Monday, December 28, 2009

The Legacy of Home Disclosure Policy


The blog is designed to encourage Mothers to have peace and happiness in a Christian home. This is a "Home Economics" - "Christian Homemaking"- "Simple Living" - "Homeschooling" - "Old Fashioned Homemaking" - site.  It is written by Mrs. White.

I am a housewife (for more than 30 years); mother of 5; grandmother of 12; and a retired homeschool teacher.  I am the grand-daughter of a revival preacher. 

We spent most of our lives living in a suburb of Boston.  Some years ago, we relocated to rural Vermont. 

My books: 

Please find encouragement from this listing of 11 paperback books, I have written, on my publishing page here:

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Here is what you will also find on this post:

1. The Blog's purpose.
2. Information about Reviews.
3. Changes as of August 20, 2012
4. A description of my work.
5. About my "commercial breaks."
6. Copyright information.

This blog is authored by Mrs. (Sharon) White.

 I write about family, home life, cooking, baking, cleaning, thrift, poverty, finances, health, fitness, homemaking, homeschooling, and godly motherhood. The blog is designed to encourage mothers, wives, and homemakers in their daily lives at home.

In the past, I have also posted reviews of products, trips, movies, curriculum, food, cleaning products, books and more. I received these items in order to share my opinion.

Product Reviews

(Updated: August 20, 2019) - I am not currently doing reviews here on this blog.

Changes as of August 20, 2012

A separate blog has been created for some review/ commercial type posts.  It is just a small blog called, Old Time Homemaking Reviews.  As of August 20, 2019, I will only be doing reviews over there. These are mostly book reviews. I only post very occasionally over there.

Some of my previous work:

- From September of 2010 to July 2012, I was on Erin Chase's contributor team at $5 dinners. I wrote a frugal recipe each month, costing $10 or less, with a focus on feeding teenagers.  I resigned from this in July 2012.

- I was a Crew member for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine review team, from April 2009 through August 2011. This was an excellent program and you can see the many homeschool related items I reviewed for them in my Homeschool Parlour.

Affiliate work:

I used to do some affiliate work with Amazon, but am no longer doing this. I am in the process of going through the archives and removing those links.  I am also in the process of removing all  affiliate pictures/ links from "all-posters." I am no longer working with them.   Thank you for your patience!

Commercial Breaks You will see in some of the Archives -

I regularly post about my family and home life. These were interrupted, on occasion, by “Commercial Breaks,” which were notices and reviews.

Have you ever watched old episodes of "Burns and Allen?" Gracie and George are filmed doing a scene of normal family life. In the middle of their show, they would always stop and talk about their sponsor, “Carnation Milk.” This was so charming! For example: Gracie would make a special food and say to her guest, “I used Carnation Milk in the recipe.” I love how they incorporated this into the scene, as if it were normal. Please consider my Commercial Breaks, as something similar to what Gracie and George did in their shows.

Copyright Information

All content on this site is protected by copyright law.

1. You are welcome to briefly quote my work with a link back to the original post at this site as the source, and by crediting my name as the author, and the name of this blog. (Such as:  Mrs. White, The Legacy of Home)

2.  Full content may be printed out and saved (or shared) for personal, non-commercial use. (Offline only.)

3.  If you would like to publish any of my writings offline, (in their original, unedited format), such as in a book or periodical, please request permission.

This disclosure policy is in effect as of December 28, 2009. It is promptly updated as needed.

Last update, June 21, 2021

Copyright 2009 - 2021  by Mrs. Sharon White


happyathome said...

Hello Mrs White.
I am thinking of you and your family and wondering how you are all doing.
Here in New Zealand life seems pretty normal though we cannot travel overseas of course which is very hard when you have a child and grandchildren living in another country but i am VERY grateful for everything that has happened here.
I do so hope you and your family have managed to avoid getting Covid and i actually enjoyed being in lockdown here as there was very little traffic and one could hear the birds singing and life was much more peaceful

God bless you
Karen NZ