Friday, December 9, 2011

Tonight's View From the Kitchen

I was just making dinner and looked out into the parlour. I felt the warmth of the stove and enjoyed the scent of cranberries from a candle on the table.

I could see all the snow outside our windows. It looked so pretty and peaceful here. I wanted to share.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. White

Treating an old home like a special place - Cleaning the Museum.

Is this true? - Only Rich People Have Clean Houses.

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Briana said...

Lovely. It looks so warm and cozy. Great fitness week! I hope you find lots of yummy nourishing snacks to make eating easier.

Katrinka said...

Very cozy space! I've noticed with many of your photos that your rooms seem to be very simply decorated without a lot of clutter, which probably makes it so much easier to clean. Is this typical of your whole home? How do you keep the clutter down so nicely with such a large home and family? ... I am so sentimental and have so many things sitting around...

Mrs. White said...


We have 14 rooms here so there is lots of space. I have a sewing room off my bedroom, on the second floor. This is a storage room where I keep my library of books, extra canned goods, paperwork, and my bureua for clothes and sewing supplies. It is not very organized in there and is unheated making it cold in the winter. I also keep 2 of my rocking chairs in there, which belonged to my grandmothers. The room is my project. But that is basically why the rest of my rooms are mostly uncluttered.

I love the rooms to be simply decorated. It certainly does make it easier to keep neat and clean.

Mrs. White

Mrs. Lewis said...


Mary P said...

That room looks beautiful, and it looks like you'd be so warm and cozy while looking out at the snow. I love our fireplace, for the warmth and just the "feel" it gives the house on a chilly day.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Definitely looks peaceful.

Laura Lane said...

Oh so nice. We live in Missouri. It doesn't look like a white Christmas for us.

Elle said...

That is lovely. It is nice to feel all snug and warm when it is cold and snowy outside.

Katrinka said...

This is so lovely and restful! I am inspired to follow your example!

RebeccaL. said...

I love it!

Joy said...

Dear Mrs. White,

What a warm and cozy photo! I'm following you now! :)

Kim said...

Simply stated....Beautiful! Not to mention...Welcoming. Thanks for sharing. :)

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White.
Lovely room.
Enjoyed visiting,

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