Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Introduction to Home Economics - My New Book

Cover of Mrs. White's new book.

For the past year, I have been working on a little homemaking course. I had elaborate plans and wanted to share such projects as making a pretty pillowcase (complete with photographs for hand-sewing), tips on cleaning, and working in the kitchen.  But it became so complicated that I gave up!

Eventually, over a period of several months, I realized I could only do something very simple and basic.  I would include a large gathering of my writings from the last 2 years, as well as three easy projects for the reader. 

The book is now published and is available for sale in paperback.

One of the projects includes detailed information about setting up a "House Account." Many have asked me to show a picture of the inside of my financial journal. I created a fictitious one, based on my personal spending.  The picture is inside this book.  I hope the description and instructions will help those who have shown an interest.

There are a total of 72 short "chapters" which contain many writings from my private newsletter. These include daily life as a homemaker and grandmother.  One of my favorites is called "The Little Mother" about my 3 year old granddaughter who is such a delight.  Some of the writings also include many blog posts, from here, over the last 2 years.

The process of doing the book was very time consuming, but I loved picking out some peaceful photographs to share.  These include some I have posted here on the blog recently, such as a covered bridge here in Vermont.  Here is a picture of my binder where the manuscript was kept while I did the editing and proofreading.

Binder notebook for Mrs. White's manuscript.

I enjoyed looking at the cover of the book, which includes a picture of a beautiful teacup given to me by a dear friend.  There is also a teapot and creamer, which was given to me by another dear one.  I printed up the cover-art to place in front of the binder.

Binder containing the manuscript for editing and proofreading of Mrs. White's book.

I am relieved the book is finished.  Here is a description from the back of the book:

"Whether you are currently a homemaker or want training in your future vocation at home, this course will provide a peaceful and pleasant study. There are 3 units with subjects covering life and lessons on:  "Family and Home;" "New England Thrift;"  and "To Be a Lady."     You will also find space provided for a "homemaker's diary."     There are three projects to complete along with each unit. You will learn: How to keep a financial record for the home by setting up a "House Account." How to set up a simple menu plan. How to do a cleaning challenge.    The foundation of the course is found in essays of instruction and encouragement, through reading about the daily life of a New England Homemaker.

This 200 - page, paperback book is called:

  It is available for sale at Amazon.   This is just a very plain, basic, simple book. But I hope it encourages you and gives you some ideas for your own home. 

Any help in spreading the word would be very much appreciated.  Also, if you are able to write a review on Amazon, it would be so helpful! Thank you so much!

Mrs. White

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ladypinktulip said...

I will look forward to this new book. I have so enjoyed reading all your other books. They have inspired me and often comforted me. Thank you for sharing the blessing of ordinary days in the life of a homemaker. Kelly T.

Elle said...

Went and ordered my copy. Will be looking forward to it's arrival.

Thank you :) I love reading your posts and I'm hoping the new book will have some tips for making the household accounts easier. I do not like doing those myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I went to amazon to order and it said it was out of print. Will there be more coming soon? I love your blog and look forward to reading each post.

Deanna said...

That is wonderful! You are an inspiration,

Kim said...

Please let us know if you will have another printing. I went to order and they were all gone.

Mrs. White said...

Thank you for the well wishes. I am so grateful for your encouragement!

The "out of print notice" should be temporary. I apologize for this! I hope it will be resolved sometime today. Thank you for your patience.

Blessings Mrs. White

Mrs. White said...

I just checked Amazon and it is now available again. Thank you for your patience!

Anonymous said...

I am SO HAPPY!!!! I will order it now and anxiously await its arrival.Thank you for sharing yourself and encouraging others.
Much love to you,
Marybeth Ferrie

Anonymous said...

HI Mrs Sharon White
I can't wait to read this new book! I'm ordering it today!!

I've got all of your books. Please consider making a book of all the blog posts and . photographs you put on your blog.. Your blog is my favorite. Keep up the great work, as . you bless many.

God Bless You!

The Dixie Cajun said...

Ordered my copy. Can't wait to get it. <3

Blessed Homemaking said...

Dear Mrs. White,

Your books are such a lovely encouragement. I am so happy I can still get them here. I hope to order your new one soon. Also, please let me know if you would like me to include you on my email update list of our family life over here. Are you still sending out your newsletters?

Many blessings ♥

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Congratulations on your new book!

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

God's continued blessings on you ~ FlowerLady

Gigi said...

Oh, how exciting! I would LOVE to read this book! Would you consider sending me an email ... I have a question regarding a book review ... gillianclairgauthier@gmail.com
Thank you!

Deborah Montgomery said...

Congratulations on your new book. That's quite an accomplishment. I was over on Amazon and didn't realize you have written so many. I agree with you, marketing is a whole other thing; I haven't known how to market my book either. I think that's a whole other skill set! xo Deborah

Unknown said...

I am so excited to read this! God Bless you! I cherish this blog!

Karen Andreola said...

How exciting to have your new book out. It sounds both practical and inspirational.