Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Break from Blogging

Country Church

Dear Readers,

I wanted to just share a quick note to let you know that I am not going to be writing here for some time. I hope to be back in late December or early next year.  There are some health difficulties in my family and I am needed.  I need to stop blogging for a time to avoid any pressure or extra work that it may cause. Writing is hard work!  (gentle smiles)  So a rest is in order while my family needs extra care for the next month or two.

I also wanted to tell you that I just published a new book, "Mother's Hour."  

It is just a simple, humble book:

"Mother's Hour

Encouragement from Home for The Christian Housewife

  • Paperback: 128 pages
  • ISBN-10: 0692579974
  • ISBN-13: 978-0692579978
  • 44 Short Chapters - Half from recent posts on this blog, and the other half from my private monthly newsletter that goes out by regular mail, "Letters from the Estate."

Available at Amazon.


Description from the Back Cover:

"There used to be radio programs called, “Gospel Hour” and “The Hymn – Singing Hour” which were a great blessing to many of the Lord’s people. They would pause from their work and sit by the radio to hear the spiritual nourishment. Sometimes they only had a few minutes to spare. Perhaps they only heard the end of the program, or a few minutes in the middle, but this was enough to get them back to a joyful state of mind doing the great work of the Lord in their daily lives. . . .

Mother’s Hour is designed to be a time of refreshment, a time to stop and read a sort of modern day radio program. It contains domestic writings for mothers, wives, and grandmothers. The author wrote these from her home in rural Vermont. Here she shares some of her life as a Christian Housewife. These are like devotionals; some are brief while others are longer. These writings were mostly gleaned from a private monthly newsletter sent to subscribers by “old fashioned” mail. The rest were taken from her blog, “The Legacy of Home.” You'll read "To Earn and Not to Spend" - "The Diary of a Housewife" - "Putting Papa First" - "Setting up Housekeeping" and much more. . . .

Whether you have a few minutes or an entire hour to sit and read, it is the hope of the publisher that you will find encouragement for your work in a Christian Home."


 Thank you so much for all your kind notes of encouragement and support!

 I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your families. May your Christmas be peaceful and joyful. And may your New Year be one of health and happiness.

I will be back as soon as I can.

Mrs. White

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Cozy Humble Home

1911 family working together to earn $3 a week (Library of Congress Archives)

I love old houses with their quaint wallpaper and classic designs.  These places remind me of the simplicity of family life where Mother is always home. She is there when the children come home from school, work, or play.  She is there to comfort them with her great patience and dedication to her family.

In our old house I like to sweep the floors in the evening and turn on the lamps. I straighten up the chairs and make the kitchen and parlour look neat.

There are pretty designs in the old woodwork.   I love to polish the banister that goes down the front staircase. The walls are decorated with old paintings.  The house cost little and so do its furnishings.  It is a humble home.

There is nothing of modern design here.  It is classic and old fashioned.  It is peaceful and pleasant.  On these cool autumn days, it is a joy to walk into the house and feel the warmth from our wood stove.  This brings a cozy feeling of happiness. 

There are many mothers who did not grow up in happy homes.  They may not have had a living example of homemaking, of being a beloved wife and mother.  Sometimes this has to be found in the examples of extended relatives, neighbors, those in the church, or in old books and other types of uplifting literature.

Often the trials and tribulations of life around us make it very difficult to have a cozy life at home.  One must always remember that we must have a will, a determination, to make our homes what they ought to be.  It is up to us to oversee and to do the cleaning. It is up to us to rearrange rooms to make them pleasant. It is up to us to keep our hearts set on things above, through prayer and Bible reading, so that a warmth of holiness strengthens us to do the work of making happy homes.

To have a cozy, humble home is something to strive for.  It is something that will take great effort and work, just like our relationships take much labor.  The most important ingredient to having a happy home is to have a humble, grateful heart.

Mrs. White

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Mrs. White's special book for Homemakers - "Mother's Book of Home Economics."

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

There are Scorners Everywhere

Nature Trail Art Print Poster

There have been many great men in history who have given their time, health, and life to do the Lord's work. They have walked through their lives living the old paths despite scorners and hecklers in the sidelines.  In this great country, those scorners were the minority.  Today, it seems, in these modern days, there are many more scorners than there are people of great moral character, who openly love their Bibles and live noble lives.

I once saw a documentary of the life of Elvis Presley.  He sang old time gospel music with the great quartets like The Blackwood Brothers.  Some of these men said they would sing well into the night with him, on their own time, out of the limelight.  There was great comfort in singing, and in hearing, of hymns and old gospel music.

Every summer, my Uncle's church hosted week - long revival meetings. He was the preacher.  Everyone would get all dressed up, on hot summer evenings, and were so excited to hear his sermons.  We sang the old time songs out of the hymnals, and we would be convicted and strengthened by the powerful message. It brought many to tears.  By the time these weeks were up, we would all go home refreshed and equipped to seek a godly life, despite the scorners around us.

I have heard it said by many a preacher - "A Christian ought to be happy!"  When we have a close walk with the Lord, there is a great feeling of peace and joy in our hearts.  There is such joy that even in dark times, we have a bond with the Lord who comforts us and gives us such peace that the world can never know. This peace makes us happy!

The other day, I had a song in my mind, "I'll Meet You in the Morning" sung by The Blackwood Brothers.  I was searching through my tapes and trying to find the song.  I wanted to do some baking in my kitchen while listening to this particular tape. . .  This often happens to me.  What is familiar to us and what is precious to us, in regards to music or literature, gives us a sort of craving.   In this case, it was a craving for good things.  Sometimes the body craves a certain food and, we are told, that it is because we need a certain vitamin or nutrient and that causes the craving.  This can also happen in spiritual matters. Have you ever had a craving for the sound of "Amazing Grace" or "Peace in the Valley"?  This is a need for a spiritual vitamin to sustain you and to give you courage.

In these days, church attendance is down. Modest dressing is "out of fashion".  Purity, kindness, and the beauty of a consecrated life are rare. People today are made fun of for being sober. They are made fun of for following the Ten Commandments.  They are ridiculed for being "narrow minded" and "prudish."  These slang terms are the world's arrows against those who love the comfort and joy of a godly life.

Do not be weary of prayer meetings, all night gospel singings, tent revival meetings, and the daily time of family worship.  This is the old time religion that will quench the cravings of the soul.

Today, more than ever, we need the strength of godliness and holiness so that no heckler can make us stumble.  No heckler should be able to distract us or divert us from the most beautiful, happy life they may never know.  We must stand strong and continue to love our Bibles, love purity, and love a life of "Amazing Grace."  We are on a narrow, difficult path, toward the gates of Heaven.  But God's children shall all meet up together "over yonder" on that beautiful shore on the greatest "morning" of all.

Mrs. White

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Managing an Unruly and Active Toddler

Mother Holding Baby

It is quite an adventure to be a mother of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Some little ones are so adventurous that it doesn't take long for them to learn to unhook the safety belt in their carriages and highchairs.  They often like to climb on the backs of chairs, step on the shelves of bookcases and anything else that looks dangerous.  This can certainly make a mother exhausted trying to keep him out of harm's way.

One clever mother I know could not get her toddler to take his afternoon nap. He would just run around and play, not staying in his bed.  She tried putting him in his carriage.  Here he was securely buckled with the safety belt, snuggled with his baby blanket, and given a little cup of juice and a snack of crackers.  He was delighted.  He rarely ever fell asleep, but he did lay down and enjoy his snack for a reasonable amount of time so both he and his mother were able to get some rest.  This mother did this every day at the same time each day.  The young one got used to the routine and was happy for his snack and rest time.  One day, however, the little genius learned to scoot in the carriage and make it move despite the locked wheels.  He found a way to get into trouble this way!  His mother started to put blankets securely around the wheels and that stopped him from moving it. Every day for her was an adventure in seeing his mischief and finding a way to make him safe.  It was almost comical!

Some adventurous toddlers know how to climb up on their safety gate in their playrooms. Some have been seen to slither under them to freedom, or climb on them and jump causing them to get hurt. But that doesn't stop them. They just smile and start running to get into mischief.  Have you ever had a child like that?  Obviously the baby gate is designed to keep the child safe, in a baby safe room.  This room would have all his toys and fun (safe) things for him to do. But for him to escape could lead to danger - such as a set of stairs, a wood stove, or the kitchen.  One solution might be to set up two baby gates one over the other.   And, of course, set the bottom one as close to the floor as possible so the child cannot sneak under it.

I have seen one child who, as soon as he finished his lunch, he would unhook his highchair tray, throw it on the floor, and climb down to play.  His mother had to watch him closely, notice when he was just about tired of eating, and clean off the tray before he threw it!  She was in awe of his energy and antics!   But she was right on top of things, always figuring out a way to outsmart him. Or be one step ahead of him.

If you have a child like one  of these - adventurous, a sort of Houdini, a sometimes unruly baby, you are in for the excitement of your life.  Give that little one lots of hugs, plenty of love, laughter, and lots of opportunity to run and play and to get out his energy.  Most likely he will sleep beautifully at night and you will get some rest.

Mrs. White

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 - "Old Fashioned Motherhood - baby and child care advice from a New England Housewife."

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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Illegitimate Family

Family Going to Church on Sunday in Winter

There is such a thing as a legal or legitimate family. This is one where there is a husband and wife and their children.  This is a proper home and considered to be a "good home."   This is where the parents raise up "good girls" and "good boys."  It is a solid home where good values and morals are taught and loved.  It is the ideal where the Bible is paramount. The standards of godly living, prayer, church attendance, the reading of Scripture, family altar, charitable giving, and the service of others are the foundation that keep the home together.

This is a stable home.  It is a place a child will love and remember fondly when he is grown.  

Many years ago, if a child was born outside of wedlock, the clerk would stamp "illegitimate" (or a much harsher term) on the birth certificate. 

An illegitimate baby had a stigma attached to the child for its entire life.  It meant that this child was not "issued" from a married mother and father.  It did not come out of a pure and holy union (a legal union).  When this child grew up and wanted to marry, the records would come up letting all know that this person was from an "illegitimate" union, which was very sad and certainly unfair to the innocent child!

A fear of having this stamped on a legal document made many women marry quickly.  Marriage before the birth protected both the good name of the mother and the good name of the child.  Marriage helped establish a legal family and start a proper home.

In 1936, the first law was passed, in the state of Texas, to remove the word "illegitimate" from birth certificates.  There was opposition to this law, arguing that it would destroy the "sanctity of the home."  While it is true that our society has changed drastically since this time period, there is also some truth to the fact that a "legal" home, or one of Biblical values and morals, is more rare than not.

Today, Mothers and Fathers are not in any hurry to marry. It is okay, in the eyes of our culture, to live together without first having a wedding. It is even common to move around from house to house and from person to person, without the stability of having the same mother and father through one's childhood.
This ought not to be!

There should be a call from the older and wiser to teach the next generation that a legitimate family is a beautiful and necessary thing.  Biblical standards are not outdated.  There is an incredible blessing when one follows the path to a sanctified home and strives for a holy and pure family life starting with a wedding.

 In these days, homes across the land can be restored and "legitimate" by taking those simple steps of getting married and committing to the family unit regardless of the popularity of marriage, or the financial difficulties!

Certainly, this may not be possible in all situations, but it should be the goal for every home to one day be "legitimate."  What a wonderful ambition is this, to restore godliness and happy homes to Biblical standards, bringing back the sanctity of the home!

Mrs. White

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