Friday, August 26, 2016

Just a Housewife

Mrs. White's Parlour in Vermont

There is something very special about being a wife and mother.  It is an honor and a privilege.  It was a common custom, that when a lady got married, she gave up her job and planned to be a housewife. 

In many old movies, you hear a marriage proposal from a gentleman offering his girl a "job for life" of "making his breakfast every morning."  The acceptance of the proposal was always a delight to see.  It was a happy offer to be a housewife.

Times have changed so much.  You can see this very clearly when watching television of different time periods.

 In the 1970's, "The Bob Newhart" show has some interesting dialog about women's liberation.  The main characters were Dr. Hartley and his wife Emily.  The neighbor across the hall, of their apartment complex, was a kind airplane pilot. He visited the Hartleys frequently.  You can see him just about to pull out a kitchen chair for Emily to sit, as was the custom of gentlemen.  Then he hesitates, saying, he forgot about women's lib and apologizes to her.  He also tries to open the door for her, but backs off with a laugh, saying he is still learning about women's liberation.  He handled it with laughs and a sweet demeanor. But the message is clear. (When did manners go out of fashion?)

During this time, "All in the Family" had a specific episode in season 2 about women's lib. Archie and his wife Edith visit cousin Maude for her daughter, Carol's, wedding.  It gets difficult and sad.  The night before the wedding, Carol's fiance, David, tells her he just bought a house.  She gets mad.  He talks about how nice the house is and how big the kitchen is. She gets madder.  She is divorced and has a child and wants to be "free" and decides getting married to David would be a big mistake.  She wanted to keep her job and continue her life as it was.  He was shocked and hurt. The wedding was called off. She was thrilled and toasted to freedom and women's liberation.  (What is wrong with being a housewife and mother at home?  Why the anger and hostility?)

On the other hand, in 1951, a movie starring Clifton Webb, called "Elopement" clearly showed the traditional attitude of the value of being a housewife.  The daughter in this movie was a brilliant student who had a scholarship to an engineer school overseas.  She was a talented designer and inventor who just graduated high school. She was to leave the next day, heading off to college.  Her plans were changed suddenly when she was asked to be the wife of one of the teachers. They went off to elope that evening.  Her family was shocked but her father explained that she wasn't throwing away her future by giving up college and getting married. He said she would use all her talents in the home as an incredible wife and mother.  All was well. Everyone was happy.

It used to be common that schools had a Home Economics curriculum offered to students. Most girls took these courses, and learned many skills including: Child care, Nutrition, Decorating, Cooking, and Sewing.  These programs helped train young girls to be talented and valuable wives and mothers at home.  Today, sadly, very few girls choose to take these types of classes anymore. It has gotten so out of fashion that the name "Home Economics" has been changed to simply "Dressmaking and design" or "Culinary Arts."  These are intended for girls who want these to be their working careers rather than for use in a home.

In these modern days, we do not need to accept the common ways of our culture, which says that being a housewife is a dying work.  Despite television and movies depicting dual career couples as normal living, there are still many who are traditional housewives and many who want to be housewives.

A woman at home, one who loves her job as a homemaker, is a joy to be around. She has all the time in the world to patiently care for her family. She manages the kitchen, the housework, and the family with love and skill. She cares for her husband and children like a precious, talented hostess.  She is an asset to home life.

To be a traditional housewife in a godly home is one of the greatest jobs available to women. It is something to strive for. It is the ideal life in a world that is out of control.  To uphold the image of virtue, morals, dignity, manners, and selfless service, is the work of Christian homemakers.  If every home had a housewife, how very fortunate husbands and children would be.

Mrs. White

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Review - Happy Birthday to You Board Book

Board Book - Happy Birthday to You

Author - Michelle Medlock Adams

Illustrator - Sandra Rodriguez

Pages - 16 pages

Publisher - Worthy Kids / Ideals

This is an adorable book for young children. It is full of bright, cheerful illustrations. The story has a few short rhyming sentences on each page, making it fun to read and enjoyable for children to listen.

The family bakes a cake, decorates for the birthday party, welcomes guests, plays games, and enjoys the day.  It is upbeat and exciting.

This is a musical book. There is a button on the top of the book. Just press and hear catchy "happy birthday" music.  At the end of the music, you will hear the sound of children's voices saying, "happy birthday," which sounds so sweet!

There is a very special wording at the end of the story:

"And when your birthday's
almost through,
I'll say a prayer
of thanks for you."

On the last page of the book, there is a place to write "to" and "from."  There is also a pocket where you can insert a photo of the birthday child.

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes. To find out more about my reviews, please visit my disclosure page.*

Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Joyful Time at Home
Visiting by the back fence at Mrs White's Vermont Estate

We had a nice rain today. It has helped bring some cool air to the Estate. I spent a great deal of time with some of my grandbabies this weekend. They brought so much excitement and noise into each room! And with their wonderful noise came a tornado of a mess. It was very precious. I tidied up as we visited.

One of the children saw me cleaning and wanted to help. He saw that working with Grandmother was fun. I gave him the dustpan and showed him how to clean up a small mess of crumbs from their snack.  Then when my back was turned, he ran over to several cans of playdough and picked it all up and put it away. He came running to hug me and tell me what he did. I was delighted and so proud!

Each time the children went out of one of the rooms for their lunch, or for a nap, or some time outdoors, I would work picking up books, cards, pillows and shoes. I was so grateful to have this mess as a reminder that my grandbabies were in my home and I had the honor of helping to care for them.

The main rooms were soon fresh and clean and ready for them to enjoy again, when the children returned. And yes, that meant more messes for me to clean. But what a joyful kind of mess to have to clean from little treasures!

When I need something done, I will ask one of the babies for help. "Will you close that door for me?" I ask the 2 year old, and she says, "Sure!" and runs to help me.  Or, I will ask one of the little ones to go to the sideboard table and get a napkin for the table. They love to help and feel proud of their "work."

 I have special books for little ones.  This afternoon, I sat with a 2 year old and read about a little boy who goes to church with his family. The baby loved to see all the pictures and enjoyed the story so much, she wanted to take it "home" with her.  (gentle smiles).  For me, I know that if the babies take the extra good books, I might never see them again because someone will surely rip them up, as babies are known to do.  But I was able to secretly "rescue" the book and put it back where it will be safe.

I also have "special" toys I keep here at my house, which I say belong to "Grandmother." I am happy to share them here, and the children can use them all they want when they are here, but they do not go home with anyone.  That way they stay special and the children look forward to playing with them here. This does, however, present some fun moments.

I have puzzles and books that did not cost much money and are easily replaced.  One of my grandsons was playing with a puzzle that he loved so much, he wanted to take it home.  When he found out it was okay with me, and that he could have it, he was so happy.  I often try to make sure I have something the children can keep.  When that is not possible, I try to have some baked goods or treats they will enjoy.

After the children are back in their own homes, it gets very quiet here at the Estate. But it is time for a much needed rest. I sleep and take many breaks so I am strong enough for company.  I try to always be ready for whenever we have visitors of little babies, children, and grandchildren. It is a joyful time to be home!

Mrs. White

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Technical Difficulties

Screen Tent in the  Rain at Mrs. White's Estate

My boys set up a screen tent for me at the back of the Estate. It is right by my strawberry garden.  It is also near the rushing river that is on the edge of the property. It is a peaceful spot.

The first morning, the rain started to pour.  It was not many days or rainstorms that the tent finally caved in. (gentle smiles)  Each time it rained I tried to push the rain up off the roof from inside, but it was too heavy for me. When the boys were home, they fixed it very quickly. They are tall and strong, unlike me.

I have given up on the tent. It is on the ground at the moment.  It is too much work for me.  This is not something I can maintain. It is beyond my capabilities.  But I did enjoy the tent when I was able to use it.

I have been extremely worn out lately, not able to do very much at all.  It has been weeks since I have felt well.  I am having Technical difficulties.  Yet, I will not give up on myself.  I will not give in to this.

The other morning, I made a batch of muffins for breakfast.  I barely got started before I felt weak and worn out. I had to take many breaks. But finally, I got the muffins baked and was able to rest.

Yesterday, I forced myself to go to church.  It was a beautiful service, with a wonderful sermon. I loved it. We sang old time hymns from the hymn book.  We said prayers.  Then I went home to bed for most of the rest of the day. I was exhausted.

Each day, I will keep trying to get up. I will keep working at whatever I am able to do.  This will pass. It always does. Trials and troubles and sickness come to us all.  We should never give up.  We are called to "occupy" until the Lord comes.  We are to keep serving in our homes and families, even if we have to take many breaks.

I sat with some of the grandbabies late yesterday afternoon. We were out on the porch sitting on chairs, their Mother and I.  We visited and watched as the babies had a wonderful time. They brighten my days and keep me going.

I will get better. I have had many comebacks.  I have been knocked down many times. But I will get up again and all will be well. 

It is a sacrifice of self to help and care for others. It is tiring work to do for others, rather than living for self. It is an incredible honor to be about the Master's business. He will sustain us.  Then later, when our work is done, he will lead us to glory.

Mrs. White

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Serving Mister

It used to be that a wife was greatly needed to make a home a place of rest and refreshment for her family. I remember seeing my Uncle (a preacher in the south) and Aunt in their home.  They lived in a trailer on some acres of land out in the country. It was a wonderful place to visit.

My Uncle had a recliner and he would sit there at the end of the day, watching the news on television while his wife prepared supper.  She made all the meals in the home and kept a clean and lovely home.  She made sure he had a glass of iced tea on hot summer days, and had his coffee ready when he needed it.  They were a happy and lovely couple, each knowing what jobs they were to do to have a happy marriage and a happy home.  My Uncle worked at a regular job and he also worked in the church as the preacher.  He preached the sermons, studied his Bible, prayed, visited the sick, took care of the congregation, provided for his family, and rested in his home. He was able to do all these things because he had a dedicated, loving wife at home.

My mother took care of my father. She served him, out of love and respect. They adored each other, always wanting to do special things for one another to show they were loved.  But Mother did the homekeeping.  She made the coffee, cooked the meals and cleaned the house.  Our home was a place of rest.  There was no bickering, or fights about who was supposed to do the laundry. There were no complaints about all the cooking and cleaning.  Mother would never even think of saying to Dad, "You get your own coffee, you have two feet. Get it yourself."  That was not the kind of home we had.  I think those types of fights are from people who tend to be either over-stressed or selfish.

I realize we are all imperfect people, doing our best in whatever work we are given to do in this life.  We also have to serve imperfect people, and sometimes that means doing nice things for people who are grumpy. (gentle smiles). But there is an angelic way of serving others. It is a way to do kind things, taking care of them, even when there is no reward.   Most all husbands have moments of irritability. This is especially common because they work out in a stressful word.  But a wife who takes care of her "Mister" regardless of his disposition, is a great blessing to her family. Her job is to create a bit of heaven on earth by being a homemaker.  Her job is so important to her husband, whether anyone realizes it or not!

The other day, I noticed my husband was in a tremendous amount of pain. I noticed this only because he was extra grumpy and short tempered. So I brought him a cup of coffee, and made sure he was comfortable in his chair.  I sweetly asked if there was anything else he needed, then I got back to my kitchen to do the dishes while listening to precious old gospel songs on the radio.   There is no way to serve our husbands in a sweet and sacrificial way unless we are full of the joy of the Lord.

There is a way to be an angelic wife.  We need to start fresh each day to do better. Here are some ways of becoming a loving servant in the home:

1.  Take time to read much of the Bible.

2.  Pray at regular times and throughout the day. (Thanksgiving prayers, and for help.)

3. Listen to sermons on CD, or on the computer, or read over your notes from church services.

4. Do your very best to attend a good, old fashioned church each week.

5.  Take extra effort and care each day to go out of your way to do something kind for your husband. (Such as making his favorite dessert, ironing his favorite shirt, serving his dinner before anyone else, telling him you appreciate him, etc.)

The kinder you are to your husband, the softer his heart will be towards you.  Every time we serve our husbands in the home, by cooking the meals, cleaning the house, taking care of the children (in a loving and grateful way) we are serving the Lord.  That is the most important thing.  Being a good wife is serving the Lord.  When we do this cheerfully and happily, we will be rewarded with a grateful and happy husband.

It is the happiest moment in my day, when I bring Mister his coffee and see him smile a loving smile.  I am doing what my mother and aunt and all the wonderful wives before me have done all along.  It is the secret of a happy godly marriage - to serve our husbands in the home.

Mrs. White

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