Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Romance of Home

Arbor Cottage

Do you yearn for home when you are away? Is there a homesickness that makes you weary of the world? Our homes should be lovely and pleasant places. We should be the creative force behind the production of happy families. 

So often, we mothers get tired and caught up in our troubles, that we forget to remember the old days. When we were young, we longed for a home of our own. We longed for marriage and children. We romanticized a charming life in a grown up world.  We were eager and ready to make the effort of happiness.

Now that the years have passed, it is time to re-evaluate our situation. I hear of so many people frustrated because life has gotten harder. Worries become burdens. Many watch the courtship and happiness of new young couples with a sadness - like they are missing out on something precious.

When Dad comes home from work, is he greeted with cheer? When the children come home from their play, or their jobs, are they happy to be there?  When Mother has been out grocery shopping, does she drive in the driveway thankful to be back?

Here are a few ideas to help create an environment of a romantic home:

1. Have clean, fresh curtains in the living room - homemade, or lace, or whatever you like best. 

I remember, in the old days, sitting in the car while my husband drove us up to his parents home. There were beautiful, lace curtains in the kitchen window. They were charming.  I have also seen lovely homemade curtains in some homes that just made things look so nice and well cared for. This is part of romance - part of creating beauty.

2. Keep a tidy kitchen, with a few simple decorative items.

We do the best we can to keep our kitchens looking nice. Food is so comforting. You hear of husbands and grown children talking about missing home-cooking and you know how important it is to have a kitchen which is ready for hospitality. If there are stacks of dishes, and no time to clean, just do what you can to make that mess look neater. Wipe down counters, sink, and stove. Sweep the floor.  Have a few pretty things decorating the wall - even if it is artwork from the children. Just have something in that room to show that it is used and loved. There is fondness in romance.

3. Dress neatly and present yourself in a pleasant manner.

Keeping ourselves neat, even in casual clothes, sends a message that we care.  We inspire those around us to want to be neat and pleasant. I remember when my girls were very little. If they did not get dressed and fix their hair in the morning, they were irritable and difficult, until they took the time to prepare for the day.  There is beauty in romance.

4. In the evenings, try to have dim lights or candles with soothing, pleasant music playing softly.

This helps set a peaceful mood. It helps the family settle down. Sometimes, when mother has that gentle music playing and she smiles at her family, all the troubles and arguments seem to fade away.  There is serenity in romance.

5. Avoid discussing problems and troubles other than at a set time. 

I remember during my childhood. My Father would come home from work around 4 in the afternoon. We children stayed in the living room, or outside while Mother and Dad sat at the kitchen table to talk and visit. They discussed any troubles of the day, without any distraction or interference. When they were finished, we would happily visit with Dad and help Mom get the supper ready. The rest of the evening was happy and a time of contentment for us all. We felt secure and settled.  There is tranquility in romance.

In order to have happy homes, we need to find ways of dealing with the trials of life. We need to create homes that our families will yearn for. We want them to be wooed back home, when they are away. We want them to yearn and long - for their romantic homes.

Mrs. White

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Nicole said...

Great reminders! Thanks! I definitely picked up on a couple of thing where I could improve.

Dolores Lynn said...

What a beautiful post, Mrs. White. I am going to buy some lace curtains and follow your other tips too!

Sherri B. said...

I am new to your blog and so enjoy the thoughtful tips you offer..Have a wonderful weekend.

Laura in AZ said...

Hi Mrs. White,
I need to work on #5.
Twenty-five years of marriage have taught me that timing is everything. When our kids were little, my husband and I would discuss troubles while the kids were outside playing, much like the scene you described.
As the kids have gotten older and less predictable, those quiet uninterrupted moments are harder to come by.
Thanks for the reminder that we need to make the effort to set aside that quiet time and not let it slip away as the kids grow up.

Barbara said...

This post helped me make a decision. I do need to get some pretty curtains for my living room. The blinds that were here when me moved in almost a decade ago are breaking, and I didn't like them in the first place. My living room is missing the softening touch of curtains. My God help me find some ones that are suitable, and affordable.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

Oh, this post really spoke to my hear today. So beautiful and oh, so true. Sometimes as full-time Homemakers, we do forget what a wonderful blessing it is to serve our families in our homes. We can never take this blessing for granted, never!

Thank you for giving us some pointers on making our homes more inviting to our families. I will certainly keep them in mind.

-L. Rose

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

What a beautiful post. I have fond memories of my parents locking themselves in their bedroom to chat about the day before we would move on to dinner and the rest of the evening routine. There was something about it that made us feel so secure, safe and loved.

Finding Joy said...

Great tips. Being cheerful at the end of a day can be hard work, but putting in the extra effort is well worth it:)

Have a lovely week.

Nicole said...

Absolutely wonderful post! I loved it and was very encouraged on it. Definitely will apply some of these tips.


How how true!!

I'm doing my best to do it all. And, it is pleasing for us mom to have a home like that too. Isn't it?


Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Very good post!