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The Legacy of Home Disclosure Policy

The following information is for PR, Media, Advertisers and my Readers:

Here is where you will find:

1. The Blog's purpose.
2. Information about Reviews and Giveaways.
3. Changes as of August 20, 2012
4. Advertising and Affiliate information.
5.  Blogging Events I've attended.
6. A description of my work.
7. About my "commercial breaks."
8. How to contact me.
9. Ways to Follow This Blog.
10. Copyright information.

This blog is authored by Mrs. (Sharon) White.

I am a housewife, mother of five children, and grandmother of nine.

 I write about family, home life, cooking, baking, cleaning, thrift, poverty, finances, health, fitness, homemaking, homeschooling, and godly motherhood. I may share personal information in my posts. I may also share advice, tips, and encouragement. The blog is designed to encourage mothers, wives and homemakers in their daily lives at home.

I also post reviews of products, trips, movies, curriculum, food, cleaning products, books and more. I receive these items in order to share my opinion.

Product Reviews

I am happy to consider your product for a review.   If you have a product you would like me to consider writing about, please contact me. (I am unable to review digital products, e-books or websites.)  Products have to interest my readers in something related to motherhood, homemaking, fitness, finances or homeschooling.


I am willing to consider promoting a giveaway for your company. This must be in conjunction with a review (as described above). Please send me your requirements and information.

Sample of giveaways I have done:

Joyful Aprons

King Arthur Flour and Cookbook

Lehman's Old Fashioned Clothesline Kit on a Pulley System

Farberware Cookware - Pizza Pan and Cookie Sheet

$25 Gift Card to TJ Maxx / Marshalls

A Home Remodeling Giveaway with Cassandra Lavalle

Changes as of August 20, 2012

A separate blog has been created for some review/ commercial type posts.  Please follow me there at Old Time Homemaking Reviews.   The majority of reviews / promotions will continue to be posted here, at "The Legacy of Home." 

Blogger Events

I am happy to consider a trip sponsored by your company. Please feel welcome to email me with details about your event or promotion.

Events I've attended:

Boston - TJ Maxx / Marshalls Holiday Event.

Some of my work:

- Starting in September of 2010 to July 2012, I was on Erin Chase's contributor team at $5 dinners. I wrote a frugal recipe each month, costing $10 or less, with a focus on feeding teenagers.

- I was a Crew member for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine review team, from April 2009 through August 2011. This was an excellent program and you can see the many homeschool related items I reviewed for them in my Homeschool Parlour.

Commercial Breaks

I will regularly post about my family and home life. These will be interrupted, on occasion, by “Commercial Breaks,” which are notices and reviews as listed above. Have you ever watched old episodes of "Burns and Allen?" Gracie and George are filmed doing a scene of normal family life. In the middle of their show, they would always stop and talk about their sponsor, “Carnation Milk.” This was so charming! For example: Gracie would make a special food and say to her guest, “I used Carnation Milk in the recipe.” I love how they incorporated this into the scene, as if it were normal. Please consider my Commercial Breaks, as something similar to what Gracie and George did in their shows.

How to Contact Me

By email -  ( I greatly appreciate you and read every comment and email. Because my online time is severely limited, I am not always able to respond.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!)

You can also Follow The Legacy of Home on:

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Copyright Information

All content on this site is protected by copyright law.

1. You are welcome to briefly quote my work with a link back to the original post at this site as the source, and by crediting my name as the author, and the name of this blog. (Such as:  Mrs. White, The Legacy of Home)

2.  Full content may be printed out and saved (or shared) for personal, non-commercial use. (Offline only.)

3.  If you would like to publish any of my writings offline, (in their original, unedited format), such as in a book or periodical, please request permission.

This disclosure policy is in effect as of December 28, 2009. It is promptly updated as needed.

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