Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Attempting a Garden

Every year, I dream about having a garden of my own. We have a 2 acre Estate in rural Vermont, and an old 1800's house.  This past Mother's day, Mr. White took  me to a greenhouse and let me pick out any plants I wanted. I chose broccoli, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, and green peppers.

These were brought home and placed into a small greenhouse I had bought a year ago (but never used). We set it up outside in the back, near our picnic tables. I am to use the tables as a work area.

Yesterday, I walked out into the beautiful rain, to check on my mini-garden.

 I had to wear my winter coat since it is still a bit chilly here.  But I loved being outside for such a dramatic purpose!

My garden looks good so far. 

I also planted some flowers, peas, and herbs in some of the smaller containers, to see what happens. We even had some strawberry and blueberry plants! I will have to move some of these plants into the ground soon. But I can't do that without Mr. White's help!

I hope your gardening endeavors are going well!

Mrs. White

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Nicole said...

I started gardening a couple of years ago. It started with a container garden, then moved to one bed, and now I have two.

Getting vegetables is nice. But what I really enjoy is the nurturing process. I absolutely love it, just checking on my plants several times a day. It's so peaceful.

Sally@Enlightenment for the Sleepy said...

It's so exciting to see seeds germinate and turn into something beautiful. I started my own garden a few weeks ago with my youngest son. It's so relaxing and exciting too so see new life begin. Good luck with yours, please post updates, Sally xx

Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

It is so nice to hear about your gardening Mrs White. I hope it all turns out very well and brings you great joy!

Many blessings

Mrs Sarah Coller said...

Lynzie and I went and grabbed some flowers and vegetables on Mother's Day and they're all in the ground! It gets so hot here...hope I can keep them watered enough! :)

Laura Lane said...

What a striking photo. You're a beautiful lady. If the photo were black and white, I could just imagine you in the 1800's with that wagon behind you. ~smile~

Your posts always encourage me. I,too, have physical challenges. We must just keep keeping on the best we can with God's help.

Debbie S. said...

I wanted to garden this year (it would be my first) but I have too many indoor projects that need to be done.
I hope yours turns out well!

Anonymous said...

Somebody mentioned updates on your gardening project...yes, please! I always like to read & hear about what other gardeners are doing, their successes (or failures!), & just generally trade ideas. It keeps me sharp!

I am always eager to visit my yard & garden each morning. Plants must be uncovered, pots & seeded rows watered...usually some little chore or other that needs doing. And, of course, weeding. If I stay on top of things in May & June (which, for me, means getting out there with the hula hoe every day), then there isn't much weeding to be done the whole rest of the season. It's a commitment, to be sure, but one that I accept wholeheartedly! :o)


Illinois Lori said...

Enjoy your garden and the good, fresh food! I grew broccoli in the garden plot my friend lets me have in her backyard (my home has little yard that we own as we back up to a park...lots of green space, but I can't plant there!) and I made the mistake of not harvesting it soon enough, and then it "bolted" (I think that's what it's called), meaning it flowered and that ruined the broccoli heads, so we didn't get to eat it. So keep an eye on it!


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