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An Old Fashioned Budget

Cover of Mrs. White's book.

~ Our newest book, brought to you by "The Legacy of Home Press." ~

Here is a description from the back cover:

   It is easier to earn money than it is to save it.  We really need to remember what it was like generations ago when saving money was a common way of life.   In this book I will share many ideas and a history of old time thrift.

I will explain how to start a financial journal (or money diary) as a bookkeeping tool to carefully monitor the household spending.  I will describe, in detail, how to set up an old fashioned, modest budget without using modern categories of spending that were unheard of by humble families in previous generations.

   You will be intrigued to read how a wife can carefully manage bookkeeping for the home in a family of limited means.

There are many modern budgets for the middle and upper classes.  Here you will find financial help for those living simply on a small income.


 Every business has its own bookkeeper.  In like manner, every home ought to have a designated person to manage the household income. This slim volume is intended to inspire you to want to do your own bookkeeping for the home.

The chapters include:

1. Introduction  (Why we need a budget and bookkeeping method for families living on a small income.)

2. The Chosen (Will it be the husband or the wife who will keep the books?)

3. A Simple Budget  (An old fashioned, thrifty budget without modern categories of spending.)

4. We'll Get By  (Ideas and explanation for managing on a small income.)

5.  Yankee Thrift  (Old time thinking about saving money and practical living.)

6. Bookkeeping for the Home  (Fictitious Families are introduced to describe how this works.)

7. Money Diary  (Several Questions are answered to describe how to keep track of spending.)

8. The Writing Desk  (Inspired by the photograph on the front cover of the book - gives old time ideas of managing the house accounts, with practical suggestions.  - The picture was taken a few months ago by Mrs. White. It is the writing desk in the sitting room of Mrs. Robert Lincoln at her historic summer mansion in Vermont.)

9. The Old Fashioned Budget  (Detailed explanation of how to do this, along with an example from our fictitious family. Includes practical ways of really saving money.)

10.  A Trusted and Diligent Bookkeeper  (Full of helpful ideas on saving money and living on a small income. This can be accomplished with a trusted wife as she diligently manages the finances.)

The Appendix includes photographs of a handwritten budget and a sample spending diary.

I explain exactly what tools I use to do my bookkeeping (in a simple, old fashioned way).  I have been using this method for more than 30 years as a housewife. Like all families, we have had our share of mistakes. But the principles contained in this book have helped our family get through the good times and the bad.

This slim, 77 page, paperback book is available for sale through Amazon:

An Old Fashioned Budget: Humble Financial Management for the Christian Housewife.

Any help in spreading the word would be very much appreciated.  Also, if you are able to write a review on Amazon, it would be so helpful! Thank you so much! - Blessings, Mrs. White

Reviews from Readers


"A very good source for folks learning basic home budgeting and expense tracking. This small book provides well written coverage of basic home budgeting and expense tracking. It is for someone just starting out that needs a easy to understand overview and process. The author clearly explains the concepts of expense tracking and provides a easy framework to get a family or a person started.

The author states (and I agree) that many personal finance books assume middle to high levels of income. This book assumes a more modest level of income. She looks back in time to a simpler lifestyle and lower levels of spending to provide perspective on what really is necessary to survive and how to fund a lovely simpler lifestyle."

- H. Oltman, from Amazon


"Simple introduction to managing a home’s modest finances. Our family has very recently become debt-free, except for a modest mortgage. Between Dave R, and a few phenomenal youtubers... we got it done! BUT - I honestly feel that this little book would have been the perfect place to start, even before the other resources we used (listed above). This book gets rid of the excess, and simply shows us how to manage our family’s modest income in a simple manner. It is very realistic for many of us - those of us who live on small incomes and choose to live small lives. A wonderful book, and one that I consider “foundational” in grasping home finances."

KatieJon, from Amazon


"Small book, good advice. A simple, clearly written guide to personal money management for those with a modest income. No IRA or stock market get-rich-quick ideas here--instead, based on her own experience and her parents', the author has written some good advice about living well on one income with a basic salary. Sound unrealistic? Well, she and her husband have done so for years now. The one suggestion I have is that more information should be included about medical and dental insurance and expenses that aren't covered by federal, state, or employee programs. For our own family, I would add a monthly savings (however small) for co-payments. That being said, I like this book--a small book with good guidance and encouragement which benefit not only people with lesser incomes who struggle to manage, but also those with middle and higher incomes who feel challenged' overwhelmed, and who lack focus in their finances. "Those who manage little well should be counted among the rich."

-ladybudget, from Amazon


 "This is such a sweet book. I didn’t expect to glean anything new since I enjoy reading finance related books but I really loved the simplicity of it. Lots of good info."


- Mrs. Dove, from Amazon


"Simple, common-sense approach to personal finance. I love this book, and in three days it has already changed my life. I completely revamped my budget, eliminating the categories that were causing me to fritter away my money. I cancelled the streaming services and the meal-planning service and dusted off my library card. I set up a basic plan for the absolute essentials with a rainy day fund for the expenses that occur periodically rather than monthly. I "found" money that I had been spreading across too many categories and was able to increase my charitable giving. I feel happier and more at peace. Mrs. White emphasizes simple living, contentment and trusting God for provision. So many financial guides are written for higher-income families and her methods work well for any income level. Her writing style is soothing and comforting, and makes me want to read more! I am so grateful to have found this book."

-CK, from Amazon


"As I expected, Mrs. White wrote this sweet book from a unique perspective - handling a lower and more modest income that does not try to meet unrealistic demands of the world. If your household income isn't covering everything, it may be that you're trying to include too much.

She asserts that maybe if we can scale back our desires or our expectations, we may have a better chance of managing what we have instead of trying to figure out how get more! It has confirmed what I suspected was happening to so many today, and affirmed my efforts to do just what we should be doing, and that is to be satisfied with what we have."

- Miss Hyacinth, from Amazon


"This book by Mrs. White is excellent like all of her other books. It is a straightforward approach to money management for those on very tight budgets. It is simple yet very effective taking into account that modern budgets have a lot of categories that past generations never thought about. Highly recommend!"

- K, from Amazon


"A common sense approach on money matters. I very much enjoyed reading Mrs. White's budget book. I grew up in the 1950's and remember the home aspects she wrote about very well. Mrs. White's common sense approach to budgeting is delightful. I am so glad I bought this book."

- genealogy, from Amazon


"A wonderfully refreshing and common sense book! I've enjoyed all the books I've ever read by Sharon White, and this is no exception. This book contains common sense budgeting ideas, talks on sensible living as well. I loved the book, what more can I say? I recommend the book for all ages as I see all age groups and seasons of life succumbing to this never-enough culture. A wonderfully refreshing book. To the point and not over complicated. Bravissimo!"

- artistwriter, from Amazon


"I love this book! I've been reading Mrs. White's blog for a while, and when I saw this book available, I ordered a copy. I've tried almost every kind of budget and can't seem to find a system I can stick with for long. This book explains how to keep a simple budget for someone living on a small income. It is exactly what I needed!

I also loved the encouragement offered, that it is a privilege to be the one who handles the finances. I think this book is going to help me become a better manager of our finances."

- gibbysmon, from Amazon


"Great loving reminder. I love reading stories from Mrs. White. Her view of the world is so inspiring and right on time. She shares how long ago people saved up for gifts and things so that they could be special and treasured. In our Harry world to have and get we tend to overspend. Just a loving reminder to slow down and enjoy what you have and save up for what you want. You’ll appreciate it more."

- MotivatHER, from Amazon 


"I fell in love with Mrs. Sharon White through her blog, The Legacy of Home. Her books are a wonderful extension of the blog. If you are looking for simple, wise and humble advice for your home, do not hesitate to purchase her books. Thank you Mrs. White!"

- Catina, from Amazon


"An Old Fashion Solution. My 61 year old brain is full of so much information on how to handle finances, it's confused. With this book I can at least get a grip on managing our finances in a simple and thorough way."

- Rose, from Amazon


"Wonderful book! Another inspirational and helpful book by Mrs. White, I loved her personal examples, pictures, and ideas on how to manage a small income budget! Truly a delight and pleasure to read! Highly recommend!"

- MM, from Amazon


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Anna said...

I'm going to pray that my husband will say yes to this purchase... :)

Thelma said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the colander centrepieces.
Congratulations on your new book. It will be an inspiration for families.
I am retired and an empty nester. I have grown up in a large family 14 children. I guess that has taught me to save and do with what we have.
I am your newest follower.
I'm happy to have found your blog.

Amelia said...

Oh wonderful! Another new Mrs. White book! : D

I'll be sure to spread the word and purchase a copy too! Our family enjoys your books. This sounds wonderful.

There are so many ways homemakers can make money by saving money.

Have a blessed day!

Deanna said...

I enjoy your blog so very much!
Always a treat to visit,

Mama Said No said...

May I just quietly say....


I have been needing this type of information for years. I can do many things, I have many talents, but just sitting down and making a budget isn't one of my strengths. I need to be shown how to do this, and from what I have seen in your blogs and your books--I am certain that this new book will help me a lot. Ordering now!

BTW--I love seeing your YouTube videos. It not only puts a face with your words, it gives your sweet voice to whatever I read. I have always felt as if you were a good friend giving wise council, and now even more so.

Lana said...

This book will be a blessing for many. I have had a budget that is hand recorded and kept for decades. My kids want me to put it on my computer but my old fashioned way is a comfort to me.

Billie Jo said...

What a wonderful book!
You are so talented, and such a blessing to many.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Sounds like a marvelous book Mrs. White! I've just ordered a copy on Amazon, as I had some $$ to spend there, and I can't wait for my copy to arrive, and I will certainly leave a review for you. Many blessings to you sweet friend!

Jean | said...

Mrs White, what a delightful approach to household budget management! I'm sure it will be helpful to many. There is, I think, a growing interest in living more simply and getting off the consumerism merry-go-round.

Karen Del Tatto said...

I LOVE the premise of this book!! What a wonderful idea!!

It's funny, I'm about to start a new journal for my home bookkeeping, a method I've been using ever since we were married. But until I saw your description, I didn't realize I was essentially doing it the old fashioned way!

I didn't realize you wrote books. May the Lord bless this book abundantly. It looks like a very worthwhile read.

Thanks for sharing.

The 1765 Homestead said...

I am so excited for this book - I got it as an early Christmas present! :)