Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aging Gracefully

Elderly Woman Knitting

Mr. White and I were watching a Hallmark movie the other night. The elderly mother in the program had me puzzled. She looked familiar. Halfway through the movie, I realized she was Shelley Long! She had aged. But still had her charm.

I have watched many old movies starring people like Myrna Loy (in the original Cheaper By the Dozen). I was also startled to see photographs of her in her older years. Age does some powerful things to a person.  But some, like Myrna, age with beauty and grace.

We have a neighbor who is in her 80's. She still paints her nails, wears blush and dyes her hair black. She has lovely manners and charm. She is an elegant person and very sweet and kind to all.

I think that to age gracefully, mostly means that we are sweet natured. The kindness exudes a beauty and glow like none other.  The older and more frail I become, the sweeter and calmer I want to be.

This past week, I have felt crippled. I am back to using my cane again. I realize this confuses everyone around me. Sometimes my husband teases me because I look young.

Summer 2011

 I know it is strange to see me walking with a cane, and at times, shaking as I walk. But those things pass and my health improves so much that I can workout consistently, walk briskly on my own and be energetic! It's quite a contrast. However, I know the crippling will continue with age. I prepare for it by watching the lives of older people I admire.

My sweet Mother-in-law, always had her nails done, her hair fixed up and a kind smile on her face. She knitted and gardened and did her very best to look presentable, even through a ravaging illness that took her life a few years ago.

My own mother walks very slowly. She is often seen with a cane. She can't hear well, but has a kind, pleasant demeanor. She is loved by all around her. This, I think, is the essence of aging gracefully - when one attracts the love and devotion of others.

Mrs. White

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Cathytress said...

Very timely Mrs. White. I look young too but have been wracked with pain and suffering much weakness lately. It's very humbling, especially considering that older people have such pain and weakness daily rather than occasionally. I love the idea of becoming calmer and sweeter with age and will definitely aim for that!

Jacqueline @ said...

Thank you, Mrs. White! This is timely for me as well. I will be 60 in February, and have realized the years have crept up so silently...I am thankful the Lord is at work, and we can trust him for all seasons of life. I would love it if you'd consider sharing this today as a link-up to my blog. Many read these posts and some leave comments. I think you are lovely! And, I can pray for you to get stronger if you have a condition that is helped my certain supplements. I wouldn't be w/o turmeric, garlic, ALA/ALC, ginseng, antaxanthin, (esp. niacinamide), flax seed oil, grapeseed extract, and a few others every day!

Anonymous said...

I pray that God's strength be perfected in your weakness and you be restored. You indeed bless me with your posts!

thecedartree said...

Yours is a beauty that radiates from within and reflects even in your writings. Get well soon and God bless you!

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Your post was refreshing in a culture that fears aging. At 52, I'm finding that aging brings physical issues, but I enjoy life much more than I did in my younger years. I am choosing to continue to find many things to enjoy as the years pass.
I'm so sorry to hear you're not well. My prayers are with you for abundant health........Denise

Sherri B. said...

Great post! I think about the way the elderly are treated all of the time. My grandmother also painted her nails until her death in her 80's! - You look very lovely in your picture! xo

Cathy said...

Mrs. White, I'm glad you posted this today. I've been enjoying your blog for a year, and I always wondered what you meant when you would mention your tired spells. I will be praying for you. I enjoy your blog so much, and my married daughters and daughter in law also are encouraged by it. With homes full of babies/diapers/ laundry, etc., they need all the encouragement they can get. As far as aging gracefully, my mother in law, and my husband's grandmother were both very gracious and kind, with very sweet countenances, kept their hair and make up nice, and took care to dress nicely. It showed outwardly what was inside. That they were thankful for the life God had given them.

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White. Sending my love to you from Kansas.
My prayer as a high schooler was to age gracefully!

I have aged! I'm still not sure I like all the elements of aging. It takes me by surprise.

As I looked at some dated Christmas Ornaments on my tree this year and saw dates from the 80s... my eyes bugged out. How can this be? Time has slipped away from me and I was saying, "It can't be that so much time has passed."

I continues and I must as well.

Thinking about you as I type and praying that you have a blessed new year.
God bless you!

Debbi said...

Great post. I take care of an 84 year young lady who still has her hair done weekly, nails done, full make up daily and dresses nice and neatly everyday. You can grow older gracefully. Both my grandmothers were always dressed neat and lady like everyday. You never knew who would be calling.

Debbie S. said...

I'm sorry that you are physically suffering, but, you are still such a beautiful writer:)

Your grace and integrity are such an inspiration to your fellow bloggers.

Thanks for writing every day, in spite of how you are feeling.


Heather said...

You are beautiful, just as God created you. Your blog is wonderful and fills me with joy. Thank you and many blessings.

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