Monday, November 22, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving

 Dr. Johnson, president of Howard University, saying grace before Thanksgiving dinner in 1942.      (Library of Congress)

Each year we gather around the kitchen table for a large traditional dinner.  There is a wonderful variety of good things to eat and we delight in enjoying the happy time with the family.  Here is the day when we think about the year and the blessings we have.  We think about all the ways in which the Lord has guided us and taken care of us.  We are thankful!  

The most beautiful part of this day is when grace is said. This is a precious prayer thanking God for providing for us. We thank Him for the food and we feel a sense of gratefulness. This is the best part of life - being with the family, having food to nourish us, and to feel a sense of closeness with our dear Lord.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!


Mrs. White

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Friday, November 19, 2021

Remembering Connie Hultquist

Connie Hultquist (March 1947 - November 2021)

On November 18, 2021, Mrs. Connie Hultquist passed into Heaven.  She was an incredible blessing to all who knew her, both in person, and through her writings.  

I have written a short post, on her blog, called "Spiritual Rest" with more information about how her life has impacted so many.  I hope you will get a chance to read it.  There is also a page on her blog, with some pictures of her house.  You can see this on the "Home Tour" tab at her blog.  Many of us have read her books and writings over many years and would appreciate seeing her living room, dining room, and kitchen.  Her encouragement to just "get into your homemaking," taking care of the home, the family, and doing the baking and cooking, was excellent advice to help us forget about our troubles and just do the precious work before us.  Her writing, and her life, blessed hundreds of people all over the world.  

Her life of Faith in God will always be a blessed example to others.

I want to share, below, 3 reviews of her book, "Dear Kitchen Saints," which is a compilation of many years of her writing ministry. (She and I worked together to get this book in print.)  These readers shared the positive impact the book had on their lives:


"Dear Kitchen Saints" by Mrs. Connie Hultquist

 "An inspirational story of a wife who loved her husband and her family through years of suffering and praying for her husband's salvation. Very motivational for homemaking and making pennies stretch."

- Hope, from "Goodreads." 

 "I have read books that are theological heavyweights on religion, but this book is a heart heavyweight on a personal relationship with God. Connie is a rare gem, telling it from her heart. She shares how she got through all of the things in her life that would destroy most people. But she got through it because her faith and her relationship with God carried her through it. She worked hard and wasn't afraid to work hard to feed her family or make a Christmas for them, the whole time displaying a love for the Lord. If you want a feel good materialistic book on Christianity, this is not for you. It is also written the way she speaks, which for some people might be difficult to understand. But to me, there is a beauty in being true to who you are and just telling your story without trying to look good or impress people. She is a sweet Christian lady, and after reading this book, I am blessed."

 - Gayle from "Amazon."

 "Put away all the Self Help "How to Be a Good Christian Wife Books." This is all you will ever need. I have known Connie for a decade. She is the real deal. She walked the walk and believed and God blessed her for her faithfulness. She is a salt of the earth - what you see is who she is kinda gal. She is a good friend in the best of times. In the darkest hour of my marriage she was a rock and always -always points you to Jesus. I have my own marriage miracle now and I thank God every day. I am also thankful to Connie for her obedience to the Lord. She is such a phenomenal mentor to so many young and not so young Christian wives with less than perfect marriages."

- J. Johnson from "Amazon."


Connie has a wonderful, loving family who will greatly miss her. She was truly a virtuous woman, strong in the faith, and an example of following God, reaping the wonderful rewards He bestows on His beloved children.  

She has earned her rest and is now forever with the Lord.



Mrs. White


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Monday, October 18, 2021

Last Days of Leaf Season in Vermont

Leaf - framed view of the sky at Mrs. White's Vermont Home.


I have been greatly distracted by the scenery for the past few weeks. Each time I walk outside, or go out on an errand, I want to stop and gaze at the beautiful autumn landscape.  



Some of the trees at Mrs. White's home.


There are certain times of the day when the sun is glistening through the leaves which is most stunning.

The River bordering Mrs. White's property. 

We had the grandchildren over and they enjoyed our playground with all the leaves around them.  When there is a bit of wind, it will rain leaves.  They blow and fall like snow.  It is delightful.

A park bench at the playground on the grounds of Mrs. White's home. 


I have been stopping by the roadside to take pictures of lakes, ponds, mountains, and tree-lined streets.  It is a beautiful time of year.  


A Lake near Mrs. White's Home.


As the days of autumn wind down, the trees are emptying of their colors.  They are getting reading for a long, cold, winter.  It will not be long before the frost and the snow come to Vermont.  



Clouds and trees reflected on the water, near Mrs. White's Home.


Yet, each season has its beauty.  It is restful just to look at nature around us, each day, to bring peace and a thankfulness to God.


Mrs. White

{Edited note:  This post was updated on October 20, 2021 to add two additional photographs.}

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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Aunt Janes Hero by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss


We have just published the second edition in our series of books by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss.  I have been transcribing old literature and wanted to bring the writings into a series of books.  I am focusing on the works of Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss right now.  Her stories have greatly encouraged and inspired me.

"Aunt Jane's Hero" was originally published in 1871.  Today, we present to you a new edition from The Legacy of Home Press.


It is available in both paperback and hardcover.  Both editions are 185 pages.  The hardcover edition is especially sturdy and beautiful and will make an excellent addition to any home library. 

  Here is a description and information about our edition: 

"Historic religious fiction at its finest, on the making of a Christian home and a godly marriage.  "Aunt Jane's Hero" is both somber, at times, and sad in the telling. Yet it brings triumphant tears and cheer throughout. Follow along with Horace and Maggie Wheeler as they set up a modest home in a poor neighborhood.    They are encouraged and mentored by their dear, elderly Aunt Jane.    This story takes place in war-time during the late 1800's.  We read of domestic life during this period, which inspires and instructs the reader to set up their own humble home regardless of one's surroundings.  The Wheeler's beautiful way of life and Christian growth, amidst poverty and trials, is a joy to read.

  This edition is republished from the 1871 book and was written by Mrs. Elizabeth Prentiss (1818 - 1878). She was the daughter of a New England clergyman, and the wife of a minister. She was the mother of six children and the author of several inspiring stories, including "Stepping Heavenward," and "The Little Preacher."  Her writings continue to encourage and bless readers all over the world."


  - Special features of the current edition, published by The Legacy of Home press, include:

  1.) The text is a standard 12 point font.

   2.) The pages are a traditional cream color rather than the bright white found in modern books of today.  The cream color is more restful for the reader. It is less wearying on the eyes.

   3.) A few words in the original book have completely changed in their definition compared to today.  These words have been replaced to reflect the author's original meaning. 

   4.) A handful of uncommon words have been left unchanged in our new edition. It is suggested that the reader might enjoy looking up the author's form of expression with the use of the 1828 edition of Noah Webster's dictionary.

   5.) Mrs. Prentiss often quotes the Bible in her writings.  The quotes are from the King James Version of the Bible.

   6.) Introductory Notes include reviews (from 1871) of "Aunt Jane's Hero."

   7.) Mrs. Sharon White, from "The Legacy of Home Press," has written a foreword to the book.

   8.) The cover photo is of a room in the Lincoln mansion in Manchester, Vermont and was taken by Mrs. White. The covers in this series of books are intended to show some of the scenery of Vermont. The Prentiss family built a  house in Dorset, Vermont in 1869.  This was where Mrs. Prentiss spent her last 10 summers.

                                                                      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This book is the second in a series of books we are reprinting by Mrs. Prentiss.  Below you will find a link to each edition of "Aunt Jane's Hero." 

"Aunt Jane's Hero" - The paperback edition.

ISBN:  978-1956616026

185 pages.

6 x 9





"Aunt Jane's Hero" - 
The hardcover edition.

ISBN:  978-1956616033

185 pages.

6 x 9 

If you are able to get a copy of this book and like it, it would be a great help if you will write a review on Amazon. Thank you!

Our first book in this series - "Stepping Heavenward."

Our next book in the series will be "The Little Preacher."  We hope to have it ready in the coming months. 


I hope you enjoy these books! 


Mrs. White


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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Sunday Driver

A pond near Mrs. White's home, as Autumn unfolds in Vermont.


In the old days, we used to see someone driving along slowly around the neighborhood. They were driving peacefully and enjoying the scenery around them.  They were not in a hurry.  There was no rush.  They were enjoying the day.  We used to call them "Sunday Drivers" because it was often a wonderful event to take a leisurely ride in the country, on a Sunday afternoon. 

I have read, in old literature from the 1800's, that drives in the country were greatly enjoyed. They were considered healthy and beneficial.  This was a form of recreation and wholesome entertainment. 

As we are seeing the leaves change, here in rural Vermont, the beauty around us is quieting.  It is soothing.  It is lovely.  We are enjoying little Sunday drives, which bring us a great deal of peace. The fresh mountain air, and the Autumn landscape bring happiness and rest.

I hope you are staying well and safe!


Mrs. White


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Mrs. White's special book for homemakers:"Introduction to Home Economics:  Gentle Instruction to Find Joy in Christian Homemaking."

Find stories of home life, with photographs of my home, in this encouraging book. 

 Paperback, 200 pages.