Monday, December 28, 2009

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Miniature Parade Roses at Mrs. White's Vermont Home.


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Mrs. White at her Home in New England.

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happyathome said...

Hello Mrs White.
I am thinking of you and your family and wondering how you are all doing.
Here in New Zealand life seems pretty normal though we cannot travel overseas of course which is very hard when you have a child and grandchildren living in another country but i am VERY grateful for everything that has happened here.
I do so hope you and your family have managed to avoid getting Covid and i actually enjoyed being in lockdown here as there was very little traffic and one could hear the birds singing and life was much more peaceful

God bless you
Karen NZ

Suzette said...

Mrs. White,
I am humbled and excited by your house account journal documenting the flow of money. I am relieved to have a different way of thinking of the finances. This feels so doable thank you so much for this idea. I truly feel it will ease the burden of "where has all the money gone?"
God bless you and yours!

Judy Sheridan Smith said...

I really appreciated your posting today about how you spend your evenings. We have not had TV in our home since 1992, freeing up so much time for reading (Bible & Christian fiction), music (hubby plays in a band and at open jam sessions), handwork, and time on the treadmill (for me - he uses a stationary bike), and just being quiet. Rested and relaxed come bed time and I sleep better for it.