Friday, June 17, 2016

I Hear Angels Crying

The Garland

In the early morning, here at the Estate, I heard the most sweetest sound. It was a gentle noise from two little grandbabies. They were in their little beds, waking up to a new day.

Their little cries were so precious. They sounded like angels; like baby birds in a delicate nest.  I wanted to run and pick them right up and kiss and hug the dear things!

These babies, and their darling mother, now live with us in an in-law apartment of our home. Helping to care for these children is the greatest "hobby" I could ever have.

When I hear their chatter or their yelling, I want to step right in and take care of them. It is the delight of my life to take care of babies and children. It is an honor to mother them.

But we grandmothers must keep our place of honor. It is the place of standing in the sidelines and watching mothers care for their own babies. We wait until we are called. We offer our humble help as willing servants of motherhood at any time we are needed. 

In this case, the mother of my grandchildren is so kind and tells me I am welcome to help at any time.  I hesitate on the threshold of her doorway and say, "Can I come in?"  With a nod and a smile, I am welcomed.

Then I get right to work.  Does someone need juice? Does another need a story read to them?  Who will let me sing to them?  I clean and tidy, setting up toys and games.

It is the joy of my life to make special treats for these darlings.  I love to sit with them and listen to their chatter.  It is entertaining to stop their childish fights and hear them laugh about it all.  I want to kiss away their tears, listen to them laugh, and cherish their happy faces as they go about their days.

Some may find babies and small chidlren a great deal of trouble.  Caring for them is certainly a great deal of work.  It is a sacrifice of time and energy. Some may complain their cries are annoying. Some may want quiet homes and little noise.

I prefer the patter of delicate feet, and echoes of jubilant laughter throughout the halls and stairwells. I can only hear the sound of angels.  Caring for little ones is the work of Saints. It will make one patient, long-suffering, and loving if one will willingly yield to its work.  It is the greatest missionary effort one could ever do.

Mrs. White

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Monday, June 13, 2016

A Rainy Visit from the Estate

Flowers and Wagon Wheel at our Vermont Estate

It has been raining all day, here at the Estate.  I spent part of the afternoon with three of my grandchildren in one of the larger rooms in our home.  They loved to run over to a large picture window to look out at the falling rain on the front grounds.

These three grandchildren are ages 1, 2 and 3.  These are the ones who live right near us and I am able to spend much time with them. Our other four grandchildren do not live close by, so I only see them on occasion.

I listened to old gospel music on my kitchen radio for most of the day while I did my housework. Just puttering around the house, making beds, straightening chairs, washing counters, and making tea is a peaceful way of passing the time.  This sort of work is restful and a little break. Then I get back to the care and keeping of the family. I enjoy their noise and antics so much more!  I often tell the family that my "breaks" are actually doing the chores. Then I go back to sitting with them, reading to the babies, chatting with my husband and grown children and making sure they have all they need.

Yesterday I wanted to iron my son's shirt for church. When I went to set up the old ironing board, I noticed the "lock" which is supposed to hold it upright (in place) was broken. So I kept it closed and laid it out on a kitchen chair so I could do my ironing. I knelt beside it on the floor and, even though it was difficult work, I loved the scent of the iron and the feel of the warmth on the freshly ironed shirt.  I noticed there is another ironing board (which used to belong to my mother when she lived with us) in a downstairs closet. I will bring it up here and see if it works better than my old one.

I hope to bake some muffins early tomorrow morning.  I like to add a quarter cup of Quaker oats to my chocolate chip muffin recipe. It adds an extra dash of good health and heartiness.  I will send some downstairs to my grandbabies.  There will also be extra here in case one of my grown sons visits us. He is always looking in my kitchen for something special to eat when he is here!

I have been told it will be raining for much of the week.  This makes cozy blankets, parlour chairs, and good books extra special.   I hope to do a lot of reading. But I will most certainly take many "breaks" to do my homemaking chores!

Mrs. White

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Limited Edition Fuego Box for Father's Day

This is a limited edition gift box containing spicy hot sauce.  It is a great idea for Father's Day. One of these arrived here at our Estate today!

The wooden box is nice quality and larger that the picture shows.  It is about 8" by 15" and 5" tall.  The cover slides on and off, making it a nice solid box for storing any number of things.

The box contains the following:

" -Bee Local Hot Honey
-Purple Panda Chili Oil
-Hoff Sauce
-Laguna Salt Smoke Ghost Pepper Salt
-World's 1st Dry Hot Sauce by Vesta"

From what I understand, this is only available for a short time.  Orders placed by June 13, 2016 (today) are expected to arrive in time for Father's Day. 

For more information, please visit the Fuego Box website.

*This item was received for review purposes. To read more about my reviews, please see my disclosure policy. *

Busy Busy book review

 Board Book - Busy, Busy!

Author - Eileen Spinelli

Illustrator - Elina Ellis

Publisher - WorthyKids/Ideals 

Ages 2 - 5 years

I received a beautiful, quality children's book for review.  This is a board book that is durable for small children.  The illustrations are cheerful, pleasant to look at, and nicely colorful.

Each page contains one or two simple sentences, describing what a variety of different animals are doing.  Children will see a smiling bee who is making honey; a Mama bird teaching her baby bird to fly; and a puppy playing in the yard with a ball.  Several more animals are shown in very cute activities. The sentences have a nice flow of a simple rhyming style.  At the end of the book, we see a Mother and her son working together in the garden, with some of the animals nearby.  It is a cute ending and a sweet little book.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Missionary Letters from Home

Fishermen and their Kids Having Church Service Inside of the Old Air Force Chapel

We are getting a lot of reports these days about great entertaining lives.  Many of us are sharing stories of vacations, trips, estate sale finds, supermarket sale shopping, and the accomplishments of each and every one in our families.  These are wonderful. These are exciting. These are a great joy to experience and to read about.

But let us not forget the Missionary letters.

These are the monthly reports from those doing the Lord's work all over the world.  The letters inspire us, educate us, and move us to prayer and action!

We mothers can compose our own type of missionary letters, based on our lives in the home and in our own communities!  We can share reports of the spiritual growth we see around us and share what we are doing to teach and inspire godliness in this corrupt world.  

I once heard a young minister speak in a small country church. He and his family had been overseas many times and were getting ready to spend several years doing the Lord's work on the mission field.  He briefly explained what they were doing.  They would be living their normal life, and raising a family in the middle of the work they were called to do, among those who needed them.  Missionaries are trained in a certain type of work - be it medical, construction, language translation, etc.  They take this specific trade to the mission field and do the Lord's work while living their daily lives. Could we also do something similar right where we are?

There used to be formations of societies with names such as: "Junior Missionary Society" (for the young); "Christian Endeavor Society;" "The Ladies Missionary Society" and more.  These were little social clubs often formed in homes and churches. This was where people gathered together for prayer and to share needs in their neighborhoods, working together to meet those needs. It was like a society of blessings, for the work they did warmed and blessed their hearts, as it helped and blessed the recipients.

I recently read a report from 1949 in Michigan out of the book, "Bringing in the Sheaves." The report was called "God Is My Landlord" and was written by William Engle.  It is about Perry Hayden who was inspired by the Bible verse, John 12:24,

" Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit."

He, along with some others, set out on a 6 year project to plant wheat and to tithe the crop each year.  This attracted the attention of thousands as they watched him succeed year after year. It even attracted the attention of Henry Ford who helped in some of the harvesting.  Each year, a tithe was taken out of the crop and given to churches.  Each year the blessing increased and brought forth a very clear message about tithing. It was an incredible work!

But, you may say, what can we housewives do?  Many of us are busy homeschooling, taking care of babies, and busy with household duties. What kind of work can we do for the Lord?  It is simple. We can teach the children to say their prayers. We can be like a 24 hour- a- day Sunday School teacher as we teach and guide our children through the years. We can visibly take out our own tithe and pray over it with the children, and let them take turns putting it into the offering basket. We can take the time to do Bible studies and prayer meetings with ourselves and those in our own homes. We can turn our houses into work houses for the cause of the Lord!

What might our humble Missionary Letters look like?  Perhaps it will say that, this month, Joey memorized the ten commandments.  Perhaps it will say that a certain sum was earned by the family as a special offering and given to the church building fund.  Perhaps it will say there is growth happening in the neighborhood, in your church, and what is going on with the work of your own lighthouses of holiness.  Perhaps, dear Mothers and Housewives, your Missionary Letters will be a documented account of how you and your family did the Lord's work with all of your hearts, strengths and minds!

You might decide to only share your letters with your own family.  You might share them with others. Or you might put them aside and look back over them to keep up your courage and inspire you to go on with the work, though it is often hard.

 Those Missionary letters of the good work you are all doing will bring a light of cheerfulness to your eyes. They will warm you heart. They will make you want to try harder each and every month, year after year, to cherish your work for the Lord for as long as the vapor of our days will last.

Mrs. White

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