Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home is Everything

Autumn Dusk

My husband was overly happy the other day. I got suspicious. I looked over at him and said, "Are you working today?"

"No. I have the day off."

I thought he was teasing. What a mean trick. I asked him again, "Please tell me the truth. Are you working?"

He smiled and said, "No."

I jumped up and hugged him. I was so excited! He would be home with us for an extra day.

The children all knew. They were instructed not to tell me. Mr. White would rather I was surprised. He loves to see that childlike excitement in my eyes - like he has given me the greatest present on earth.

We had a wonderful day here at home. We did chores, went for a drive, had homemade pizza and rested when we could.

Yet, It didn't matter what we did or where we went.  Whenever Mr. White is around - there is this sense of comfort and security I have. I feel like he is the most important part of HOME.

. . . And Home is Everything.

Mrs. White

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jeana said...

I love that. I feel the exact same way, and my husband does the same trick to me. So glad you enjoyed your extra day!

Claire said...

What a lovely surprise!


Michelle said...

He did it again?!!:O What a wonderful, mean guy:)

I remember you writing a post about that some time ago. My hubby did that to me a couple of months ago! It was awesome!

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