send love and happy greetings in that way.  It will be a lovely day of rest and prayer and gratefulness for our food and blessings.

May the Lord bless us and help us to be a light of goodness and kindness all the days of our lives. 

From our home to yours, Happy Thanksgiving! 

The Giveaway


I would like to offer my new  cookbook, "Serving in the Kitchen," in a giveaway.  

 I have 2 copies to give away.

Two winners will be randomly selected to receive a paperback copy of this book.  Each winner will receive one copy of the book.



To enter, all you have to do is leave me a comment, telling me about your Thanksgiving. You might want to share a childhood memory, or what you are doing to prepare the house in cleaning or decorating. Perhaps you will tell us what your plans are this year and how many are expected for dinner. Or, you may what to share what you are especially thankful for this year.   Whatever you are able to share will be a blessing for us all to read!

For additional entries:

1. Share about this giveaway on social media or on your blog (if you have one).

2. Subscribe to this blog for updates. 

3. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, "The Legacy of Home with Mrs. White." (I just added a new video yesterday with helpful ideas about cleaning. I hope you like it!)

Please leave a separate comment for each entry. 

Two random winners we be selected on Monday, November 27, 2023. (U.S.  Entries only.)   If I am unable to reach the winner within 48 hours, an alternate winner will be selected. Your entry is only valid if you include a way for me to contact you. 

Updated: This contest is now closed.

The winners are "Elle" and "Michelle." They have already been contacted. Thank you to all who entered! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Mrs. White

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Light of a Little Tree at Christmas

Christmas Past: The front grounds of our property in December of 2016.

At this time of year, just before Thanksgiving, my husband begins the process of setting up the Christmas lights at our 1850's property, here in Vermont.

A couple of days ago, after he recovered from a recent illness, I saw him fixing up our artificial tree.  It is an outdoor tree that we keep on the front grounds during the winter months.

He will set up the tree in the midst of our large 50 foot trees at the front of the property. This gives it such a charming, old time feeling of Christmas cheer.  Those who see the light of the little tree, as they drive by, are delighted by the warmth and beauty with thoughts of home.

One December, in 2018, we had an incredible storm.  After it was calm, my husband went out and captured a photograph of the scenery.  A picture of this is below:


Photograph by Mr. White: Snowstorm in the evening, December 2018.

To have this little tree is my favorite part of winter.  Once my husband sets it up, it remains outdoors for the entire season because the frigid air, the ice, and the packed snow will stay for months. This makes it nearly impossible for him to take down the lights until spring has arrived. 

I am hoping he will have all the work finished by Thanksgiving. At the end of that day, after the sun has set, my husband will come and find me somewhere in the house. He will take my hand and guide me to the front window of the second floor and he will say, "There is your tree."  And I will see the beautiful lights and I will smile. 


Mrs. White


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Friday, November 10, 2023

Homemaking During a Confinement

Library of Congress: Kitchen with a Quick Meal stove, 1930.

Some evenings, over the past few months, I receive a phone call from one of my daughters.  "You will have a sick child tomorrow," she tells me.  I ask a few questions about fevers and diet to gather information and prepare myself.  We have an agreement, she and I.  I will take any of her children who are sick at any time she needs me.  In this case, she may have an urgent meeting or an essential appointment.  She knows I will take the babies whether they are sick or not.  I am not concerned about germs or getting sick.*  It is as if these children were a part of my own household. I am here for them at any time of the day or night, regardless of the situation.

I had to prepare for one of these days recently.  After I received the notice from my daughter, I did a few things to get ready for the next morning.  I made a batch of homemade jello in case my patient's fever made it difficult for her to eat.  I went into the guest room and took the twin mattress off the frame.  I brought it into my own bedroom and placed it on the floor. (This would be our sick room.*)  My room is large enough for a play area, chairs, and a television set.  The patient would be very comfortable in a cozy bed of her own, in a place where we could all rest together, because any time I have one of the sick children, I am always given the baby to care for at the same time.  I am always delighted to have these grandchildren here and am happy to take care of them.

In this recent case, grand-girl had a fever for almost an entire week. Her mother took care of her for 4 days and then on the 5th day she had to do some errands.  Early in the morning, she brought me the baby and my 9 year old granddaughter.  We had such a nice restful day while I waited on her and cared for the baby.  I kept asking her questions,"Would you like a cool cloth for your forehead?" or "Can I get you something to drink?" or "Are you hungry for lunch yet?"   We all rested together as much as possible, while I did the work of homemaking and the duties of nursing a patient.

Last month, there were three sick children here all on one day.  They enjoyed the care they received at Grandmother's little hospital.  I am grateful for any time I get to spend with them.  Once the children are well and healthy again, they return to their normal routine and go back to visiting me on our regular schedule.  

If I am ever busy or need to go to the store, when one of these calls comes in, I rearrange my schedule, change an appointment, or put off my errands. The children will always come first.

Now there is a new sickness going on at our house.  Early this week, a member of my immediate household found out he has that dreaded, contagious sickness.  He has quarantined himself in the downstairs section of the house.  Groceries for the patient were dropped off within the first day.  I have rarely seen my husband in days, since this happened.  When he needs to talk to me, he knocks on the wall near the location of my upstairs bedroom.  This is a signal for me to go to the top of the stairs to see what he wants.  He will say, "Call me on the intercom." Then he quickly goes back to his recliner.  He has no idea how to use the intercom on our house phone.  This is why it is a longer process for him to reach me.  I use our remote phone and call the unit in the living room.  Then he will tell me how he is doing, what he might need at the store, and that he loves me.  He is very concerned about my well-being and does not want me to get sick.

I have been resting as much as possible to keep up my strength in case I get sick too. At this point I am only very tired.  But I will need to clean and keep things sanitary. I have work to do but will take many breaks. This morning, I need to bake some bread because I don't have enough to get through the day.  I will prepare the dough early and then set it to rise. It should not take very long since I get to rest between risings.  This is necessary work but will happen at a calm and steady pace.

Many of us are going through hard times, whether it is health troubles or financial needs.  These are struggles and obstacles that we all face at some point.  Yet through it all, we keep house, we take care of the family, we manage the paperwork and the money, and we focus on the Lord.

Yesterday, as I was driving home from grocery shopping, the snow was gently falling, creating a beautiful winter scene.  I was grateful for the beauty of the day, but I was very cold. The heat in my car does not work. (It stopped working at the end of last winter.)  I had forgotten how cold the car can be. But I knew I would be home soon. I would be positive through this difficult struggle of being uncomfortable.  In my heart I told myself, "In Heaven, there will be heat in my car."  What a wonderful place we are privileged to go after our life's trials and work are over - we will be comfortable and happy in Heaven.  Whenever things get rough for me, I will remind myself how perfect life will be for all of eternity in the presence and comfort of our dear Lord, forever and ever. 


Mrs. White

* For advice on having a sick room and a safe way of taking care of patients at home, please see my post, "A Comforting Sick Room." (I also share my mother's example.)

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