Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simplicity Devotion

A Quote:

"To reorder one's own world, the need to simplify is imperative. Otherwise, we will find ourselves unable to be at rest within, unable to enter the deep, silent recesses of our hearts, where God's best messages are communicated.

And if we live very long in that condition, our hearts grow cold toward Christ and we become objects of seduction in a wayward world."

"What perils await us in that condition!"

 - Chuck Swindoll, from  ~ Intimacy with the Almighty~

(Updated on June 2016:  I found this quote on another blog, which no longer exists. I had originally included a link to their blog.) 

Mrs. White


lady m's lavender cottage said...

Dear Mrs. White,

Thank you for stopping by the cottage. And for your kind comment.

Hope to see you soon!

lady m

Laura Lane said...

Just taking another break. Sweeping's hot work when the room has insufficient air conditioning. ~grin~ The link to the blog is no longer valid. Just thought I'd let you know.
Be blessed!

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