Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Time to Make the Rooms Shine

Tuscan Bedroom

I spent hours sitting by the window this morning. My only student sat nearby. We had blankets and pillows and piles of books.  It was a studious time of enjoying literature.  After awhile, we had beverages and toast. Then it was time to get to work.

I put on my apron and assessed the condition of the kitchen.  I piled dishes in the sink to soak in hot, sudsy water. Then I decided to clean the parlour instead.  (gentle smiles)

I lit a mint-chocolate-chip scented candle. It sat next to my forlorn, wilting flower plant. (A gardener, sadly, I am not.)   Then I got the pledge and a dust rag. I polished the end-table. . the lamp. . the large table, the hutch and the wood pellet stove. Then I dusted the window sills.

I dragged in the large vacuum cleaner. It is a charming pastel green. I vacuumed the carpet and then started on the kitchen floor.  It reminded me of the old days. In my childhood home, we had a large, round throw rug that needed to be brought outside to be cleaned. This covered most of our living room floor. It went over the linoleum. Most of the house was plain linoleum. We had to sweep all the rooms. I don't even remember using a vacuum cleaner.

In my mid-teenage years, when I worked as a maid, I was intrigued by vacuum cleaners which had a "floor" setting, along with a "carpet" setting. We used to vacuum all the wood floors and all the linoleum. It made things very quick and easy.

Today, as I worked and remembered, I started to vacuum the baseboards. This too was quick and easy.  Smaller boards, and those in corners, were done by hand, with the use of a rag.

I then swept the hearth, washed my dustpan, and tucked in all the chairs. The room looked lovely. I went to the back door to get a better look. All was charming and shining and pleasant.

Then I remembered something. . . my kitchen was still a mess.  I had plenty more work to do.

Mrs. White

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Rozy Lass said...

I love a clean home, and don't mind doing the work to get it that way. I can better feel the Lord's Spirit in a clean and orderly home. Thanks for sharing your memories. And as always, a homemaker's work is never done.

The film sounds wonderful. My husband teaches highschool woodshop and has had a positive influence on some of the at risk students. I'd enjoy getting that and sharing it with him.

OhioMomPatriot said...

I am happy to have found you and your thoughts. I am taking a moment to enjoy your post in between hanging my first loads of laundry of the season. I have always loved the time I can spend with God while hanging clothes. For my birthday last year I was treated to a new clothesline. Some of my friends were angry, but I just haven't been able to convince them that "Women's Work" is not demeaning but uplifting. Thank you for being here and sharing.

Illinois Lori said...

Such a nice post! I love the picture...one thing I have learned (but have not yet put into practice) is how soothing an uncluttered room is. In the picture you've added, the tabletops are only decorated with natural flowers...this is how B&B's usually are, or retreat cabins, and it is this that is so soothing.

Today and tomorrow I am packing up my son for him to leave home for his 9 week internship in NY. So I am a very sad mama right now. He leaves Friday morning. I think I will cry alot, and then get out my can of Pledge and start some cleaning-therapy! I know you've been there...would love your words of wisdom, so I'll go poking through your past posts!


Cathy said...

I remember the first time I saw a friend rinse off her dustpan after using it. I was amazed. I realized there's always more I can learn about cleaning house. By the way, when I cleaned out my fridge the other day I thought of you, and how you continually lift up our calling as wives and mothers and keeping house as valuable, important, and fulfilling.

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