Monday, January 3, 2011

It is our Night Time - Reflecting on Life

Bridge Cottage, Winter

I have noticed that children get bored easily. Mr. White and I rested all weekend, but the children were full of energy. I spent much of yesterday in the living room sitting near the wood stove. I had a blanket and pillow and snuggled up in my chair. I am old. And yet, I am young. But I don't have the energy and ambition of my teenagers.

I was trying to explain this to Nicole (21) the other day. She wanted to know why we old people just spend a normal routine at home and are happy about it. It sounded boring to her. (smiles) I told her that it is like a long day of activity. You wake up early, get plenty of things accomplished, have an adventurous time with lots of things going on, and then, late at night, you go home tired and want to rest. This is like our advancing age. When Mr. White and I were young and active, it was our morning. Later our adventures came as we raised the children. Now it is our night time. We are tired and resting. And it is pleasant.

Mrs. White

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Dawn E. Brown said...

This posting is so peaceful. My dear hubby and I are at this stage as well. Our last Son is to be married in May, we are in the Fall season of our lives. Spring and summer were wonderful,require much more energy. God knows that is why we have our children when we are young, the energy is not here anymore. We love being grandparents to our 6 month old grandson,we enjoy quiet eves together, reading our Bibles, I do needlework, while he writes, it is joyous.Finding joy in the season of life you are in is a magical gift. Blessings to you.

Made By Gen said...

Nice post. I am following you back. See you.

csmsand said...

Your family is Beautiful! I love the picts of them on the right. I'm your newest follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday.
Sabrina -

Rose said...

Great post! Thank you for stopping by and following Tips for Saving... I am now following you back.

Lisa Maria said...

I recently wrote something similar, in recognition of the fact that my season of life is changing.. mine is a little strange though, because I had a lagniappe child who is now four while the others are almost 20, 18 and 14. So, while I feel like you do, I still have to keep going for this last one... sigh... thank God her sisters love to fill in the gaps for me.

Love & Blessings

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