Thursday, May 17, 2012

Seeking Quiet

Carmel Valley in Spring

Some mornings I am so rushed with things to do, lately, that I can't seem to sit still long enough for Bible Study and prayer. Has it become a forgotten priority?

I used to teach my children to "tune out" the noise and chatter around them so they could do their schoolwork. I need this advice myself!

Sometimes, when I have free time, I choose to use it unwisely. I waste it.

I get so tired from all the excitement that I seek recreation in an old movie, rather than reading my Bible first.

I see pictures of Bibles opened on a table, and I see the beautiful words, and I yearn for the reading of it, but I do it not.

Discipline is difficult. To discipline oneself to do essential things for one's own good is easy when we don't stop. But painful when we have to keep re-starting and re-training ourselves to do the good and the right.

If only today could be the day I get back on track with everything that is important, I would be delighted.

Mrs. White

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Mahek said...

You have put my thoughts into words , I too feel just the same.. discipline for oneself is difficult and you tend to overdo somethings which might be a waste of your precious time..
I read a lot on the net and it goes on and on as I have varied interests and so blogs which have the things that I like .. I love to read and be inspired for my day to day living..
I love your blog too..
You write very well

Betty said...


I find that when I am feeling poorly or, stressed it is harder to read the Bible and, pray.

I think this is because I take the word of God very seriously. I feel I must be fully present, aware, alert etc...

What has helped lately. Instead of beginning my day with Bible reading, I start with a few words of praise and, heart felt prayer.

I throw myself on the mercy of God asking Him to give me the hunger, desire, and, discipline to worship Him. He has so comforted me that, then I can attend to His word with
the respect it deserves.

I don't know if it is my age, or the age we live in. I do know that it is much harder to give myself wholly to Him. In my 20's and, through my early 40's I had much less of a struggle.

Laura Lane said...

Good morning, Mrs. White,

I know that you enjoy listening to sermons while working in your home. May I suggest using to listen to scripture? You can set it to continuous play so that it will move on from chapter to chapter. I find it helpful when trying to catch up on my Bible reading and when trying to understand some of the more difficult prophetic and law books. Perhaps you would find it helpful.

As for what to "read", I use Professor Horner's Bible reading plan through I signed up and they give me checklists each day so that I can keep track of what I've read and where I need to catch up.

May God bless you and keep you as you keep your home and encourage us ladies in keeping our homes.

By the way, I love Christmas in Connecticut!

Blessings to you,
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Mrs. Black said...

Mrs. White,

It's always encouraging to find that we're not "the only one"...Thank you for today's comments. I've found myself contemplating the same things. I love immersing myself in the scriptures on a daily basis, but sometimes the "urgent" shoves and pushes away the "important." Thank you for this gentle reminder to keep priorities where they belong.

That said, I want to mention that I stumbled onto your blog not very long ago, and when I read about you and your life, I found I have much in common with you: I home schooled my five children (with the same 10-year spread in age) for twenty years, back before it was the popular thing to do. (My children are now all married with families of their own.) I love home and family life, being a wife and mother, and the ideals that shape a moral, wholesome and loving environment. I love being a grandmother. I love the gospel, music, writing, reading, drawing, baking, and a multitude of other things. I'm of Italian descent,and, strangely enough, considering you are Mrs. White, my married name is Mrs. Black, and my home is on the west coast, rather than the east.

Thank you for being a calm voice of support for family life in the truest sense. (So very needed these days.) I'm thoroughly enjoying following your blog!

Mrs. Black

Michelle said...

I have been going through the same thing lately. It is so easy to lose our focus on the eternal in the midst of visual, temporal distractions.

Debbi said...

You have described me as well. I have a difficult time getting into a routine and sticking with it. I pray that we both can work this task out to the glory of the Good Lord.
I enjoy reading your blog.
Thank you for taking time to share with us.

Elle said...

I know that feeling well. It happens to me over and over. I don't why I keep making the same mistakes...but make them I do.

Rayna@blog4simplerliving said...

Dear Mrs. White,

I really love reading your blog. You write so well, and I find every post very inspirational. I often print them out and tape them to my fridge (as I did with the post about the formal family dinner).

This post, in particular, really speaks to me. For Mother's Day last year, my husband bought me "The Mom's Bible", just a regular New Century Version with sidebars pertaining especially to mothers. It is beautiful and bound in red leather - a gift I really longed for.

It had been taking up space on my bookshelf! Until today, that is.

Thank you, and best wishes.

Cassidy said...

This speaks to me so much. I have gotten away from my Bible time and have had so many "issues" come up in our home with plumbing, etc.. that I have lost my bearings. I want now to be the time I get back on track. Thank you for your encouragement.
Smiles, Cassidy

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