Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We Had Everything But Money

Several years ago, I heard about a book, "We had everything but money." It had to do with life during the Great Depression. I dearly wanted this book, but couldn't find it anywhere. One day, I walked down the street to our town's historical museum. They were having a yard sale, which included donations to benefit the museum.

I saw a stack of books and began to look through them. Immediately, my heart soared with gratefulness! There was the book I had wanted for so long! It was only $2.00. I quickly bought it and have enjoyed reading it ever since.

What are the lessons I've learned from this treasure?

1. How to earn a small income from a variety of creative sources, using ingenuity and hard work.

2. How to survive on very little money.

3. Wholesome recreation and peaceful living.

4. How housewives lived their daily lives.

And much more.........

Because the economy is so bad right now, people really need this kind of information and encouragement. I recently looked up this book, for sale, used, through amazon. It was going for a whopping $45.00!!! I think it would be wonderful if the publisher would bring it back into print.


Mrs. White


Tricia said...

I think it is a lovely blog. Can't wait to read more of your posts in the future.

tricia from virtuous sisters

Moxie said...

This book sounds like a great read! I love when God blesses us with litle gifts like the one he brought you! I have a book from the series Good Old Days (Ken Tate, House of White Birches) Caled the Old Time Art of Thrift. It is a wonderful glimps into the depression era....there is so much to be learned from our elders!

happyathome said...

After reading your review on the book " we had everything but money" I brought a copy for myself for $3.64 plus postage so a total of $14 New Zealand dollars I was pretty happy with that considering when you first looked at the book Amazon wanted $45!!

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