Monday, July 18, 2011

The Neglected Garden

Timeless Grace

I went to my mother's porch a few days ago. I walked along, looking at all her plants. She had so many colorful flower boxes, sitting on top of the railing.  There was also a large tomato plant on the floor. She had all kinds of flowers growing in different planters.

As I walked, I realized the great neglect. Mother is away and asked me to take care of her plants.  I had agreed to water them - to visit them.  I had planned to go out there each day and tend to her beautiful porch garden.  But on the first day, it rained. On the second day, it rained again. I didn't think the flowers needed me. So I stayed indoors.  By the end of the week, I suddenly realized I needed to check on them.  But it was too late.

The flowers were dying. They had been abandoned. They were forlorn and pitiful because of my careless neglect.

I quickly found a watering can and tried to revive them. For two straight days, I diligently tended them. They are showing no progress.

This reminds me of my home. It can be temping to ignore all the work I have to do. It is easy to just put it off . . . But this will lead to a forlorn place. . .  It will not look like a lovely garden. Weeds will spring forth. Flowers will wilt. Doom and gloom will be the aura of an abandoned home. It would be a sad place indeed, if I neglect my home, the way I neglected Mother's garden.

Mrs. White

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Dawn E. Brown said...

Amen to your posting, lovely reminder to me, it takes real effort to create and keep a home for our dear families to come home to. May I be disciplined in this area. I so much enjoy your postings, I can relate with so many of them. I no longer have children at home, so it is a bit different. Our youngest son married 2 months ago at the age of 21. He married a dear Christian young lady and while I am so happy for him, I deal with a sense of loss, now that my last one has left our nest.God has a new season for my sweet husband and I . we are married 31 years, 3 grown children and 1 dear grandson.So, I at times am envious of people like yourself, who still have younger ones at home yet. God bless you as you serve him. Dawn E. Brown

Anonymous said...

Yes. Absolutely. I must watch myself making excuses for not living up to my integrity and responsibilities. It all seems to boil down to sheer laziness.

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