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Early Morning Revival Challenge

"Inspired by the life, writings, and journals
of John Wesley (1700's), Mrs. White has created
a 90 - day Bible study challenge. .

The program consists of four, easy to follow, daily
assignments. Readers are expected to rise earlier
in the morning than normal; Spend 20 minutes in
prayer, Bible reading, writing in a journal, and
reading quotes from Ministers from long ago. . .

Here is a sample of one of the quotes from the book:

 "Think what God has prepared for those who love Him! Oh, that our thoughts would ascend! The higher the bird flies the sweeter it sings!" - Thomas Watson, 1600's

The study is simple to follow, but will take a tremendous amount of discipline to stay consistent to the very end. . .

If you are up for a challenge and ready for a revival, this book is just what you need!"

This is a slim, 72 page, paperback book, 6" x 9".  The interior has an "antique" look with "cream" colored paper, rather than the traditional "white."  The cover has a photograph of our Vermont Estate Grounds, and looks very peaceful.

I spent hours searching through my home library, to glean a selection of inspiring quotes from Ministers from the 1600's, 1700's and the 1800's.  These include Richard Baxter, Thomas Boston, John Wesley, Samuel Rutherford, John Bunyan, and more (one for each day of the challenge).  The book includes a complete bibliography of quotes, so you can see exactly where they came from.

I intend to start this challenge myself, in just a few days.  I have also ordered a copy for my youngest homeschool student (age 16).  I believe this will be an excellent addition to his studies.  The discipline of reading 2 chapters in the Bible each day (from Psalms and Proverbs), writing in a journal, and praying, before the day begins will be a blessing to both of us!

 Who Would Enjoy the Book:

1. Teens in youth group or Sunday School.
2. An informal Bible Study Group (perhaps they can each get a copy and check in with each other on their progress.)
3. Homeschool students (high school or college age)
4. Adults
5. A Wonderful gift idea for family and friends.

Reviews - Thoughts from Readers:


"I just wanted to send an email to tell you how much your Early Morning Revival Challenge has blessed me! I am about halfway through now, and I LOVE it. I hope you do another one! There is something about those Reformed Bible preachers that really reaches my soul…it’s so refreshing after all the pop-psychology that is in most of the mainstream churches.

I want to get all the ladies in our Reformed church to do it…it’s so nice that it can be done from home without having to go someplace."

- Nanci, from email.

"I am on Day 19 of your 90 day Early Morning Revival Challenge...I have been so blessed and look so forward to that special quiet time first in the mornings.I highly recommend it to anyone needing to boost their spirits, get more focused, and gain a closer walk with the Lord."

- A reader, from a blog comment.


"Mrs.White has done a tremendous job finding quotes to inspire you. It is an easy to follow course, but the results will be amazing. If you want to go deeper in your faith I highly recommend this book!"

- Anita, from Amazon.

 "If you are trying to establish a good habit of morning Bible reading this is a good book for that. And if you fill in the book with dates and your notes it will be a treasure for your grandchildren one day."

- Kathy, from "Teaching Good Things."


"Thanks to this book and a little commitment on my part, I have finally, after years of defeat, managed to begin a daily habit of devotion and bible study and prayer. It is a simple book that allows you to record your progress as you embark on a 90 day challenge. It has taken me more than 90 days, but that is okay. The book is still there if I miss a few days and I just pick up where I left off and keep going . The quotes are from the 16 and 1700's and it is so interesting to see that things haven't really changed all that much from then to now."

- mlillizard, from Amazon.


"So helpful in instilling early morning's nothing that you couldn't put together yourself (a daily checklist, with very challenging and edifying quotes from strong revival preachers from the past), but here Mrs. White has done it for you, so why take the time when it's so inexpensive? It would take a lot more time to search out the carefully chosen quotes.
I was struggling with checking email first thing in the morning instead of having my bible time (which I did still do but later) but I find that there is something very special about giving the Lord that first time in the morning. The whole day is so much more productive and joyful. So glad to be back on track."

- Riddles, from Amazon.

"What a wonderful way to spend time with God and his word daily. This 90 day challenge will make a huge difference in your life."

- Poker Hill Farm, from Amazon.


 "This little book is only 72 pages and while you may be thinking what can 72 pages do for me? It can't really cause a revival in my prayer and Bible reading life? Now I'm going to tell you it can - if you dedicate yourself to a revival in your life and commit to it then yes, this 72 page book could very well change your life - or at least make it better. Having read the preface of the book made me a little jealous of Mrs. White library and long history of godly influences in her life - but I also realize that I need to set a godly example for my children so they can have a legacy like Mrs. White and that is where this book comes into play. As you begin this study you are entering into a commitment with not only yourself but with the Lord as you seek Him daily through quotes from pastors, reading of His words, journal writing and praying.

Mrs. White's instructions are simple, wake up 30 to 60 minutes before you normally would (yes, this may be very hard for us busy moms who need our sleep but think of the Lord who prayed all night before His crucifixion) and to dedicate spending 20 minutes doing the daily challenge, each day, for 90 days. You'll need a Bible (any version you like, although it's my opinion to have an actual translation not a paraphrase), a journal which could be as simple as a notebook or as beautiful as a real journal from the bookstore - and don't miss a day, it's amazing how great one can feel after spending time with the Lord whether you're sick or just feeling down!

I love the spaces that give ample area to write the date and time, and areas to check off each part of the challenge to read the quote, to pray, read the Scripture passage and to write in your journal. Each day is numbered Day 1 through Day 90 for ease of finding where you're at and keeping track of your progress through the 90 days. I truly am going to keep going with this challenge and hopefully even go through it again and again - especially since it's so nice to be able to get my prayer and Bible study time in even though I'm a busy, homeschool mom, just like Mrs. White is. The whole thing has an old fashioned, down home feel to it just like Mrs. Sharon White's blog at The Legacy of Home - it's a good way to bring the calmness of a time gone by and modern study together."

- Sarah, from Amazon


" This book is very inspiring when you struggle with rising early to seek God but as a child of God our job will be to rise early and seek Him so if you need a little challenge to get you out the bed and into the word this book will be a good help."

-  A Reader from Amazon


 "Buy this is you need help with your spiritual life. its a good book!"

- Angie, from Amazon


"Just lovely."

- Eileen, from Amazon.


  "Early Morning Revival Challenge" is available on Amazon.  They have it listed as a "diary."

Mrs. White

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